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So What Happened Back Then?

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Dudley Ladies Beginners Running Course 2014

Dudley Ladies infamous beginners running course this year started on at 7.30pn on Tuesday 15th April.

The above picture shows Rita trying to get some kind of order into one of our previous groups.

Every year, club founder, Rita Vanes organises this very popular beginners running course for women who have either never run before or else haven’t run for some time and it has proven to be extremely successful.

The next course will be on 21st April 2015.

It will cost £25 for adults and £15 for people under 16 years (who must be accompanied by a parent or guardian) or £40 for a joint mother and daughter and at the end of the course everyone get a well deserved medal, certificate and a tee-shirt.

Click here to read and see more


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Thank You and Goodbye Raquel

On Sunday 28th August, our lovely lovely Raquel passed away.

Right up until the very sudden end Raquel was inspiring people.

We had her last email update on Thursday 25th just three days before her death where she was encouraging people to support Lance Armstrong's Cancer Charity.

The funeral took place on Friday 9th September at Stourbridge Crematorium.

Raquel by the way did not want any flowers but wanted any donations made to Macmillan Cancer Support, Cancer Active and latterly Cancer Research UK.

Click on her Progress Page via the tab on the left to read about all the ups and downs of this very warm and remarkable woman over the last 5 years.

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Liz Tilt Runs For A Turkey

Liz Tilt continued her dramatic improvement and loss of nearly three stone in weight this year by braving snow and freezing temperatures to take part in Wolverhampton's annual 5 mile Turkey Trot on Sunday 20th December.

Organizers  feared that the run, starting out from Aldersley Stadium may have to be cancelled due to the snow and ice but an hour before start time the sun came out and the race was given the green light even though the cold and wintery conditions had decimated the normal 300 plus field to just over 150 hardy souls. (Or should that be soles????)

Liz writes:-

I ran in the Wolverhampton and Bilston Turkey Trot Yesterday - I believe I was the only Dudley Lady there and this time I wore my white DL top with pride.  It was a bitter cold day and I wrapped up well in order to brave the five miles run.  I was pleased with my efforts although it was slippy underfoot - not last but almost!


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Dudley OAP's Christmas Outing

Sunday 13 December saw the annual outing of Dudley Ladies OAP’s together with some of the younger members of the club.

They gathered at Mary Stevens Park for the Mary Stevens Hospice Santa Run, weather was cold but dry and it all began with a fantastic warm up (they were entertained by a fellow runner Santa Clause who’s suit was splitting with every movement) best warm up they'd had for years.

They all moved to the start and then the countdown began 5 4 3 2 1 and they were off not knowing how many laps thet had to do. Even the marshals did not know.

They started at a gently pace then the runners came to the front  and the pace picked up by the third lap there were belts beards and hats lying on the ground. But thankfully no runners.

After passing over the finishing line they collected theirr medals and waited for fellow members of the club.

When the OAP's made it back to the car they were in need of refreshments so mince pies’ and coffee were on hand to help them home.

Thanks to Marion, Ann, Eileen, Tracy, Chris, Mary, Lisa, Jane, Jill, Karen, Sue and many more who's names we can' remember but they were wearing a red Santa Suit…………


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Dudley Ladies Party

Friday the 11th December saw Dudley Ladies finest boogie on down to the Round Oak Pub in Wombourne for their Christmas meal and Disco in order to start the festive season off with a bang.

The night was a great success and anyone that couldn't make it missed a cracker, it's definitely one for next year's diary.

Stars of the night were Mary Lavender and Donna Burrows who worked tirelessly and used all their best assets on the publican in order to make it all happen

We were treated to a cordon bleu type Christmas meal which everyone commented on.

It was a BRILLIANT night, so thanks again to everybody that made it such a success.


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Himley 10k

Sunday 18th October saw hordes of Dudley Ladies descend on Himley Park to take part in their inaugural Cancer research 10K.

Faye Malkin who joined the club at this years beginners course writes:

"Today a few of this years beginners decided or should that be were persuaded to take part in the Himley 10K;
be it when we were all a little intoxicated at the presentation evening.

Today was the day of reckoning for Lynne Leitch, Diana Perry, Eleanor Moyle and myself. Daunted and a little worried this morning we recognized it wasn't going to be easy.

I'm pleased to say the girls did really well and completed in 1 HR 12 mins to which they and I are extremely proud.

I too completed if a little slower doing more of a walk than a run but got there in the end, my god those hills were big. But still managed to do it in 1hr 40 much better than expected."

Eleanor also writes:

Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you know that a few of us completed our first proper race today.

Diana Perry, Lynne Leitch, Fay Malkin and myself did the 10k in aid of Cancer Research UK at Himley and Baggeridge (which was hard work with all the hills, they described it as mildly undulating but I can't say that any of us would agree with that description!)

Di, Lynne and myself finished in 1hr and 12minutes which we felt was not bad considering earlier this year we struggled to get around Ounsdale's football field.

We'll be back to running on Thursday as we're giving ourselves a rest day on Tuesday.

We're all really so happy that we joined the club!

Eleanor xx

Well done Girls an excellent job, well done!


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Dudley Ladies Run The Badger

Dudley Ladies very good friends Robin and Sharon Greenwell again arranged for near perfect conditions and a high quality field to provide great promise that records could be broken in this years gut wrenching 2009 Badger Bite -  and spectators weren't to be disappointed.

The ladies race was won by Deborah Walters of Birchfield Harriers who showed exactly why she is British Vets Cross Country Champion, smashing the previous course record by almost 4 mins and finishing in 22:12.

Dudley Ladies were led home by Audrey Mann in her first real competitive run since her serous illness last Christmas.

Danielle Lane, Alison Whitehouse, Mary Solomon, Lisa Thompson, Nicola Jones, Helen Washbrook, Tracey Curran, Sybil Dale, Tracey Green, Sue Webb, Jill Bayliss, Sue Ryan, Jane Tibbitts and race virgin Liz Tilt, were all closely bunched together to provide support.

Click on this link to see photos of the day


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Great North Run 2009

To see photos of Pam, Raj and Cheryl on the day, click here




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Raquel Asks a Favour

As you all probably know, Raquel is currently taking time out whilst she undergoes treatment for her Bowel Cancer problem, which you can read all about via the tabs on the left of your screen.

To keep herself busy, she thought she'd get married and now that she's done that, she thought that she'd find something for her new husband to do as well, so she writes below to ask a favour.

She writes:-

Hi All

I was wondering if you could do me a huge favour. My husband Paul has given up work and has retrained and qualified as a Reflexologist. He has set up his practice at our home in Norton in Stourbridge but he is also mobile and could do house visits if people would prefer this.
I was wondering if you could perhaps advertise his services as I am sure runners would love to have their feet treated - I have reflexology once a week myself as I just love it - it just feels like a very nice relaxing foot massage  and it definitely makes me feel better each time!
The easiest way to book an appointment would be either to email Paul on paul.m.fletcher@hotmail.co.uk or ring him on 07860508780. The charge for a session is £30.00 for about an hour's treatment.
About Reflexology - Reflexology is a popular and relaxing holistic treatment based on the principle that reflex point on the soles, tops, and sides of the feet are connected to corresponding areas throughout the body. In this way, the feet can be seen as a 'map' of the body. Reflexologists work on the reflexes with their thumbs and fingers using specialised massage techniques, said to help correct imbalances thoughout the body, and help release blocked energy.
Potential benefits of reflexology can include:
- Reduced Stress
- Feelings of deep relaxation
- increased energy levels
- the release of endorphins (which can also provide pain relief)
- improved circulation
- more efficient removal of impurities and toxins
- a stronger immune system
- a sense that the whole body is better balanced, or in harmony
If anybody is worried about the look of their feet - they really needn't be, he has seen it all before!
I would really appreciate if you could send an email out.
Many thanks in advance.
Take Care,
Raquel XXX

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The Real Hustle Needs Dudley Ladies! 

BBC3’s The Real Hustle is back for a new Series and they are looking for enthusiastic and reliable people to help them out by setting up their families, friends or colleagues for some of the most daring and outrageous hustles they’ve attempted yet! 

If you are interested in being involved and can spare a couple of hours to film with them then email hustle@objectiveproductions.com and they’ll get back to you right away!


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Dudley Ladies Lake Vyrnwy Picnic Phew What a Scorcher

About 20 Dudley Ladies, with family supporters in tow, set off for the Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon on Sunday 13th Sept. for their annual lake side picnic

One of the girls writes:

It was a glorious warm sunny day and typical of runners who are always watching the weather, we had to moan about it being too hot to run. However, the beautiful lake setting was very well shaded so it was a really pleasant and mainly flat run in what must be one of the most scenic locations for a half marathon.

Most of us got PBs on previous half marathon times and others were just delighted to have completed their first half marathon. Our shining stars were Rachel Chapman and Kathryn Morgan who both came in in just under 2 hours.

Afterwards we had a picnic in the glorious late afternoon sunshine and broke open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate our achievement. In keeping with the tradition started by Petra we had all been baking the day before and brought along home made goodies to share such as lemon cake, chocolate flap jacks and cranberry and almond cookies.

It was one of those rare occasions knowing that we could indulge and forget the calories because after all we had just completed a half marathon. It was a great day out, enjoyed by all and we drove home happy with our achievement and hardly noticing the odd aching muscle.


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Jo Jones Wins First Race Trophy

Dudley Ladies Runner of The Year, Jo Jones recently entered The Midsummer Six run in Wolverhampton and won her first trophy for the club.

She writes:

"I had some really surprising news after receiving a telephone call on Monday night. It was from the Wolverhampton and Bilston Athletics Club with regard to The Midsummer Six run that I took part in on Sunday 12th July.

I felt in good form after achieving a personal best the week before in the Wolverhampton to Birmingham Black Country Half Marathon. It was a mixed terrain run which I took in my stride and completed the course in 56:27, which is a half decent time for myself.

As I do, once I had completed the race I received my medal and headed off home and thought nothing more of the race until I received a phone call.

To my surprise I was the sixth lady runner home and the first in my age group and I had won a bottle of wine. I hope this running form keeps up as I feel I have to prove my worth as Runner of the Year"


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Wednesday 24th April saw Rita, Eileen, Ann, Marion and Natalie appear live on the Joanne Malin Show on Radio WM.

They were interviewed by Kate Walker and are shown posing beside the Outside Broadcast van at Wombourne Leisure Centre, relating their own individual stories about how running has changed their lives.

Eileen as usual was the star but everyone spoke very well and it was a fantastic advert for running in general and the friendship and togetherness of Dudley Ladies in particular.

Click here for more photos


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Dudley Ladies take on DK 10k under clear blue skies

Around 1000 runners from across the Midlands again lined up to take part in the annual 10k run around the roads of Wall Heath and Kingswinford.

Around 20 of  Dudley Ladies bravest souls set out on this year’s Dudley-Kingswinford 10km Road Race in cool and breezy conditions on Wednesday 6th May.

Click here for more photos of the night

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London Marathon 2009

Natalie Dellar (4hr.35), Jo Jones (4hr.45) and Kath Morgan (4hr.54) each did this years London Marathon, only a couple of years after starting out as beginners.

Natalie raised money for Lupos, Jo raised money for Action Heart and Kath did her bit for Barnardo's, so if you owe them any money, now is the time to pay up.

Coach Rita Vanes said "To do a marathon is very daunting and a great achievement in itself but to run 26 miles and not walk at any point, takes a lot of physical training and mental etermination, so well done all concerned."

They each thoroughly enjoyed the experience, did personal bests and have already entered for next year.................. The mad fools

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New Dudley Ladies Beginners Course 2009

Dudley Ladies now infamous beginners running course started on Tuesday 21st April 2009 at 7.30pm at Wombourne Leisure Centre but if anyone still wants to come along then just turn up and we'll fill you in on everything that you missed. It was only Rita's boring talks anyway (phil)

Every year, club founder, Rita Vanes organizes this very popular beginners running course for women who have either never run before or else haven’t run for some time and it has proven to be extremely successful.

The course costs £25 for adults and £15 for people under 16 years and at the end of it, everyone get a well deserved medal, certificate and a tee-shirt.

This year, nearly 200 ladies turned up again to take their first steps towards achieving their goal of running 3 miles within 10 weeks and practically everyone does it, with some even going on to run the London Marathon.

Click here to read and see more !


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Objective Productions, the producers of hit shows including Star Stories, Peep Show, The Real Hustle and Balls of Steel are making some great new programmes and they want to know if any Dudley Ladies would be interested in signing up.

If you want to find out more about how you or any of your friends can take part in some of their new shows, including a brand new major BBC THREE entertainment programme, then click on the BBC Three logo on the right, fill in the attachment form and email it back to:-


They can't wait to hear from you!


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Express & Star to feature Dudley Ladies

On Tuesday 3rd March, Cathy Spencer from the Express & Star will be coming down the club with the intention of interviewing as many members as possible in order to gain an insight into their backgrounds and reasons for running etc so that she can put a feature article together.

So with the exception of Phil, if you can keep yourself away from the Baggies v Arsenal match on that night, she thinks that it would be really nice to get as many different stories as possible.

So if you want the kids to see your face in the paper and read all about you, try and get there early.

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Dudley Ladies have been contacted by GOK’S FASHION FIX – SERIES 2 Program makers

They want to know if any of our members have got a wardrobe of clothes and nothing to wear?

Do you love clothes but do your clothes hate you?


They know that looking good can make you feel great, but not everyone gets it right when it comes to fashion.

So they want to help guide The Great Women of Great Britain, who’ve fallen foul in the fashion stakes and just don’t know how to dress for their shape and size.

If you have a wardrobe full of clothes but still can’t find anything to wear or you love fashion, but it doesn’t love you – Gok would love to hear from you.

To take part, contact the team by post or email at the address below.  You will then need to fill in an application form which the team can email or post to you.





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Jolly Good Turnout For Santa's on the Run

Cries of “Ho Ho Ho” could be heard echoing throughout a Black Country park as dozens of Dudley Ladies donned red suits and beards to join more than 150 fundraisers taking part in a charity Santa Jog.

Despite the cold, supporters turned out in their droves to watch Santa's of all ages run around the 5km route in Stourbridge’s Mary Stevens Park.

Their efforts are expected to help raise more than £2,500 for Mary Stevens Hospice and the event proved so successful, organisers are already planning next year’s. Mayor of Dudley Councillor Ray Burston made a grand entrance on a sleigh before putting on his running shoes to join in.

Among those taking part in the festive fundraiser were secretary Chris Clark, aged 55, of Sedgley, and her friend Ann Kelly, aged 62, from Kingswinford. The pals have been members of Dudley Ladies Running Club for over three years and said they were proud to be taking part in the event.

Ann and Chris who made it on to the front page of the Express & Star said: “It is for a very good cause. Everybody knows someone who has been affected by cancer and I think the hospice helps a lot of people.”


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Great North Run 2008

To find out how Raj and Nat got on this year, click here






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Jo Ties The Knot

One of Dudley Ladies longest serving members, Jo Hill, finally gave Mike the nod and got married on 21st September at Himley Hall in Dudley.

Jo is one of the nicest ladies you will ever meet and Mike is a very lucky man indeed.

Everyone at Dudley Ladies wishes them well for the future.

For more photos of the day click here


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The Slimbridge “Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust” 10k(ish)

To find out what Natalie thought of it, Click Here.




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Dudley Ladies Singing in The Rain

Sunday 7th September saw the streets of Wolverhampton overflowing with runners and cyclists as hordes of Dudley Ladies joined over 2,000 people to splash their way through the rain in the annual city half marathon.

To find out more click here



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Annual OAP's Day Out At Birmingham Adidas Run

It was that time of year again for the Dudley Ladies OAPS ( alias Marion, Eileen & Ann) to use their bus passes and have their annual big day out in Birmingham

To find out more click here



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Hannah Ties The Knot

Friday 5th September saw Hannah Wells finally tie the knot with her long time partner Ian to become Mrs Jewkes, shown here left with Rita.

The wedding and reception took place against a background of torrential rain and thunderstorms at Blakelands Hotel in Bobbington with over 100 guests attending.

Hannah was beaming and looked absolutely radiant, as she enjoyed every single minute of the day before flying off to Florida for her Honeymoon with the best wishes of everybody at Dudley Ladies wishing her well.

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Natalie Cuts it Fine at the inaugural Birmingham & Black Country Half Marathon

On Saturday 5th July "fresh" from receiving her award for the Most Improved Runner of the Year at the previous Friday nights Presentation Evening, Natalie Dellar ran the inaugural Birmingham and Black Country Half Marathon together with 500 hearty souls.

The race started in Wolverhampton and was run entirely along the towpaths of  the canal to Birmingham.

To find out more, click here


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Pammy and Co Bolt for it

Friday 20th June saw Pam Edmunds and co take part in the Blakedown Bolt 10k at Kidderminister.

It was Pam's first race in over 5 months and she writes:-

To find out how everyone got on and to see pictures of the night, Click here



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Mary Does Dudley Ladies Proud at Race For Life

Mary Lavender again did Dudley Ladies proud when she organised yet another successful turnout at the Race for Life at Sandwell Valley on 8th June.

To read all about it and see photos of the day, click here.


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Jo Takes On The Crocodile

Jo Jones, one of Dudley Ladies long list of intrepid explorers recently did the Crocodile 8 mile multi-terrain run at Tillington.

To find out how she got on, click here



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Natalie and Denise Go To The Market For Yoghurt

Natalie Dellar and Denise Anslow recently did the Muller 10k at Telford and report that they have never had such a generous goody bag for finishing a race in their lives. In fact they are still working their way through all the freebie yoghurts that they were given.

To find out what they have to say about it, click here


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Do You Need a New Shopping Bag

Mary Solomon is currently trying to raise as much money as she can for Mencap

As well as doing a sponsored 10k run in London, she is also making and selling some very pretty and practical shopping bags.

To find out more, click here


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Clothing Sale

As of Thursday 15th May, we will be selling off all of last years Tee-shirts and long sleeve tops for £2.00 each, as well as assorted other garments at give away prices.

Sizes and quantities are limited so get there early and get in quick.


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Dudley Ladies take on DK 10k under clear blue skies

Hundreds of runners from across the Midlands lined up beneath clear blue skies for the annual 10k run around the roads of Wall Heath and Kingswinford.

Around 30 of  Dudley Ladies finest joined over 1200 other runners from across the Midlands to set out on this year’s Dudley-Kingswinford 10km Road Race in warm and breezy conditions on Wednesday 5th May.

To read more and see photos of the night click here


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Here We Go Again - New Beginners Take Their First Steps

Today we start our 3 mile journey but tomorrow...............The Marathon!!!!

Dudley Ladies now infamous beginners running course got off to a flying start on Tuesday 15th April 2008 at Wombourne Leisure Centre.

To read and see more click here !


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London Marathon 2008

Dudley Ladies were again well represented at this years London Marathon with all runners runners achieving personal bests.

To read their reports and see more pictures, click here



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Baby Epidemic Continues

Phillipa Cook is the latest Dudley Lady to be struck down by the mystery virus that is currently circulating within the club when she gave birth to 7lbs 09oz Charlie George on 19th April.

If anyone can shed any light upon the cause of all these unexplained births would they please contact Rita.

In the meantime we all pass on our congratulations to Phillipa and hope to see her back running soon.


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Yes, It's another Boy

Farrah Hunter Coley reports that she gave birth to 8lbs 06oz Isaak Dylan on Saturday 22nd March.

He weighed in at 8llb 6oz !!!!! Natural birth with NO pain relief !!!!!!!! although it did make her eyes water for a bit.

Farrah says that everyone is doing OK, she is enjoying being a mom for the first time, and is looking forward to get her running shoes back on as soon as all the night-shifts and messy stuff is out of the way.

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It's a Boy

Kerri Pearson gave birth to Billy on Friday 22nd February.

Both mother and baby are doing fine and Kerri is looking to get her running shoes back on as soon as possible.



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Beaverbrooks Blackpool 10k

One of this years trips out will be to the Beaverbrook Blackpool 10k on the 11th May 2008

The coach will cost about a tenner and If you want to come on the coach then put your name down ASAP because places always fill up quickly.

The race sounds really good. It's flat, not too serious and there's lots of water to bathe your feet in afterwards.

Race entry forms are available at the club or you can enter on line and find out more about the race by clicking on the icon on the right.


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Women set for race against cancer

On your marks, get set, go! It’s time to get your running shoes and prepare for the inspirational Race for Life.

Thousands of women from across the Black Country and West Midlands are being urged to take part in Cancer Research UK’s 2008 fundraiser.

To find out more, click here


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London Marathon Appeals

Click here for further details



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The Bells Ring Out For Dudley Ladies

Following on from last weeks Badger Bite a lot of the ladies had obviously not learnt their lesson again and took on the even more demanding Bells of Pattingham run on Sunday 14th October.

The race comprised of hills, mud, ploughed fields, mud, long grass, mud, a bit of road and oh yes.......mud but having said that, conditions were surprisingly good.

For photos of the day and to see how the everyone got on, click on the Bells icon on the right


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Dudley Ladies Bite The Badger

Sunday 7th October saw nearly 50 Dudley Ladies take on the infamous Badger Bite off-road race.

Because the race was billed as being only 4 miles in distance, a lot of our virgin runners were lulled in to giving it a go...... and what a surprise they had.

To see photos of the day and see how they got on, click here.



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Our Great North Hawaiian Experience 2007

Pam Edmunds writes:-


Our Journey started on Saturday at 8.00am  with Gail and Kevin - As in Dublin our men decided to accompany us on this long trip to Newcastle .  We were shortly to meet up with Sheryl and Paul and before we knew it we had checked in a lovely B&B that Phil & Rita had kindly recommended to us and with a sea view as well !

To find out how our Hoola Hoola girls got on and see them in their grass skirts, click here


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OAP's Day Out At Birmingham Hydro Run

Marion Willetts writes

Just a short report about the race this morning.

Eileen, Ann and I set off at 8.30am this morning for the Hydro Women’s Challenge in Birmingham.  We tried ‘Ring a Ride’ for transport but they would not cross council boundaries so Ann’s husband Roger acted as chauffeur, bless him...........................................

To find out how our OAP's got on and to see more pictures, click here

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Brenda's Climax At Lake Vyrnwy

Sunday 9th September saw over 50 Dudley Ladies take part in this years Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon.

It was the final event in Brenda Chapman's year long fund raising campaign to raise £10,000 for her grandson Callum's cerebral palsy charity at the Phoenix Centre in Wordsley.......................

Click here to read more of Brenda's story, see more photos and see how everyone got on


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Dudley Ladies Now Affiliated To The Association Of Running Clubs

As of 21st May, Dudley Ladies are now affiliated to The Association of Running Clubs, which provides the club with public liability insurance plus the benefit of it's members not having to pay the unattached entry levy at races run by other ARC clubs.

For more information click here to go to http://www.runningclubs.org.uk/


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Costa del Wolverhampton Half

Pam Edmunds writes

Well after only being back  from sunning ourselves in Portugal 7 days previously Gail & I  were on our way to collect Raj who still smelt of suntan lotion as she had only returned from Spain  2 days ago !! ....................click here to see how they got on !


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Snowdon or Otherwise Engaged for Rachel

As days go Saturday the 28th of July started out as quite an ordinary day for our Rachel Harris when she set off to do the Snowdon International Race with her father Chris.

Click here to find out what happened to Rachel !


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Kay is Knot Amused!!!!!!!

Kay Shotton writes:-

When Marion and Jacky insisted we sign up for the “Staffs Knot” in Cannock, I thought Yay! Here we go again.......................Click here to find out what happened !


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Tough Beauts Do The Tough Guy

Jacky Fellows writes:-

Today I had the hottest, longest, most refreshing shower I’ve ever had. Dear reader, you have no idea how satisfying it was watching the mud slide from me into the bath and down the plughole.  It seemed to take an age before the water eventually ran clear and as I washed my hair for the third time, I reflected on what I and my long-time friend, Amy May Butler had put ourselves through just a few hours earlier...............................Click here to read and see more !


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Crown Classic – Telford aka The Noah’s Ark Float

Jacky Fellows writes:-

Kay and Marion invited me to this 10K a couple of weeks beforehand. We’d had such good fun at the Stratford 6 that I decided to give it a go and I in turn invited Jayne Morley.

Click here to find out why all the girls are looking like drowned rats !


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Dudley Ladies’ ménage à trois strike the Stratford Summer Six

Jacky Fellows writes:-

I quite like Stratford and the thought of running around quaint little village streets really appealed to me. I always enjoy running with Marion and Kay during training (when I can keep up that is!) and they didn’t need much persuading to tackle this race with me.

Click here to find out more !

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Timberhonger 10k

Jacky Fellows writes:-

Three of us ran this race, myself, Jayne Morley and Shirley Jones. We met up early Sunday morning and set off for Bromsgrove.  I’m usually quite proud of my navigational skills but I have to say I was bettered on the day by Jayne’s gentleman friend, Tom Tom (so good they named him twice!) Jayne nicknamed him ‘Tim nice but dim’ and I can see why, he hadn’t got much of a personality, although he was very polite and only spoke when required to do so... at least he knew where he was going!

Click here to find out what happened !


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Dudley Ladies Waddle and Widdle and Paddle at the Wiggle as Marion Wins a Her First Prize

Sunday 1st July saw some of Dudley Ladies finest waddle, widdle and paddle as they wallowed in the mud following the very heavy recent rain at the new Wombourne Wiggle 10k....................................Click here to read more and see photos of the day !


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Jacky & Jayne Do The Two Castles 10K

Jacky Fellows and Jayne Morley recently took on the Two Castles 10K run and lived to relate their experience. Click here for their account of the day !




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A Thank You From Jayne and Raquel

Click here to read their messages !



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Breaking News

It just goes to show that some people get all the breaks don't they!!

Last week saw Karen Perry, who is one of Dudley Ladies longest serving members fall during one of her many training runs and break her elbow.

She is now so fed up that she has put out an appeal for an exercise bike so that she can keep herself ticking over until she is able to take the sling off and run again.

So if anyone can help Karen out with either the loan of or sale of a suitable exercise bike then please email her at priceper@blueyonder.co.uk

We don't mind people having a short break just as long as they don't get too plastered. So come back soon Karen you're sorely missed.


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Half Marathon Training Schedule

A number of people have been asking about a training schedule that they can begin following in order to build up to a Half Marathon..

To that effect, we have now put a couple of 12 week schedules geared around running three times a week on a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday morning on the Advice/Training page.

Click on the Advice/Training button on the left to see what it's all about.


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Sandwell Kicks Off Race for Life Series

Over four thousand women from across the Black Country and West Midlands donned their running shoes and took part in this years Cancer Research UK's Race For Life at Sandwell Park............... Click here to read and see more !


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Liverpool Women's 10k - A Stroll in the Park for Madeleine

Over 2500 runners started this years Liverpool Women's 10K run on Sunday 13th May from Sefton Park in Liverpool, with many using it to highlight the plight of missing toddler Madeleine McCann as they ran...Click here to read and see more !


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Dudley Ladies Run the DK

Wednesday 2nd May again saw dozens of Dudley Ladies take part in this very popular event which this year attracted around 1300 runners.

Click here to read and see more !


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Do You Want To Be Featured in Top Sante Magazine

We have just received the following appeal from a journalist called Andrea Childs who wants to feature one of Dudley Ladies in a forthcoming article that she is writing for Top Sante magazine.

If you are interested and think you fit the bill then click here to find out more !


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TV Production Company Endemol have again contacted Dudley Ladies to ask for our help in putting together a new TV show that they are producing.

To find out how you can become involved, click here !


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Alison's Progress Around The World

Hi Girlies (& Phil)

We've just left Peru and had the red-tape 'fun' of crossing the border into Bolivia yesterday. Today has been raining so we've ended up in an internet cafe. Mike from the Inca Trek just stuck his had through the door - we keep bumping into the same people as we're all traveling the same well-trodden path!

We booked our campervan for New Zealand today! We couldn't get availability from Auckland in our budget range so we've had to book an extra flight to Christchurch and pick-up from there. We're really looking forward to just being free to do as we please after the rigid planning we've had to stick to in South America.

Keep me posted on home life - good and bad!

Love Ali x



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 Goodbye Ali and Good Luck

On the 11th October, Alison Camwell, one of Dudley Ladies most long standing and popular members will undertake the adventure of a lifetime when she embarks upon a back-packing trip around the world.

Click here to find out more !


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The BRITISH SUMO FEDERATION is looking for big women to train to compete in the Sumo WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in JAPAN this Autumn  

Click here to find out more !


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Dudley Ladies Nearly Famous

A couple of weeks ago, Dudley Ladies RC were visited by Endemol, the TV Company that produces “Big Brother” 

To find out why, click here !


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This is Dudley Ladies

Dudley Ladies Running Club's growing fame again led to a big feature being written about them in the Black Country, Dudley, Stourbridge and Halesowen group of newspapers.

Click here to find out what all the fuss is about !


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Rita Reveals All About Phil's Shocking Past.

After much cajoling and investigative journalism, evidence has finally been produced that proves conclusively once and for all that Rita's club coach husband Phil actually has run himself.


We're not quite sure when or where it was, but judging from the black and white photographs, it must have been quite some time ago.


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Dudley Ladies To Make Headline News - Yet Again.

On Tuesday 13th September, Dudley Ladies were again visited by the Express & Star Newspaper with the intention of running another feature article about Rita and the club and hundreds turned up in all their blues with their hair done and makeup just so.

Express & Star feature writer Sarah Lefebve interviewed several members about their reasons for running and what they thought of the club in general before organizing numerous photographs and joining us for a 5 mile run.

The article should be appearing at a news stand near you very shortly.


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A personal story of how to run a Half Marathon

Following her experiences, trials and tribulations of running the Blackpool Half Marathon in near blistering conditions, our race correspondent Alison Camwell now gives some personal advice and training routes for virgins just starting out.

Click here to find out more !


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Phew What A Scorcher - Dudley Ladies Brave London Marathon Heat Wave

Shirley Jones, Jayne Morley, Rebecca Gentle and Lucy Cox, joined over 36,000 other runners on Sunday 22nd April in completing the 27th London Marathon in just over 5 hours in sweltering unseasonable heat, which will go down as one of the hottest on record.....

Click here for their account of the day !


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Dudley Ladies Win Team Prize

Sunday 1st April saw hordes of Dudley Ladies take part in the first staging of the Wombourne Classic 10k.

To read and see more click here !



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Hail Silverstone

Sunday 18th March saw Jayne Morley and Shirley Jones (shown left proudly showing off their finishers medals and tee-shirts) brave the gale force wind, lashing rain, biting cold, freezing hail, blustering snow and glorious sunshine of the Silverstone Half Marathon as part of their preparations for the London Marathon.

Rebecca Jones who also took part reports that conditions were so horrendous that the wind blew everyone two strides back for every one stride forward but none the less everyone did well and enjoyed the experience, with the highlight of the day being the beating of Nigel Mansell.


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Training Partners Wanted

Kay Shotton (Pictured left) writes:

I ran round the other night with Marion  (one of the "Stars" from the Dudley 5 mile Action Heart run) and we got talking (and running at the same time- impressive or what!!).

We are both interested in doing our FIRST half marathon towards the end of the year, possibly the Lake Vyrnwy in September, although I have applied for a place for the Great North Run but understand its hard to get in.

Anyway neither of us can always make a Sunday run so we are proposing to do a longer run on a Tuesday or Thursday evening once it gets lighter, to get us half-marathon-fit.

We were just wondering if there was anyone else who would be interested in joining us. Myself and Marion are both at the 8.5 mile mark and wish to progress on towards that 9, 10, 11, etc." 

If you are interested in being part of a training group with this aim in mind then please see Kay or Rita next time you're down the club to fix something up.


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AMAZING FEET ROC FENCING WYRE FOREST 8 - Or as Jacky Fellows calls it… Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud!!!

To find out where all the mud came from, click here !





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Dudley Ladies Show Heart

More than 1000 runners braved the rain and cold weather to take part in Dudley's five-mile Action Heart Run on Sunday 25th February.

The race was again supported by hordes of Dudley Ladies rubbing shoulders along side both elite and good club runners, Click here to find out more !


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Dudley Ladies Selected As Flora London Marathon Training Partner

Dudley Ladies were recently contacted by the organizers of The Flora London Marathon and were invited to join their elite group of Partnership Running Clubs.

The standards for invitation and inclusion in to this scheme are quite high but the organizers felt that our beginners programme and welcoming club environment make us ideal Flora London Marathon Running Club Partners, so we were delighted to accept and get on board.

David Bedford, the Flora London Marathon Race Director, says that this new running initiative is designed to encourage runners, especially beginners, to get support from their local running clubs in their preparation for this years Flora London Marathon.

A special website has been set up by the Flora London Marathon for people who require any help or advice in their build up for their big day, which can be found by clicking on the logo on the right.



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A Good Time Was Had By All

At Dudley Ladies last official training night of the year on Tuesday 19th December.everyone dressed up in either their Santa Suit or some other decorative creation and ran around the streets of Wombourne spreading good cheer before patronising the chip shop and retiring to The Mount Pleasant Pub for much needed liquid refreshment after all their exertions.

Prizes were given to Karen Collins, Ann Kelly, Eileen Bolton and Jackie Bevan for being the best dressed (silliest) runners on the night.



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Santa Run 2006

Sunday the 3rd December saw over 5000 runners take to the streets of Liverpool in a bid to become the largest gathering of Santa's' in the world.

Click here to read and see more !




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Dudley Ladies Dublin Divas'

On Monday 31st October some of Dudley's finest divas', Pam Edmunds, Kerri Pearson, Gail Edwards, Raj Sanghera, Anita Zammit, Brenda Hunt, Jenny Fraser and Jo Ashley, crossed the Irish Sea to take part in the Dublin Marathon, here is Pam's account of the weekend:-


Had a brilliant weekend , in Dublin's Fair city' where the  Dudley ladies ran so pretty and we saw sweet Molly Malone ! (statue) 

After doing the touristy things like shops and of course the Guinness brewery and lots of sampling, we had a quiet night on  the eve of the marathon feeling very jittery and apprehensive as we retired to bed early leaving our men to  boost the profits of all those lovely little Irish bars.



Dudley Ladies Moon and Bra-ve the Pubs

On October 20th, Dudley Ladies showed off their bras in order to raise money for research into breast cancer on a night-time “moon walk” around Wombourne.

Click here to read and see more !


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The Bells The Bells 2006

Following on from last weeks Badger Bite a lot of the ladies had obviously not learnt their lesson and took on the even more demanding Bells of Pattingham run on Sunday 15th October.

The race comprised of hills, mud, ploughed fields, mud, long grass, mud, a bit of road and oh yes.......mud.

Stars of the day were again Louise Bird, Jacky Fellows, Sue Hutton, Jayne Morley, Shirley Gentle, Nikki Guest, Donna Proffitt and the rest to many to mention.

For photos of the day, click on the Bells icon on the right


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The Badger Bites

Sunday 8th October saw record numbers of Dudley Ladies take their first tentative steps in to the wilds of off-road cross-country running when they took on everything that Shropshire's Badger Bite could throw at them.

Turnip fields, styles, nettles, enormous hills plus as much mud as you wanted all failed to dampen the girls spirits, with everyone performing heroically.

First home for the club was Amanda Dingley and Isobel Stavenuiter who somehow found the extra energy to try and out-sprint each other to the finishing line and Sue Hutton and Jacky Fellows, shown left, who kept each other going all the way around but the undisputed star of the day was Natalie Dellar, shown above right,  who despite pulling a hamstring early on was determined to finish and somehow struggled on regardless of how she felt. For Dudley Ladies, that is what it is all about - She showed true spirit, grit and sheer determination to finish, and all with a smile on her face. What a Star!

There were just too many other notable runners to mention but you can see some photos of them by clicking on the camera icon on the right



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Calling All Fellow Masochists

Jacky Fellows wants to do the Suicide Six and the Tough Guy run in January and is looking for other masochists ......SORRY I mean runners to train her with over the hills of Baggeridge etc in order to train up for it.

If there are any other like minded people out there then please email Jacky on fizzog.theatre@virgin.net


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Louise is Dudley Ladies Angel of the North

Sunday 1st October saw a number of Dudley Ladies take on the Great North Run in Newcastle in what turned out to be very hot grueling conditions.

Star of the day was undoubtedly Louise Bird pictured left with Rita who did a very creditable 2hrs.37mins.

Louise only knew that she was running in the race the week before and so with the minimum amount of training but maximum amount of enthusiasm Louise took up the challenge and did it and she did it in style with a big smile on her face and a cheery wave to everyone she saw.

Well Done Louise, you're a STAR!!!!


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Dudley Ladies Do It In Dublin

Gail Edwards . Raj Sanghera, Kerry Pearson & Pam Edmunds

are all taking part in the Dublin 26mile  Marathon on October 30th ( But only on the promise of a Guinness intravenous drip at the end!! )
On Saturday morning 8th October we will undertake  our last training session of 20 miles ,after already completing a couple of 13 milers & a 16 miler, as well as circuit training & aerobic sessions and LOTS of pasta & bananas.


We are all very apprehensive about it as injuries , holidays , weather etc has hampered training plans nonetheless  we are  determined that whatever the time we WILL finish  and  may even ENJOY it !
We are looking to raise money for Cancer research as for different reasons it is has affected us all and sadly  nearly everyone knows someone who has suffered from this terrible disease.

If you would like to make a difference &  sponsor 4 mad Dudley Ladies you can find the sponsor form at the club or  see one of the girls or e-mail Pam on Keith.edmunds@blueyonder.co.uk with your pledge doesn't matter how small.
Many thanks for your support.


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Eleanor Gives Thanks For Tri - ing

On Sunday 10th September Eleanor Phillips did her first Triathlon at the age of 60 after taking up running with Dudley Ladies as an absolute beginner only 12 months ago.

Eleanor writes :-

Thank you all for cheering me on at the last gasp on Sunday - it DID help me to get through that last painful 100m! My poor legs and feet have now recovered although I still feel a bit "tattered" as a result of all the exertions of Sunday and of the last few weeks of training. 

However, it was all worth it on the day even if my time was not brilliant (1hr 43mins) at least I finished and I wasn't the last man home. Out of the original list of 195, about 20 appear not to have turned up, another 19 didn't finish and one was DQ'd

I was the oldest competitor by 1 year and came 158/161, the last man in taking 2hrs 2mins.  So I feel for a first attempt it was OK, AND I've raised £58 for Leukaemia Research.

I'm not sure if I'll have the courage/fitness to do it all again, time will tell.  But thanks again to you all for helping me to believe enough in myself to have a go at something I have always wondered if I could do, without the help, encouragement and advice about running, I'd never have done it.

I don't think I'll ever be a great runner, I'll leave that to others.

With grateful thanks to you all - Eleanor P.


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Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon - Phew What A Scorcher

After having to go back in the house early Sunday morning  as I had still got my slippers on & not my trainers and then getting stuck in boot sale traffic, I wondered whether the rest of the day was going to go well!

Again a great turn out from Dudley Ladies which is a fantastic bonding experience with ladies you have probably until now , not said more than  hello to, at the club. We were all rooting for each other with many of us a bag of nerves .
But we all did it .....despite the heat & the many inclines and the hill at the END (only a small one)   the magnificent views around the tranquil lake more than made up for it and again the feeling of sheer elation as you 'sprint' ( I say that loosely) to the finish!
Kerry & Sandra came in at a fantastic 2hrs 2 mins !!! wow 
Most of us got PBs  -Raj & I were pleased as we knocked 10 mins of our Wolverhampton time last week I did it 2hrs 20mins  & Raj 2hrs 18mins  
Again a very emotional time for some Dudley ladies
Quote Liz ' I got quite tearful at 12 miles thinking I cant believe I've nearly done this'  ....and proudly wearing her medal said 'I wouldn't have missed it for the world!'   Liz completed her first 13 mile race since joining -along with Isabelle, Karen , Amanda & Shirley and many of the others ....WELL DONE EVERYONE !!  we all celebrated with a Champers & fresh fruit picnic comparing our blisters!  
Thoroughly enjoyable day !
Must say thanks to our chauffeurs Colin Pearson & his navigator Little Jack!  and Gavin & daughter
Oh & lets not forget the corkscrew next time girls  !
Pammy x

For pictures of the day, click on the camera icon on the right


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The Wolverhampton Knee Trembler - Jackie's first Massage and Half Marathon

We were fast approaching the Wolverhampton half marathon and training had included some tough but enjoyable runs through Baggeridge Country Park. I found the hills particularly grueling but I wanted to be well prepared for Wolves as I’d heard it involved some long inclines.

Although I felt quite confident, those Baggeridge hills had taken their toll on my legs and they felt a little heavy and tired and in need of a good massage. Now despite the rumours, I’m a little particular about allowing anyone that close to my extremities and the thought of a massage hadn’t really never appealed because, like many women, I felt very self conscious.

Desperation prevailed though and Rita put in touch with Craig, a very nice gentleman from Wordsley.

I had my massage a couple of days before the race and I can honestly say that despite the fact that I’m such a shy retiring creature as those who know me will testify, (who are you kidding - editor)  I felt quite at ease on Craig’s massage table. I knew I was in good hands, the massage felt wonderful and I was disappointed when it was over. I’m now looking forward to getting a post-race massage on Tuesday at the club. Come on girls, don’t be shy, give those tired legs some TLC, you won’t regret it! 

Race Day 

It was lovely to see so many Dudley Ladies at the Wolverhampton Marathon and Half and it’s events like these that make you appreciate the benefits of joining the club.

I’d trained with Sue Hutton but there were four of us that ran together on the day. I think all of us felt a mixture of excitement and nerves as we waited at the start. We were soon on our way. The event was well organised with plenty of water stations and we received enthusiastic support from people en route.

We were quite comfortable for the first ten miles, chatting away and counting down the mile markers. We’d heard that the course was tough but we hadn’t expected that many inclines. The hills were long and the tarmac unforgiving but we kept plugging away, helped by the encouragement from the spectators and gratefully accepting the energy tablets from another sympathetic runner, who must have felt sorry for me.

We’d reached the ten mile marker and the pain had really begun to set in. We gritted our teeth, encouraged each other and soldiered on. “Come on Ladies, nearly there now”, “Well done Dudley Ladies (those vests proved popular too), Just around the corner now” people were doing their best to encourage us on but that last mile was excruciating, my hips and knees were screaming at me, I was sore from the waist down and that finish line just wouldn’t get any nearer no matter how much I willed it; I just wanted to stop and if I’d been on my own I would have stopped and walked that last mile…but that’s the beauty of running with other club members (now friends) we didn’t want to let ourselves or each other down and with  grit and determination we crossed the finish as we’d started…running!

Well done girls

Also running with Jacky and Sue were Pam Edmunds, Gail Edwards, Raj Sanghera, Rachel Harris, Sue Dalton, Lucy Cox, Debbie Mottram, Sandra Wollaston and many many more too numerous to mention.

Pam writes:

Dudley Ladies had a brilliant day and it was great to see so many of us turn out, with many like myself  doing not only the Wolverhampton Carver for the first time but actually running 13 miles for the first time, with others doing the relay which was great fun.

 I  think everyone would agree that the Wolverhampton is not the easiest of courses, with it's steady inclines and hills that appeared every time the sun came out ( why does the sun always HAVE to shine just when you don't want it!!!)  but when you have finished you remember why you were silly enough to say ' Yes Ill do it  !!' The feeling of achievement actually produced tears for some ladies.  We were all so pleased.

Raj did it as a training run for next weeks Lake Vernwy, Gail and I only decided to join her on Saturday morning  but we are now glad we did. However I cant even think about another 13 miler in 6 days time !! 

You don't have to mad to be a Dudley Lady ... but it helps !!  haha  Well done to everyone and to those who came to support ( thanks Sheena, Sakan, Jasmine and all the others along the route)


For pictures of some of the other Dudley Ladies that took part in the race, click on the camera icon on the left



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Farrah & Nicola Get Tied Up In The Staffordshire Knot

Without much of a hitch...Nicola and I found our way over to Cannock Chase on Wednesday evening. and as we arrived within the park land we were shocked at the amount of cars and people entering the race !!!!!

As we left the car to go and hand in our entry forms it really felt chilly and there was a rather bracing wind. We paid our entry fee and was issued with our running numbers. As we queued for a last minute, pre-race toilet stop....we were dithering with cold.

(The only bonus was going to be at least we weren't gonna be sweltering in the conditions of recent 'tropical' temperatures).

We went back to the car to drop off the belongings we weren't going to need. Then headed off to the start line.

Bit of confusion at the start as the gent who was commentating was instructing us all to stand one side of him....but none of us could actually see where he was ?!?!?! SILLY MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all stood facing one way and we tried to stay towards the middle/back. It then turned out we were all facing the wrong direction, so we had to turn around. Which then meant we were virtually front-runners !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The horn was blown, to which I added 'Sorry guy's, knew I shouldn't have had those beans'.....(ooops, we really must learn to take our racing more seriously). We all sprinted off. To the occasional TUT and HUFF from serious runners behind us.....wasn't our fault we ended up towards the front !!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

The course was lovely. All through Cannock Chase, but mainly on tarmac path with a few paths which were very gravelly and rocky. Including a slightly large incline at about 3.5 miles...which defeated us and we had a little walk...sssshhshsshhhhh

We kept bumping into the gentleman taking photo's on the way around. And signs which said 'View pictures on the internet tonight'...

of which we STILL haven't been able to find !?!!?? (HMMM ?????) We put our best smiley faces on too...and made sure our hair looked good......DAMN !!!!!!!

We finished the race within an hour. And were issued with our finishing memento...which was a black draw-string sports bag..

with STAFFS KNOT 5M on it.....that will come in very useful for future races or coming over to the club !!! BONUS !!!!

After a drink, we headed off home...................for a cuppa and something to eat !!!!!!!

Great race. Nice doing 5 miles as regards to the normal 10k. Highly recommended. For more info see www.staffordharriers.co.uk


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HAHA....I know...we must be mad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, because of my on-going injury I had resigned myself to the fact I probably wasn't going to be fit enough to do the ToughGuy this year. But mid-week I was giving Maggie a pep-talk and all my memories of previously doing it came flooding back and I decided I HAD TO do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marie picked us both up and I got collected at 9.30am Sunday morning (the morning after my Birthday I may add...and I never had a single drink Saturday night....I know, I am a saint !!!!). We headed over to Mr. Mouse Farm, Wolverhampton for the event.

As we got nearby the signposts began to appear and the nerves and excitement started to set in. We parked up and grabbed all our belongings and headed down the field towards the changing rooms etc. When I say changing rooms....it consists of a barn, hay, straw, sheep poo the lot !!!!!!!!!! And the showers are, again, an open barn with a trickle of water coming from the ceiling.

We dumped all our stuff and went to hand our completed 'Death Warrants' in....which certify that if we died there our bodies would be buried there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) And got our numbers written on our foreheads and arms in black marker pen.....we were ready !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The front runners went off first then we followed. A grueling 8 (country) mile off-road run....with obstacles and slaloms. The slaloms were a killer. Hills were SO steep. Everyone was gasping for breath. One bloke fell and dislocated his shoulder...the first casualty of the day !!!!!

We carried on to the final part of the run...which were HUGE muddy ditches to climb in and out of....it was safe to say by that point...we were just gonna get muddier and muddier !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Around the last corner and there was the GIGANTIC A-frame, the first obstacle in the assault course (more commonly known as 'The Killing Fields').

We climbed to the top and shook with fear as we went over the top. Back on the ground we ran on to face the rest of the assault course. Wading through muddy water, jumping in pools, running through burning hay, climbing up ropes over muddy hills....ducking under logs in water, crawling through concrete tunnels and barbed wire and many many other muddy, dirty and dangerous...but HILARIOUS tasks were completed !!!!!!!!!

We all did SO well. As we faced lots of mental challenges. For me it was the 'Walking the Plank' section.

Where you balance to the end of a plank and then jump off into the water. In a previous year I had missed this but with Maggie and Maries help...I completed it...and was so proud of myself.

The camaraderie during the event is second to none. You meet so many great people along the way. And there is always an encouraging word or hand from someone.

We staggered over the line at 4 hours and the finish line was such a welcome sight, as we could barely lift our feet and legs we were SO exhausted. We were presented with our horse brass medals !!!

And cups of tea and biscuits !!!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. A little battered and bruised, we headed for the make-shift showers to get as much mud off us as possible. And then limped to the car to go home !!!

Tempted to enter the winter one next year, as that is only once around the assault course.

All monies I raised by completing the event are being donated to DebRA UK, which is the national charity working on behalf of people with the genetic skin blistering condition, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). For more information or if you want to get involved see www.Debra.org.uk


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Is it a bird? Is it a plane?.... No!!! it's Dudley Lady!!!! - New Club Logo Unveiled

In true Superwoman tradition, the new club logo was unveiled when this years beginners received their Dudley Ladies Tee-shirts or caps.

After quickly dodging into the nearest telephone box and wearing her red knickers outside her blue tights, Rita emerged looking resplendent and ready to take on even the toughest of races.

So if you want to be up there with the best, pay your subs in August and this is what you'll get.


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Good News - New Range Of Club Clothing Has Arrived

At last, the new summer clothing range has finally arrived but we have to say that they were well worth waiting for.

The new vee-necked running tops are made by Ronhill in a breathable Coolmax material and are available in a very flattering fitted ladies cut style in sizes extra-small, small and medium. Price £15.00

For the people that prefer the straighter cut, comfort fit style, then they are available in sizes medium, large and extra-large, although it has to be said that the gold side panels make even the largest amongst us look slim.

So if you don't do arms, then this is the thing to run your next race in.


For some time now we've been asked for matching shorts to go with our club vests and crop tops etc. Well, here they are and in order to give you the opportunity to mix and match we've provided them in either royal blue with gold side stripes or gold with royal blue side stripes. Price £15.00


Match the above with our latest breathable microfibre running cap and you're well set up for summer. Price £8.00

See the club clothing page for more items of kit or else ask any of the girls on the desk for details next time you're down the club.


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Yes It's Yet Another Girl

Julia Key, another of Dudley Ladies founder members gave birth to 8lbs 9oz daughter Georgia on Wednesday 7th February

Husband Warren tells us that both mother and daughter are doing well and like everyone else, Julia is looking forward to getting back to running as soon as possible



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Sharon's OK

Just to let you know that Sharon Hearne who took a nasty tumble on Tuesday night 27th Feb is OK.

She tripped over a kerb-stone whilst out with the group and damaged her face when she fell.

Fortunately a couple of our nurse runners where behind her and right on hand to give immediate support and assistance. She thanks everyone involved for all their help and concern.

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Strike A Light

Denise Foxall has come up with a novel way of beating the dark nights with a miniature miners helmet.

Roll on the light nights!


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Phil's Thursday Evening Speedwork Sessions Have Started Again

Are You Serious About Wanting To Improve and Get Better? 

Do you want to do well in races?

Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

Do you want to improve and do well?

Do you want to become one of the better runners in the club?

 If the answer to the any of the above is YES, then you have to do something other than just jog around the streets as you are doing at the moment.  

“So what have I got to do then?”

Well in theory it’s easy, you simply join Phil’s speed-work sessions on a Thursday evening.

 During these sessions, you will be taught how to educate your legs into taking bigger strides and then how to move them faster than normal. After that you will then do a number of different sessions that will condition your body to enable it to keep your legs moving at this new found speed for longer.

 “I’ve tried running faster than normal before but I can’t keep it up because it’s so hard and painful” 

Running on your own is hard at the best of times, so you need the support of the group around you to help and motivate you through, however, having said all that, the biggest problem is, is that in practice, other things come into play which for some people can’t be taught, coached, bought or learnt.

 More than anything else, you have a Positive Mental Attitude, i.e. you’ve REALLY got to want it!

 During the training sessions, you have to be able to blank out everything else and focus your mind solely on one thing and one thing only, even though your body is screaming out to stop because it’s hurting like hell.

 In any sport or walk of life, Ability Without Attitude Counts For Nothing. You really have to want to do it.

 So if you haven’t got that desire, determination or mental strength, then carry on jogging with your friends, read no further and enjoy the more social side of running, because this isn’t for you.

 “Okay, Bye Bye”


 Right, now that we’ve put the wimps off, you’ll want to know a little bit more about what’s involved and what you’re letting yourself in for.

 Well, running consists of three basic elements, Speed, Strength and Stamina.

 You get your Stamina by doing lots of long steady runs, problem is, if you do nothing but long slow steady runs as a lot of us do, then you become very good at running very slowly for a long time. So you have to do something additional to push on to the next level.

Your Speed comes from learning to pick your feet up and put them down again very quickly in the most efficient way possible. This is achieved by running faster than you would do normally for short periods and concentrating on the way you do it with balance and style. 

Strength comes from muscle ( Don’t worry, I’m talking about Arnold Schwartzeneger here, just think Paula Ratcliffe or Rita instead ) but you have to build up leg muscle density by subjecting them to a resistance/load. i.e. Running up hills. This strength will allow you to keep your new found speed going at a constant rate regardless of the terrain.

Because the sessions are relatively short, you might be lulled into thinking that they are a doddle, however in practice if you do them properly, you will find that they are anything but and are very demanding although at the same time, they are also highly satisfying and if it's any consolation, after these sessions, you will find that the races are easy.

 If you’re interested in running faster THERE IS NO QUICKER WAY TO RACE FITNESS THAN DOING THIS.

 See Phil or Rita for further details


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Farrah Hunter-Coley Voted Newcomer Of The Year 2006

Farrah was presented with her "Newcomer Of The Year" award on Thursday 20th July as a reward for making the biggest "impact" on the club by a newcomer this year.

In what seems no time at all, Farrah has taken up her running with a vengeance and even though she lives one of the furthest away in Wednesbury, she comes every week, has made loads of new friends and tries to do a race whenever she can.


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CHASEWATER 10K - 2nd JULY 2006 - Hot or What???

Well, think we knew it was gonna be a tough race with the weather feeling so hot, humid and sticky....and that was before we even left the house !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nikki picked me up at 9.30 and we found our way to Chasewater Country Park without a hitch !!!!! (PHEW......was rather concerned about being there on time after the shenanigans at Farnborough !!!!!)

We parked up and went to register. It was all very relaxed and organised. So once we had our numbers we had a wonder and sat on a picnic bench looking across at the huge lake....and watching the world go by. Feeling quite envious of the people who were out for a stroll with their dogs...and thinking 'What the hell are we doing ?!?! Racing around like lunatics on a day like today' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We agreed that if either of us felt like stopping or walking or dropping out then we should, as it would be silly to try and push ourselves on a day like today !!!!!!!!! Even getting a possible PB isn't worth the risk of collapsing !!!

The race started at 11.00am sharp....and we set off. The heat kicked in straight away, especially as just before the first 1k was quite a sharp incline. Nikki said she'd stop for a little walk for a while. And I carried on....but even I made sure I was at an extremely slow and steady pace. It was just SO hot.

The course was very undulating (which Phil had previously explained to me)....lots of little up and down narrow tracks. With some more open spaces as we ran closer to the lake. The open spaces were difficult as the sun then felt like it was beating down on you.

As we neared 4k, I began to wonder where the water stations were...and convinced myself there HAD TO be some before the 5k mark - SURELY !?!?!?!?!??!

As we neared 5k (which was the first lap)...it became clear that this was to be the only water station !!!!! I could not believe it !!!!!

One water station on a 10k would be bad enough, but on a day like today it was UTTERLY UTTERLY ridiculous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are Chasewater Country Park on a meter or something ?!!?!? Or is it a government plot to try and dwindle the numbers of the running population down !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

When I finally got a drink at 5k I had a walk for a while and debated carrying on or not. I decided as I had half of my own water in my water bottle left I'd attempt the second lap (if it hadn't been for that, I'd have most certainly stopped). The second lap didn't seem too bad....got chatting to a girl who had had to stop for oxygen on the first lap !!!!!???????????????????? Thought she was brave (and mad)...to be carrying on.

A few digs at the Marshals along the way about the lack of water...and before I knew it I was at 8k. The final few kilometres were hard work (especially with it being off-road).....but I stopped and drank my last few dregs in my water bottle and 'plodded' to the finish line.

Nikki was at the finish, cheering me on....she had decided to stop after the first lap, as did many many other runners.

It was just SO hot. The double lap gave that bonus...at least people could stop if they needed to.

The finish line was a VERY VERY VERY welcome sight. (It was a better feeling than if England had won yesterday !!! Oooops, maybe not).

And so was the water and squash at the end. (I was still fuming about the lack of water along the way). We collected a T-Shirt and then headed home......air-con full blast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Bridgene & Sue's First Race - The Manchester Wet 10K

It looked set to be a lovely day as we left my brothers house in Manchester to make our way to the city centre, but the minute we stepped our feet out of the house the rain came down .. and then it rained, it rained, rained, rained and rained some more!!! I think it stopped when we were on our way home.

Manchester was wet and cold but it didn't stop thousands of dedicated runners turn up for the event and the atmosphere was great. The run was really well organized and every runner was put into a colour group depending on how long they estimated it would take to run. Each colour started at different times so there was plenty of room and none of the jostling you find with some race starts. We all had electronic chip timers that you attach to your legs too to record your time and it didn't start till you passed the mat at the start line, so even though we were right at the back it didn't matter

It was an out and back course which took you past the Old Trafford Stadium and down by the quayside, however it was SO wet that I don't really remember thinking anything other than.. "when will I get dry!" It was nice passing down by the quays but as I turned the corner there was an even heavier downpour of rain and I concentrated on wiping the rain dripping from my nose.. . I don't think I have ever been so wet when running. I remember when doing the beginners course last year Rita said in the middle of a thunder & lightning storm " once you have ran in this - you will be a real runner" ..well Rita, I felt like a true runner on this day.

The crowd were wonderful, despite the weather there was loads of support to get you round ( all dressed very nicely in bin liners to keep them dry) It was cold and very wet and I don't think I would have fancied standing there so I thought they were stars!

I got a little bit of a boost when I came across a marker to say 6km... and I thought " oh I'm more than halfway!!!" It was fantastic as I had no idea of where I was so this motivated me a lot. The cruelest and hardest part ( which Sue and my brother agreed on so it wasn't just me!) was the ending.. it gave you the countdown in metres... 800m.................400m.....................200m.......................Finish. It just felt like it would never end...but there were plenty of wet people there to cheer us on.

The goodie bag handed out Small, Medium and Large T-shirts. After finding Sue and my brother who I had lost pretty early on, the cold started setting in and I felt myself seize up. We were desperate to find somewhere to do Phil's cool down exercises and soon held up the foil sheets to cover our modesty whilst we put the brand new t-shirts on to get warm ( who am I kidding - by this stage I couldn't care less who saw what!).. There was also a very nice ( and big!) medal to put on too!

We did it nice and steady all the way round and Sue came in at a great 1hour 9 and I did 1 hour 14. Our socks were wet, our bras were wet, our Dudley Ladies T-Shirts weighed a ton with all the water but when we crossed that finish line.. we felt so proud of ourselves and it really was an achievement.

As an aside - we trained for the 10km properly ( and in the winter!) allowing enough time to build up nice and steady and now we are doing them regularly as we are training for the Great North Run in October this year.. I'm nervous even thinking about it!

See you all soon

Bridgene & Sue


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Hi All

Just to say sorry I have not been down to Ounsdale recently, but I am up in Scotland "house-sitting" for my brother for 2 weeks in Stirling.

However, I entered the Race for Life run in the Stirling University grounds on Sunday 18th June and had a rather wet, but lovely run. Got round in just under 40 mins which I was perfectly pleased with. Great atmosphere, welcome goody-bag and a 5K medal on a pink ribbon to match the new shoelaces, so I am not sitting about waiting for time to pass.

Someone from Dudley saw my Dudley Ladies running vest and came over to speak to me which was really nice - she now works in Glasgow, so we had a wee chat about Dudley.

Hope all is well, will see you when I get back at the end of June.

Cheers - Eleanor Phillips

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Better Late Than Never For The Farnborough Flyer 12K

Serves us right for getting all big headed with our map reading skills last week.........we started out at 9am. Found our way to Farnborough, but then got lost around the huge park there. We drove around in circles for about 20 minutes and then started to panic slightly when the time reached 10.20...(the race started at 10.30). We saw some Marshall's and asked for directions. Then tazzed over to where the start was (we were no where near it where we had been originally heading).

By the time we reached the village I quickly jumped out (as we were having to collect our numbers on the day), and Marie drove on to park. I ran around like a headless chicken trying to find the registration...hearing over the tannoy system that there was "FIVE MINUTES before the start of the race". We had to run down to the local church hall. Where I think the woman thought we had gone a little insane, I think everyone else had registered or collected their numbers about an hour before !!!!!!!!!!

As we came out of the hall we dashed back up to where the start was only to hear the counts of 10, 9, 8, 7.....etc. We managed to tag along at the back of the rest of the runners !!!!!!!!! Talk about cutting it fine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first 3 miles seemed really easy, I think I was still running on pure adrenaline !!!!!!! hahaha

Wonderful course. Such a lovely quiet village, hardly any traffic. Very friendly locals handing out water...really chatty and encouraging.

The course took a VERY nasty steep incline at about 6k. Thank goodness I had the jelly babies to hand to keep up the energy levels !!!!

Towards the end, the race merged with some kind of motorcycle race that was on !?!?!? Which seemed a little strange !?!????

And at one point one man got knocked off his bike ?! Also at the very end I stood for a good few minutes waiting to cross the road while a convoy of motorbikes came up the road !?!??! A little annoying and good job I wasn't trying to get a record time !!! :)

Finished in 1hr 20m. Sore feet (blister). And still a bit of pain from my hamstring. BUT....got a goodie bag which including a much needed running water bottle !!!!!!!!!!! Dead chuffed. I feel like a proper runner now !!!!!!!!! hehehe

Anyone interested in taking part next year can look on the website www.idbuilder.co.uk.

I'll DEFINITELY be doing it again !!!!!


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Yes It's Yet Another Girl

Jessica Stones, another of Dudley Ladies founder members gave birth to 8lbs 6oz daughter Violet Jade on Wednesday 7th June

Both mother and daughter are doing well and like everyone else, Jessica is looking forward to getting back to running as soon as possible.


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Phew What A Scorcher!!! - Another Hot One For Farrah

After spending Friday and Saturday debating and cogitating whether to race on Sunday (Two Castles - Warwick to Kenilworth 10K) or not after my groin and hamstring injury in the week. (Big THANKS to the girls who walked back with me on last Thurs nights run !!!!!). I decided to take the plunge and go for it....as didn't want to let Marie down. But promised myself I'd take it extremely easy, and stop at the slightest twinge.

Not really great preparation for a race, but spent most of Saturday in the pub. Watching the England game and having a FEW beers !!!!

(Yeah, I know....bet Paula Radcliffe and Kelly Holmes done do that pre-race, but I did have Pasta for my tea, so weren't all bad) !!!

Got up at 5.50am !!!!!!!!! (to be precise)........had my shredded wheat (if it's good enough for Ian Botham, it's good enough for me)... and tried to get plenty of fluids in as a hot day had been predicted.

Marie picked me up at 7am.....and by 8am we were parked up in Warwick (not bad for two females with a map !!!!! Impressed ??????).

We sat in the sunshine in the park where the Start was, (it had been moved from recent years, where it had always been within the castle itself). As we sat relaxing and enjoying the day, we were getting more and more tempted to stay there and not race at all, as the sun was blazing down and we were in such lovely surroundings, however as the time got nearer and people slowly gathered so we made the decision to run.

The race started at at 9am. Almost immediately the heat seemed stifling. We had already agreed to take it really really easily as it was just so hot. The race took us through Warwick town and then headed out towards Kenilworth.

The scenery wasn't great to start with as the course follows the route of the dual carriageway. But a bit further on it was slightly more rural....and lots of overgrown trees created some welcome shade.

Lots of locals were out with hose-pipes and water and one house-hold had set up drinks including tea AND beer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joined by the local Vicar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOCKING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thought he'd have been there giving out HOLY WATER !!!!! hahaha

Saw lots of people collapsing along the way....not surprisingly with the heat.

The last push up the hill to Kenilworth Castle (where the finish was)....was a real grueller.....but as the finish line was in sight I managed to put a sprint on. Marie finished just in front of me....both crossing the line in just over an hour. Which we were both pleased with considering we had a really easy comfortable run, at least we weren't sprawled out on a pavement like many of the folks who had tried to push themselves too much.

Very nice medal at the end but slightly too large a queue at the ice-cream van :( DRAT !!!!!!

The race organizers then laid on coaches from there back to the start. So we all piled on a sweaty coach (although the kind driver did bang the air-con on about half-way back, to which everyone erupted into a cheer !!!!!!!!!) back to the car park at Warwick. Great day.

It was a great race. Lovely course. Would recommend it to anyone. It's just always just so flipping hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Anyone interested can log onto www.twocastlesrun.org.uk,there are also pics and results from previous races)

NEXT WEEK: Banbury 12K.


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Dudley Ladies on the run for cancer charity

Sunday 4th June saw yet another record turn out of Dudley Ladies don their running shoes and pink wigs to help raise money for Cancer Research UK.

The sun-drenched country park of Sandwell Valley again played host to an impressive 2500 women for this years Race for Life, with each of them having their own reasons for joining in.

Pam Edmunds writes, "This was my 4th Race 4 Life event and each year it gets bigger & better.

It was a fantastic day but  far too hot for the runners but  then when you are surrounded by so many people who have had their lives affected by cancer some of who are currently  battling .....well how could you moan about the weather!!  and  It was perfect for spectators.

A touching moment was when every one released a balloon in the air in memory of or in celebration of the life of a loved one .....lump in throat time .

It was Nettie's  (Antoinette Jackson's) first Race since joining Dudley Ladies and although she said that she was a little nervous, we convinced her it was excitement & adrenalin and she ran a fantastic race! Well done
Gail Edwards and I are a little frustrated ...no a lot frustrated actually, at the fact that we are injured and could only slow jog/ power walk round.

All the other the pink clad Dudley Ladies did really well including Raj ,Jane ,Liz, Mona and Tracey B who all wore pink wigs as well to enter into the spirit of things.

A massive turn out with family and friends who came to support...well they poured the wine at the end !    Mary adorned us all  with the usual Dudley Ladies Pink hearts that she meticulously makes herself ... and finally  a lot of money was raised for a very good cause."

For photos of the day, click on the pink lady on the right.


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It's Another Girl

Petrina Marsh, one of Dudley Ladies founder members finally gave birth to 9lbs 13oz daughter Megan on Saturday 20th May

Both mother and daughter are doing well and looking forward to getting back to running. Congratulations Petrina, we're all really pleased for you.


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WELL..............trust me to pick the first mini-heatwave of the year to do a half-marathon.....and by the seaside too !!!!!!!!!

We headed up to Blackpool Saturday afternoon (to save getting up at the crack of dawn Sunday morning). The weather was scorching all the way; and I was concerned that Sunday would be as hot !!!!!!!! Great for walking around in shades or sunbathing on the beach...NOT for running 13 miles !!!!!!!!!!

Managed to find a decent B&B, the owners seemed dead friendly. Said they had one room left which was a disabled room. I hoped that wasn't an omen as to what I would be like after the race !!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Got an early night but was woken up by a rowdy Stag Party returning to the hotel at 4am...who then decided to set off the smoke alarm !!!

I was terrified it was a real fire.......mostly because I didn't want to be dragged out onto the street in my Asda cheque pyjama's !!!!

Turned out, however, they had been smoking in the room and activated the sensor !!!!!!!! So all was well and I returned to sleep.

Being woken at 7am by my alarm.

We got up and went for some early breakfast. And before I knew it, it was time to head down to the Tower (which is where the start had been changed to from recent years). There were hundred's of people milling around. And on the walk down I felt a few twinges from this groin injury I got at the race last week.

Mark kept telling me not to run. But I said I couldn't drop out after coming this far....but I promised I would drop out of the race if it got bad.

The start was delayed by half an hour (AGAIN).......but at 9.30 we all set off. The muggy heat kicked in almost immediately.

And by 2.5/3 miles I think everyone was feeling it. The water station at 3 miles was a very welcome site. But as I approached 4 miles my groin really started to hurt and I felt it was draining me physically.

The course is a huge loop. Turning at 3 mile to double back past the start. So I thought 'If I don't feel well at 6 miles when I am back near the tower, I'll just drop out'. But as we approached 6 miles, the course takes a sharp turn down towards the beach...and as soon as I looked across and saw the sand and sea...I felt great.....there was so much more air about. And it seemed so much cooler.

I past Mark (sitting there reading the paper TUT)....and he gave me a wave and asked how I felt. At that moment I felt great and KNEW I had to carry on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then came the water station at 6 miles....and I had a drink of water. They were also giving out bottles of Lucozade Sport. Which was like an instant shot of energy (may have been psychological, but who cares).

I clung onto the bottle with dear life and sipped it slowly over the next few miles and it really helped. It was like I had come back from the dead !!!!!!!!!!

We turned again up the coast at about 9 miles (where there SHOULD have been another water station, but wasn't)....and then started out final stretch of about 3 or 4 miles back to the finish line !!!!!!!!!!

I hadn't forgotten all those higgledy-piggledy uppy and downy bits at that last stretch back...they were as bad as ever.

Really taking it out of your legs. The few spots of rain were a welcome refreshment. As I saw the 11 mile marker...a huge grin crossed my face. And ten minutes later I could see the finish line. I was home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 12 miles there were more drinks and MORE Lucozade Sport......so I had another drink and then didn't want to stop again until the end. The finish line didn't seem to be getting any nearer. But a few shouts of 'Go on Dudley' kept me going.

And I crossed the line in just 2 hours.

Mark was there at the end with bottles of water and Lucozade...but I still had a full bottle that I got at 12 miles.

My legs were like jelly.....but I saw the woman handing out the medals.....and forgot about the pain !!!!! hahahaha

Last year, the event got a really bad review as there wasn't enough drinks or water stations. And although things had improved slightly, I felt they could have done more. Especially after the disaster last year of people having to pull out and collapsing etc.

And the delayed start AGAIN.....was also disappointing.

All in all though....a GREAT race. Something about running by the sea. I love running there. The atmosphere was fantastic.

Shame it was the last FULL marathon there this year (yes, some mad people who did TWO laps !!!!!!!!!!)....as I may have been tempted to do the full 26 next year.

Aching now. Groin is quite painful, and also my left knee (think I may have been compensating with the other leg). But loved every minute !!!!!!!!!!!

(Warwick to Kenilworth - Two Castles 10k Run next Sunday)


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Farrah's Boddington Experience

Just to keep you up to date with my 'Events Diary'..(HEHE)...did a 10k in a little village called Boddington (nr Daventry) yesterday. (29/05/06)

Did the same race a couple of years ago. It's such a beautiful part of the country, you hardly realise you are running cus you are so busy looking around at the lovely scenery. It was scorching there too.

Finished in the same time as my last 10k (about an hour). Bit painful after cus I think I have pulled a muscle in my groin. (Thought only footballers got that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Fingers crossed it will be ok for the weekend....as doing the Asics Blackpool Half-Marathon.


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Liverpool Women's 10K

Sunday the 14th May again saw a coachload of Dudley Ladies descend upon Liverpool for the largest ladies only 10K road race in Europe, which this year attracted over 5000 runners.

The race started at 11.00am from Sefton Park and every finisher got a free medal, a T-shirt and goody bag.

The toilet facilities were again woefully inadequate but at least the surrounding bushes and foliage will not need irrigating for a weeeeeeeeeeeek or too

Star of the day was Mary Lavender who as well as being first Dudley Lady home, actually lead the race straight from the start line before the internationals took over. Mary eventually finished in a very creditable 50 minutes. Not bad for an over 50 year old.

Other people worthy of note were Kerri Pearson and Penny Tymon who finished 2nd and 3rd Dudley Ladies on the day and Amanda Dingley who was first over 35 and Jayne Morely who was over 40. Rita reluctantly accepted her bottle of bubbly for winning the over 50's prize because Phil fancied a drink and had already got the glasses out..

It was a brilliant day out, with good weather that ended with a wine tasting picnic in cracking company.

For further proof click on Mary's photo on the right for more photos of the day.



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Dudley Ladies Run the DK

Wednesday 3rd May again saw dozens of Dudley Ladies take part in this very popular event which this year attracted around 1300 runners.

The evening was balmy, hot and sultry which made the hilly and undulating course just that little bit more testing than usual.

First home for Dudley Ladies was Melanie Hodges in 55min.16sec closely followed by Kerri Pearson and dozens of other to numerous to mention in hot pursuit.

Click on the DK logo on the right for photos of the night


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London Marathon Heroines

Well done to Lynne Rushton and Sheena Di Franco who both successfully completed this years London Marathon in 5hrs 17mins and 5hrs 19mins respectively.

Both reported having an absolutely brilliant weekend and we really proud and delighted for them.

Not bad for a couple that were rookie beginners not so very long ago.

For a detailed report of the race, read Sheena's Diary


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It's a Girl

Sarah Thomas, who lost a massive 9 stone in weight whilst running with Dudley Ladies, lost a further 6lbs 12oz when she gave birth to her first child Phoebe on the 19th February.

Both mother and daughter are doing well and looking forward to getting back to running. Congratulations Sarah, everyone is really pleased for you.

Click on Phoebe's pram for more pictures on her website



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Dozens of Dudley Ladies Brave Cold Run

Dozens of Dudley Ladies braved freezing cold winds and flurries of snow to take part in the 16th annual Action Heart five mile run at Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley. 

Even the late arrival of the leading police car to escort the runners around the streets could not dampen their spirits and pulses were set racing from the start as some of the best amateur men and women runners from across the West Midlands sprinted off to try and win the coveted title. 

The course took the runners out of Russells Hall Hospital on an up-hill climb towards one of the highest points in Dudley all the way to the top of the Himley Road before the very steep but relatively short descent to Milking Bank and Lower Gornal before again starting the long grueling ascent back to the hospital. A truly testing run by any standards.

First home for Dudley Ladies were Sue Hickman and Donna Concannon who ran in together in a lung bursting 44min. 28sec..

 Following Sue and Donna where a whole host of runners headed by Clare Dolan who gave her husband Keith a good run for his money in 45:57 and Amber Martin "fresh" from the mud and undergrowth of the Wyre Forest 8  in 47:17. 

Stars of the day

Amongst the chasing pack, runners of note included overall star of the day, 62 year old Margaret Jones, who put a lot of her younger colleagues to shame in an unbelievable time of 50:03.

Maggie Lovell running out of her skin in 52:10, new-comer Louise Williams 52:40, Pat Perkins 52:50, Tara Burrows (wife of England international 5000m runner Darrius) 53:25, Wendy Flavell 53:35sec, Claire Morgan 55:06, Anita Webb and Caroline Mackie 55:57, Shirley Jones 57:40, Julie Lamb 57:54, Sue Hutton 58:05, Irene Evans 58:05, Sarah Jones and Rachel Harris 58:50, Marie Smith and Debbie Mottram 60:02, Sue Dalton and Tracey Curran 60:26, Denise Anslow 62:31 and Paulette Hayhurst 64:32. 

Congratulations to every one else not mentioned that completed this very popular but demanding run. The race packed in a record 1000 runners, raising £20,000 for the Action Heart charity and this popular race just seems to go from strength to strength through the organization and enthusiasm of Joy Brown and the rest of the Action Heart team.

For photos of the day taken by our very good friend Brian Smith click on the link on the right


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Stourbridge Stagger 2006

Congratulations to Marie Sandells (1hr 51.07), Maggie Rowan (1hr 53.41) and new girl on the block Farrah Hunter-Coley (1hr 56.45) who all completed this spectacularly hilly course in fine style.

Looks like Phil's speedwork sessions are starting to pay off.


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Dudley Ladies Xmas Disco Party

Hordes of Dudley Ladies again descended upon The Dudley Arms in Himley on Friday the 16th December to begin their festive season in style.

Rita set the tone by wearing a fetching black evening dress complete with racy fishnet stockings and new shoes that she had managed to wrangle out of Phil on the basis of some vague promise.

Not to be out done, numerous others strutted their stuff on the dance floor with Pam, Gail, Tracey, Raj and Maggie thoroughly letting their hair down before moving on to yet another party after ours had finished. What stamina?

Rita presented bouquets of flowers to Mary Lavender, Louise Hipkiss and Brenda Chapman as a special thank you for all their hard work in organizing yet another cracking event.



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New Dudley Ladies Beginners Get Off To A Flying Start

Dudley Ladies now infamous beginners running course got off to a flying start on Tuesday 25th April 2006 at Wombourne Leisure Centre.

Every year, club founder, Rita Vanes organizes this very popular beginners running course for women who have either never run before or else haven’t run for some time and it has proven to be extremely successful.

This year, over 260 ladies turned up to take their first steps towards achieving their goal of running 3 miles within 10 weeks, with even more additional participants planning to come on the Thursday

That was on top of the existing membership of 300 plus members, so things were a bit hectic, good fun but hectic.

Rita welcomed and addressed the thronging masses which totally filled the school theatre hall and backed up out of the door 2 or 3 people deep.

Pat Powell gave an excellent witty speech full of anecdotes and dry humour about her experiences when she was a beginner, while John Murphy said a few words about sports injuries and his role in the club and Phil explained how he does everything that Rita tells him plus describing how to identify a good pair of running shoes.

After the necessary background information preliminaries, Rita explained the basics to achieving the 3 mile target and how they were going to do it before taking the crowd outside to introduce them to Phil's warm-up routine and getting them to take their very first steps on their new sport.

It was nice to see the return of a number of old faces, such as Joan Rutter, Jo Hill and many many more returning from injury. With so many hugs and kisses, Phil must have thought he'd gone to heaven.

The course which costs £20 aims to teach women everything they need to know about running safely and includes a free medal, tee-shirt and certificate to everyone who completes the course.

No one is ever turned away, so it's still not too late for people to join.

If you want any further information or would like to talk to Rita directly then you can email her on rita@dudleyladies.co.uk


Click on the torn up 'L' plate for more pictures of the night


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Christmas Comes Early For Dudley Ladies

Sunday 4th December again saw hordes of Dudley Ladies descend upon Newtown in Powys in order to participate in the largest Santa Run in Europe with well in excess of 3000 Santa's taking part.

A number of the ladies were interviewed by the television, radio and newspaper media with the Sarah Jones family group making a special effort by modifying their costumes to look like cowboys to such an extent that partner Bryan won the best dressed male Santa competition.

Pam Edmunds again led the way on the celebrations front with her mulled wine freely flowing for anyone that wanted something to help the free chip butties that were given away at the end go down as shown by Marie Sandells above.

Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the day and had a real good time and it was good to see Liz Woods again who made a special effort in flying all the way back from her new home in Spain just to take part.

For photographs of the day click on the image on the right


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Dudley Ladies Commit Suicide

Sunday 20th November saw some of Dudley's finest take on the hills, mud, ice, freezing water and everything else that Baggeridge Country Park could throw at them in this years Suicide Six.

This is a race not for the faint hearted, with the "highlights" being a waist deep river crossing in ice breaking freezing cold conditions followed by a 108 step Jacobs Ladder climb back to the finish. All of which follow a few hill climbs to get you warmed up and a large expanse of mud to slow you down.

None the less, everyone had great fun with newcomers, Maggie Rowan and Marie Sandells path finding the way for Anita Zammit. Jenny Fraser, Jo Ashley and Brenda Hunt, who all finished, wet and muddy but very happy.

For pictures of the day click on the icon on the right



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Tracey Goes All The Way

Tuesday 1st November saw Tracey Bennett go all the way when she got herself involved with Sheena and Pammy's group and ran her first 5 miler.

As her mentors said afterwards, "it's amazing what you can do with after a little cajoling, we convinced her that she COULD do it and boy was she glad when she completed it."

Sometimes it just takes a little extra...... "go on you can do it ".... type of encouragement to push that extra mile and after a celebratory glass of red wine with the rest of the group, Tracey went home a very proud girl indeed.

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Liz is doing a Shirley Valentine

Thursday 27th October saw us say goodbye to Liz Woods who is emigrating to Spain in order to run a company that lets out villas and apartments just south of Benidorm.

Liz started as a beginner a couple of years ago and together with her twin sister Louise, she has been an absolute inspiration and driving force behind motivating dozens of other ladies to follow in her footsteps.

It will be no exaggeration to say that her beaming smile and outgoing personality will be missed by everyone, not least the bar staff over the road at the Mount Pleasant Pub.

The girls are planning a club trip over to Spain to visit Liz sometime next year, when she's settled in and got everything organised, so sort out your Dudley Ladies bikini and start saving your money now.


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Jan & Eleanor Take The Plunge

Sunday 23rd October saw Jan Stanton and Eleanor Phillips take part in their first race since graduating from the Dudley Ladies school of beginners.

They ran in the Cancer Research Weston Park event, where runners did a demanding single 10km lap around the famous Capability Brown parkland with its beautiful panoramic views across the Midlands towards the Wrekin.

The course was a mixture of multi-terrain that included road, grassland and forest tracks, which stretched even the most able of the 1500 plus runners that took part.

Jan and Eleanor epitomise everything that Dudley Ladies is about and we have nothing but pride and admiration for them. Well Done to both!!

Click on Jan and Eleanor's photo for more pictures of the day


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Dudley Ladies Get A Clog On

Congratulations are due to Tracey Green, Sue Hickman, Donna Concannon and Michelle Woodyatt who all travelled over to Holland during the weekend of October 16th for the Amsterdam Marathon and Half Marathon.

All reported back in good spirits and spoke very highly of the trip organizers, the race and the whole experience. Put it in your diary for next year.


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Congratulations To Everyone That Did The Great North Run on Sunday 18th September

Photograph shows Jo Ashley, Anita Zammit, Brenda Hunt and Jenny Fraser proudly showing off their medals and tee-shirts at the end of a very hot and demanding run but a BRILLIANT weekend.

Star of the day was undoubtedly Jo who finished in 2 hours 07minutes but special mentions must also be given to Amber Martin, Sue Freeman, Sarah Oakley, Julie Foley and Enid Brazier who all acquitted themselves and Dudley Ladies proud.

It must have been the Pasta!!!!

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A Personal Account of the Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon by Sheena Di Franco, Sunday  11th September

 "I arose from my bed at 7.30am feeling a little nervous, but hungry.  Made my way to the kitchen had my porridge, orange juice and banana.  Packed my bag and I was off to pick up Gail. No problem directions in my head from Pammy (who couldn’t make the day) to Gail’s house, she said “Just go past the Black Country Museum in Dudley and I said, “Its ok I remember the rest, I’ll be ok” (famous last words). 

The Black Country museum road was blocked off, so I was diverted to Burn Tree Island and back along the Birmingham New Road.  Conscious of the time my foot inadvertently was pressed against the accelerator pedal, perhaps a little heavy, which consequently meant I was driving over 50mph.  I then viewed in my mirror, YES a police car; I had to think quickly, I was in the outside lane, what ever happens I can’t put my foot on the brake pedal as he would know I was speeding, so I put my indicator on and moved gradually and carefully over to the left, so that HE could then do 50mph and over take me!! 

At the traffic lights I turned right to get back on track to Gail’s house.  Then turned first right again in to the cul de sac OH….  This isn’t where Gail lives.  I’m lost.  I got out my mobile 8.45am and rang Pam (Never thought to have Gail’s mobile number did I).  A very sleepy voice at the end of the phone said hello. “Pam it’s me I’m lost, were does Gail live?”  She gave me instructions, with the help from Keith (well I think it was Keith… only joking) and I arrived at Gail’s for 9am.  Then we were off to collect Raj.  I said to Gail “You do know were she lives?”  She replied “Yeh I think so”.  Neither of us had Raj’s mobile, so I then had to ring my husband to get her number for us. We rang Raj and arrived at her house promptly.   

My next little venture was to Lake Vyrnwy itself. 

Raj said it was quicker to get on the M6 then M54 to Shrewsbury, there was only one problem I don’t drive on motorways.  Although I must say I’m ok on the M54 that’s like a dual carriage way.  So my next BIG challenge before I’d even done the 13 miles around a lake was to get on and off the M6 in one piece.  They must have confidence in me and my driving, although they’d not been passengers in my car before and don’t know my secret!!!! 

The M6, was no problem, on at one junction off at the next, only 5 mins that was easy.  We were then on the M54 what a breeze.  An hour or so later there was the sign, welcoming us to WALES.  Weaving our way around the winding roads, then this little voice said “Sheena it’s all straight road now to Lake Vyrnwy, Oh turn right here now!!!”  Thanks Gail plenty of warning. 

After travelling two hours we finally arrive at our destination.  The weather was ideal.  Not to hot and plenty of intermittent cloud coming from the west (Michael Fish taught me that one).  We made our way to the ladies, adjusted our lipstick (well you never know who you might bump into do you?) then went for refreshments.  Teas all round.  I ate three quarters of a malt loaf and had an energy drink, Gail made her way through a sandwich and blueberry muffin, whilst Raj just had the tea. 

I’m so glad I put on my lipstick because we bumped into Ronny, Kerry, Lynn and Alison and I was doubly pleased that they saw me at my best before the 13 miles. We made our way to the start ALL very nervous, but eager to start the race.  

Then we were off.  We started off quite slow Kerry, Raj and Lynn had gone and we could see them in the distance.  As Gail and I approached the dam wall I said to Gail “Flippin heck I can’t see the end of the lake from here” What a challenge we had undertaken, we were really glad we had done the training.  We arrive at the 6 mile marker quite comfortably 1hour and 5 mins. That was our first personal best.    We ran 10 miles in 1hour 47 mins and we were feeling really good.  Then at 11.5 miles I think the term is, we hit the wall (Thankfully not the dam wall, well actually it was a dam wall, if you get my drift, ho ho) 12 miles felt like four, but as we approached the finish line our emotions began to kick in. Adrenaline took over, a few tears were shed.  

 FINISHED by my watch our time was 2 hours 21 mins and 57 seconds.  For Gail this was her first half marathon.  She was fantastic, a great partner to run with, full of grit and determination, brilliant.  For me the last half marathon I ran was the Great North 2001, I was 4 years younger and my time then was 2 hours and 42 mins.  I have beaten my time by 20 minutes.   

I am now going to get sentimental and speak from the heart.  What does Dudley Ladies Running club mean to me?  I joined this club in October 2004.  As a few people know I’d planned to run the marathon this April 2005, but unfortunately I gained a few injuries and I had to withdraw.  This was an awful time for me, not just because of been unable to run the marathon, but I had personal things going on around me to.  I had a full time job; I’m running a house and looking after a family etc.  We women juggle so many different tasks in our lives and running is to me is my sanity.  I run Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.  I see familiar faces, make new friends, try and encourage friends as they do me.  This club is a great family event and I know without it I would be over 1 stone heavier, my body mass index would be a worry to Phil!! and I wouldn’t have just gained all those lasting memories I experienced on Sunday.  WHAT A DAY!!!"

Sheena, Gail and Raj were joined at the Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon by other intrepid Dudley Ladies who all reported having a good time.. First home was Mary Norgrove who finished in 2hr 04, followed by Marie Sandells and Maggie Rowan shown here posing at the finish with their medals.

Other people to mention include Kerri Pearson, Lynne Rushton 2hr 22, Julie Foley and Sarah Oakley, 65 year old Enid Brazier 2hr 43 and Alison Camwell, Gill Criddle, Ronnie Smith and Siva.

For the full results go to the Oswestry Olympians website via the Links page


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What a Knees Up

Friday 2nd September saw Nick and Julie Walton culminate 25 years of blood, sweat, toil and tears when they celebrated their silver wedding anniversary at Wombourne Club in front of over 100 disbelieving admirers.

Guests were entertained to live music by some of Nicks "Delta Blue Band" friends who brought the house down with their rendition of "Dueling Banjos" from the film Deliverance and Julie got everyone on their feet in order to be first at the Buffet table which was stocked with everything a self indulgent could wish for.

It was a great night and as Nick said, "Same time, same place in another 25 years time then."


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It's a Girl

Claire Powell, one of Dudley Ladies founder members gave birth to daughter Phoebe on Monday 22nd August.

Both mother and daughter are doing well and looking forward to getting back to running. Congratulations Claire, we're all really pleased for you.


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Dudley Ladies Annual Santa Run Outing

Sunday 4th December will again see hordes of Dudley Ladies descend upon Newtown in Powis to take part in their now world breaking Santa Run.

This is where over 3000 other die-hards all dress up in various variations of Santa suits and attempt to run approximately 4 miles without succumbing to the temptations of visiting every pub on the route. Needless to say, as the picture on the left shows, our lot fail badly.

If you're interested in coming on the coach then please put your name down early to avoid disappointment


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Breaking News

It just goes to show that some people get all the breaks don't they!!

Last week saw Jan Cook involved in a bit of a bump in her car whilst on the way to Ikea. She was going around the big traffic island just off the motorway when the car skidded on the wet and slippery tarmac before coming to a bit of a sudden and unplanned stop. Although in some considerable pain from her wrist, Jan gallantly soldiered on to do the shopping and spend all the money that husband John had given her before being forced to go to hospital and have her broken wrist put in plaster. What a woman!

The second person to break something this week was our hunky helper Dave Bell who also broke his wrist. Dave who is a mechanic claims it it was done at work whilst tightening his nuts but we think that's just a metaphor for saying it was the result of some very dubious personal habits.

We don't mind you having a short break guys just as long as you don't get too plastered. So come back soon you're sorely missed.


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Charlie is Honoured

Four year old Charlie Taylor was presented with a medal, certificate and club cap on Tuesday 26th June by club founder Rita Vanes as a reward for covering nearly 5miles on his bike with the aid of a bit of pushing from mum Emma.

Charlie conducted himself impeccably throughout and this was a just reward for all his efforts................Well Done Charlie!!!

They sure start em young at Dudley Ladies.


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News From Tosh Perry - Our Northern Missionary

Sorry it's been a while, but I had to get my dad's computer fixed!!

Life up here is not too bad - we don't seem to have had the bad weather you've been having.  I think of you every Tuesday and Thursday (and in between as well!) running around Wombourne.  I really miss you all and the running - even in the rain.  I went to the Beverley running club - bloody hell is all that I can say - how serious are these guys?  I struggled to complete a 3 mile run with them, there slowest pace is an 8 minute mile.  I'm afraid it wasn't enjoyable at all, so I'm looking to go running myself during the week to try and build my stamina up ( no regrouping at Beverley!) and I'm on the look out for another club.  If all fails I'll go back to Beverley AC and hopefully I'll have upped my pace in the meantime.
The job is also going quite well, I made the right move, the week after I left they made another 10 redundant.  Even living with the parents is working out as I'm not sure how long it will take to sort the house purchase out.
Well I've just got back from a "keep fit" class - so now it's time for tea!  Hope you had a good run tonight in the rain and tornados.  Hope to see you both soon and send my love to everyone at the club.

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News From Kath Smith - Our Australian Missionary

Hello to you all, We are all starting to feel a bit more settled now. Dave managed to get a job after two weeks of being here, he's working for the Adelaide government and really likes it.

The kids were very unsettled for a while but seem to be better now. Connie goes to kindergarten and has some nice friends. They've been invited to a few parties which makes all the difference to them. They all go to swimming lessons and are doing really well. I've met a few other moms and it's nice to get together for a chat! We are renting a house by the beach, it's great. The kids can't get enough of it, we even go paddling in the evening, When Dave gets home from work! We are all looking forward to summer when we can have barbies and sit out in the evenings with a cold beer!

I'm ashamed to say, I haven't been running much. I can't seem to find a club and I really miss it. I wear my Dudley Ladies sweatshirt a lot though and it reminds me of the good fun I had. I miss being part of the club. The website is brilliant, you've done a good job with that. Nick told me that you've got a lot of new members, I hope they all enjoy it as much as I did.

Anyway say hello to everyone for me. Has Tosh moved yet? remember me to her, also say hi to Dave and Gloria. Please tell Mary I'll be in touch soon. I hope your family are ok, I bet your grandchildren are growing fast. Look after yourselves, keep in touch, I really miss you all, Kath xx


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Dudley Ladies Make Headline News

On Saturday the 16th July Dudley Ladies were again making the headlines when we were featured in an Express & Star newspaper centre spread under the headline "Runners scoop awards in race to be the fastest"

The article featured prominent photographs of Sherl Allman, Kelly Faulkner and Alison Willis, shown right, together with Maggie Quebdani, Nikki Guest, Liz Woods and Rita.

The article was a report on our recent very successful awards bash at the Park Hall Hotel in Wolverhampton, when around 170 people turned out to receive various medals, certificates, trophies and tee-shirts etc. and went on to list a number of the prize winners as well attributing a number of things to Rita that for the life of her, she can't remember saying? .......(I blame the drink..phil)

Following the article we have again been inundated with new recruits all wanting to learn to run and join in what is already becoming something of a phenomena. So remember to use the school car parks as things are getting bigger.



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Sue Mountford Has Had A Little Girl Called Amy

As one member leaves, a new one arrives. Sue brought Amy in to the world in the first week of July and both mother and daughter are doing fine. Congratulations Sue everyone passes on their best wishes and are really pleased for you. Come back as soon as you can.


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Tosh Is Going To Hull And Back

As Dudley Ladies membership spreads ever wider, this month sees us saying goodbye to one of our closest and dearest friends when Tosh Perry moves on to start a new job and new life in Hull.

Tosh joined the club in early 2004 as an absolute beginner. She admitted to being a little over weight and was determined to do something about it and boy has she done something or what.

Tosh, who lost nearly 3 stone in weight during the past 12 months now regularly runs over 5 miles at least twice a week and recently won one of the much coveted outstanding achievement awards at Dudley Ladies recent presentation evening.

Tosh is an inspiration to all others around her, always ready with a smile, a kind word, a dirty joke and encouragement to others just starting out. There can be no better advert for Dudley Ladies than Tosh Perry.

Rita & Mary Lavender presented Tosh, with a card signed by everybody in the club, a bottle of champagne, an engraved crystal champagne glass and a framed photograph of everyone waving goodbye.

Tosh will now spearhead our drive for new members in the north east and says that she is delighted with the new missionary position that she has been offered. As the photograph of her and Nick Walton on the right appears to show.

There will never be another Tosh and she will be sadly missed by everyone in the club and amidst all the laughter on the night, there were a few genuine tears as well as we wished her all the best for the future.

Keep in touch Tosh and come back and visit us when you can



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Male Helpers Rewarded For Services To Dudley Ladies

Two of DL's most trusted and valuable male members where recognized and rewarded this week with engraved cut glass crystal brandy glasses for all the pleasure and service that they have given Dudley Ladies over the last year.

In addition to Nick Walton and George Kosteczko who were honored at the Presentation Evening, this week it was the turn of John Murphy and Dave Bell, without whom, we wouldn't be locked up by George, guarded by Nick, have our legs rubbed by John or be tickled silly by Dave's jokes.

We love you really guys. So a big thank you goes out to all of them.



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Brenda Chapman's Father died on the 30th June

This follows on from her mother dying very unexpectedly last October and as you can imagine, Brenda is absolutely devasted by the loss of both her parents in such a short space of time.

Brenda, is the very epitome of everything that Dudley Ladies stands for. She is one of the friendliest, happiest, most helpful and popular ladies in the club and she was very close to both her mother and her father,

We're sure that everyone will join us in offering their condolences, best wishes and giving her every bit of support that we can during what is obviously going to be a very difficult time.

She's helped you in the past, now it's your turn to help her. Don't let her try and get through this on her own.



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Alison Is Most Improved Runner Of The Year

Alison Camwell was crowned Most Improved Runner of The Year 2004-5 by Phil & Rita in a belated presentation ceremony on the 28th June due to Alison being unable to attend the recent awards evening as she was up to her neck in mud at the Glastonbury Festival.

Alison won the award because of her incredible rise through the ranks despite having to fight all the way to overcome her Hay Fever induced asthma.

She lost weight, changed her body shape and recently completed the Blackpool Half Marathon in unbearably blisteringly hot conditions when the temperature was up in the 90's.

So well done Alison, you've worked hard for it and it is richly deserved.

Other belated awards : were presented to Pat Hackett, Mary Lavender and Debbie Stokes for being the first three Dudley Lady finishers at the Liverpool Women's 10k.

Anita Zammit, Brena Hunt, Jenny Fraser, Amber Martin and Sue Freeman were presented with trophies for successfully completing the Edinburgh Marathon.

Ten year old Katie-May Garratt was honored for being the youngest member to complete the recent beginners course



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Gwyneth is going for a Chinese

As Dudley Ladies membership spreads worldwide, this month sees us saying goodbye to yet another of our missionaries when Gwyneth Chubb takes time out to teach in China.

Gwyneth left on the 24th April bound for Dongguan which is about 3 hours by ferry up the Pearl River and about 100 miles east of Guanzhow (Canton, as was) and intends to return to the club in the summer of 2006.

Gwyneth will now spearhead our drive for new members in the Chinese sector of the Asian continent but she will be sadly missed and we wish her and her family all the best for the future.

Enjoy the experience Gwyneth, keep in touch and let us know how you're getting on.


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Good Luck and Bon Voyage Kath

As Dudley Ladies membership spreads worldwide, this month sees us saying goodbye to one of our dearest friends when Kath Smith and her family emigrate to Australia on the 1st April to start a new life.

Kath joined the club in early 2004 and as been an inspiration to all others around her, always ready with a smile, a kind word and encouragement to others just starting out.

Phil & Rita presented Kath, with a card signed by everybody in the club, a bottle of champagne, a bouquet of flowers, a new club sweatshirt and a framed photograph of everyone waving goodbye.

Kath will now spearhead our drive for new members in the southern hemisphere but she will be sadly missed and we wish her and her family all the best for the future.

Keep in touch Kath and come back and visit us when you can.


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Dudley Lady Jumps Off Tall Building

On Saturday 25th June our very own Sarah Derbyshire actually went through with her threat of jumping off one of the tallest buildings in Birmingham.

Fortunately, she had a rope tied around her waist and managed to raise £490 in pledges for Children With Cancer from people trying to talk her out of it.

So if you pledged any money to Sarah please bring it with you the next time you're down the club and she will show you her certificate and the photograph of her terrified face to prove that she did it.


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Because of the number of members we now have, people have been complaining that they can't all get in to the room or hear what Rita has said.

So we have given her a portable PA System that has enough decibels to ensure that she's heard the other side of Shropshire. So no excuses from now on.

Take your earplugs, you have been warned!!!



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Good News - Your Free Dudley Ladies Car Windscreen Sticker Is Waiting For You Down The Club



Every member of the club, be they Beginner or Established is entitled to a free car windscreen sticker.

So next time you're down the club, pick yours up and display it in your car with pride.

Let's let  everybody know that you're a proper runner.


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Phew What A Scorcher!!!!! A personal story of how NOT to run a Half Marathon

Our race correspondent Alison Camwell gives a personal insight into the trials and tribulations of running Blackpool's Marathon and Half Marathon on the hottest day in the year when temperatures soared to around the 90 Degree mark.

She writes :-

Picture the scene...... hottest day of the year, sun, sea and sand in our sights.... but instead of planning a relaxing day on the beach, a donkey ride and an ice cold beer, Sandra, Jayne and I had come to Blackpool to run a Half Marathon, while Sue Hickman and Donna Concannon had opted for the full monty. We'd done the training, with long runs up to 12 miles over the last few Sundays, while Donna and Sue had been regularly running over 20 miles for weeks, so we were all hoping for a PB on the fast, flat course.

Over 1,300 runners had registered for the full Marathon and almost 2,500 for the Half Marathon. Both courses start at the Hilton Hotel on the North Shore, go down the Promenade, past Blackpool Tower and the Pleasure Beach to the South Shore. Then the Half Marathon loops back up on itself to the start line whilst the Marathon carries on down to Lytham St Anne's before looping back up to rejoin the Half Marathon course again. Once you get back to the start line the course then drops down onto the Boardwalks and carries on up to Bispham before looping back down to the finish line at the Hilton Hotel.

Unfortunately the race was delayed for 45 minutes so we didn't get the starter's gun until 9.45am. However there was plenty of crowd support for the first half as we ran along the closed-to-traffic road that runs parallel to the sea front. Sandra and Jayne were a couple of minutes ahead of me by the time we got to the first water station, just after the 3 mile marker, only to find it had run out of water and runners were having to pick up the discarded half-empty water bottles out of the road left by the earlier runners. One of the local residents had his water pipe out to spray all the runners and one local lady was good enough to go and refill runners water bottles from her tap. By the time the slower runners (which included me!) looped back round and up past the first water station again, emergency supplies of cups and water had arrived.

By now I was beginning to psyche myself out - I'd only done 4 miles, it was hot, humid and there was no air to breathe, Blackpool Tower wasn't getting any closer and it was another mile past there just to get back to the start line, I had never felt so uncomfortable or sweated so much in my life. The thought that once I got back to the start line at the Hilton I had another 6 miles to do was too much to contemplate and I made a decision to stop and pull out of the race once I got back to the start line. But then Fate intervened. Further up the Promenade I got chatting to Tricia (who runs the Women's Running Network in the Blackpool area) and we discovered we were both planning on pulling out of the race. But as we approached the 7 mile mark and the Hilton Hotel we made a pact that we would get each other round the course even if we had to walk it. Another lady called Karen, who I'd spoken to earlier on in the race caught us up, and we all stuck together for the last 6 miles. A round of applause went out from our little group to the lead marathon runner as he overtook us at 2hrs 6 mins, just after our 9 mile marker and his 22 mile marker!

In the end I ran 4 miles, walked/jogged 3 miles and walked 6 miles, and I completed the course just under 3 hours. I was disappointed with the time (I had hoped to run as near to 2hrs 30m as possible) but on the upside, I finished the course, I got the medal (& a nice medal it is too!), I wasn't last and I'd be on a much bigger downer if I had stuck to my original decision and pulled out of the race.

I just don't how Sandra, Jayne, Donna and Sue managed to keep running and I take my hat off to them.

Sandra ran 2 hours 23 mins and Jayne finished in 2 hours 30 mins, whilst Donna and Sue pictured left exceeded all expectations on the day when they ran the full marathon in the blistering heat and with very little water in an absolutely fantastic time of 4 hours 41mins. They were true Dudley Ladies Heroines.

So from my perspective, the morale of this tale is: Never run on the hottest day of the year and expect a PB, but you can always complete the course, even if it's not pretty!

Oh well, back to the training next week for Lake Vyrnwy - there's only room for improvement!


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Himley 5K

Tuesday 14th June saw numerous Dudley Ladies Beginners dip their toes in the water for their first taste of competitive running, following their successful 12 week course.......... and what an introduction it was,

Who will ever forget the uneven ground, long grass, rabbit holes, mole hills and that hill.

So congratulations to all that completed the race unscathed, including our first finisher back, Clare Dolan, closely followed by Paula Fletcher and all the others including Natalie Foxall, 61 year old Margaret Jones shown left, yes, I did say 61, Janet Beardsmore, Rachel Foster, Nicola Freeman, Penny Ladd, Debbie Whorriskey and all the others too numerous to mention.


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Dudley Ladies Have A Highland Fling

Our race correspondent Amber Martin reports on the latest example of heroics by some of DL's finest when they did the Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday 12th June. Amber writes :-

Well done ladies, Brenda Hunt (4:40:26), Amber Martin (4:41:15), Sue Freeman (5:06:51), Anita Zammit (5:08:36) and Jenny Fraser (5:08:36), on successfully completing the Edinburgh Marathon on Sun 12th June.

Edinburgh was a magnificent setting for the race - the sights and friendly supporters lining the route took our minds off the hills, cobbles and torrential rain!

As the bagpipes signalled the start of the race, the Trailplus marathon camp which we attended at the start of our training in February seemed a world away, but that inspiring weekend spent in the Forest of Dean had given us the knowledge and confidence to know that we could succeed.

We've all suffered injuries and illness and grown tired of the long hours of training but, with each others support and that of our ever patient families

- we did it!

And the blood - ooh you should see Brenda's feet, sweat - yes ladies do, especially when running 26.2, and tears - well, crossing the finish line there wasn't a dry eye between us.


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Record Turnout By Dudley Ladies and BIG Thank you From Organizers at Sandwell Race For Life.

Sunday 5th May saw yet another massive turnout by Dudley Ladies running in this very well worth cause that the Race For Life organizers had asked us to help with.

Not only did we have people running, but we also had people marshalling, handing out goody bags, cheerleading, finish co-ordinating and people who just wanted to help in any way that they could.

Mary Lavender had spent hours making everyone in the club a pink heart badge and pink ribbon bows for their hair which were worn with pride and greatly appreciated, so a big thank you to Mary for that.

To see the number of people that had been touched by cancer in some way was truly humbling.

The girls also made a very good friend of Jo Jesmond who is the 05.00 - 10.00am morning presenter on Beacon Radio with Mark Jeeves, and whilst comparing the event she also took time out to run it and very kindly gave Dudley Ladies a number of mentions over the PA system on the day and promised to promote us even further on her show during the week. So a big thank you to everyone concerned there.

The race comprised of nearly 3000 runners and walkers doing a one lap 5km circular route over the undulating and uneven pathways of the beautiful surroundings of Sandwell Valley, making any notion of a fast run a distant dream after the first 100 yards, so everyone just enjoyed the day, although special mentions must be made of Donna Proffitt, Cath Millard, Sheena Di Franco and yet again Mary Lavender who had exceptionally good runs considering the hot conditions and the number in the race.


For pictures of the day click on Jayne and Jeanette's photo on the right


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Record Turnout by Dudley Ladies at Liverpool Women's 10k


In ideal race conditions, over 50 of Dudley Ladies finest joined 4,000 other women to hit the roads around Liverpool's Sefton Park to compete in the largest and oldest women's-only road race in the country.

Runners travelled from all parts of the country to race in this 19-year-old event and many Dudley Ladies were pleased and proud to complete their first race or achieve pb's on the day.

Wirral's Helen Lawrence, who won the event last year, took a break from her pharmacy studies to defend her title from the assembled field and after straining every sinew she just managed to out sprint our girls over the last remaining 6 miles, to win the race in 34.17.

Not that far behind was our own Pat Hackett in a pb 47.37, Mary Lavender in 52.04 and Debbie Stokes, our other 50 odd runners, other than our oldest runner Enid Brazier and youngest runner Jayne Cole are just too numerous to mention.

Full results can be found on http://www.joelee.co.uk/cgi-local/raceresults.cgi?event=../2005/liv/livwom05.html

The day out was thoroughly enjoyed by all and made all the more memorable by the antics of the girls on the coach on the way back. The perils of drinking too much red wine was there for all to see.

Who will ever forget Pam Edmunds impromptu Karaoke version of "Show me the way to go home", Brenda Chapman's Elvis impersonation and Jenny Jenks' pole dance that did so much to distract the driver and age him over night. He'll never be able to fully focus on the road again.

It was a Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant day out so thank you to all concerned!!!!!!!!!


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British Lung Foundation12th Annual Lung Run,

 Dudley Ladies Race Correspondent, Alison Camwell reports that over 1,100 runners took part in this 10K race (and over 650 in the 5K race), at Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield, on Sunday 24th April 2005

It was a tough, undulating, single lap course on the traffic-free roads within Sutton Park, but at least it was dry and sunny!

10K Race Results (race chip provided so accurate timings) can be found on :- http://www.lunguk.org/documents/Midlands10Kresultsbytime.pdf

For the record, Amber Martin led the club home in 54.25, followed by 0:57:47 Sandra Wollaston, 1:00:51 Tracey Deeley, 1:05:01 Sue Marsh, 1.05.03 Sue Freeman, 1:05:36 Alison Camwell, 1.10.02 Ann Johnson, and 1.12.53 Rachel Gould and Enid Brazier.


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Dudley Ladies London Heroes

Raj Sanghera, Jessica Stones and Pam Edmunds proudly show off their London Marathon medals and tee-shirts after finishing the event on Sunday 17th April.

All three ladies only took up running last year with Jessica graduating from day one of the 2004 beginners course and Pam and Raj coming even later.

Pam was the star of the blisteringly hot day completing the grueling 26.2 mile course in 5hrs 24 edging just in front of Jessica by a mere 42 seconds which was an amazing coincidence considering that they couldn't find each other at the start and ran all the way independently and stranger still, that Raj was only a few minutes behind them.

All three thoroughly enjoyed the day and can't wait to do it again next year, providing that they've stopped walking like penguins by then.


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Dudley Ladies Travel Far and Wide

Sunday the 28th Feb saw hordes of Dudley Ladies take to the roads at various races around the country, with the Action Heart 5 miler at Dudley and the Daffodil Half Marathon & 10K runs at Northampton being the most popular.

At the Marie Curie Daffodil runs, Jayne Cole, shown above left, who only started running with Dudley Ladies in September and Sandra Wollaston both ran their very first Half Marathons in sub-2 hours 20mins. Sue Marsh, who joined us at the end of last year ran her first 10K race in under 1 hour 7mins, and Gill Criddle and Alison Camwell managed to knock over 7 minutes off their previous PB's to finish in 1 hour 4 minutes (all thanks to Phil's speed training no doubt!).

It was a gorgeous sunny day, but a bit chilly, with a few snow flurries in the later stages of the Half Marathon. The start and finish lines were in the grounds of Castle Ashby stately home and the undulating and rather exposed course, which was closed to traffic, went through the local countryside. A head wind felt as if it holding everyone back all the way round though, and the last hill leading up towards the finish line certainly took it's toll on the old legs, which makes the performances on the day even more impressive.

At the Action Heart run, nearly 900 runners turned out on an equally bright and sunny but bitterly cold day. Stars of the day were again Sue Hickman and Donna Conncannon running 45:18 & 45:19 respectively, closely followed by Jenny Jenks 48:35, Dee Templar 49:58, Hilary Mills 50:38, Louise Williams 50:42, Pat Scott 51:20, Corrinne Ferrier 53:21, Nickola Smith 53:22, Helen Dunwell 53:33, Rachel Gould 53:45, Emma Brand 55:10, Clare Jenks 55:16, Paula Fletcher 58:50, Lisa Green 1:01:00, Renee Clarke 1:01:00, Enid Brazier 1:02:58, Fiona Braiden 1:04:01 and a host of others too numerous to mention.

The girls report that the course was 5 miles long with just two hills in it, problem was that both hills were about 2 miles long each, none the less, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and it whetted their appetites for other races to come.

Bring on the Liverpool

For pictures of the Action Heart Race, click on the camera on the right


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Wednesday 4th May saw record numbers of Dudley Ladies take part in the very popular DK 10k at Wallheath. For many of our members, this was their first race since graduating from the Beginners and all acredited themselves well.

First home was Pat Hackett followed by just too many to mention.

For photo's of the race please click on the camera on the right.



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Dudley Ladies Are Famous!!!!
Following our infamous Calendar Girl exploits, Realrunner.com Magazine took an interest in us and have featured us on their web site.
Click on the girlpower link below right and read all about it.
See if you can see anyone you recognise in one of the many photos 
The Calendar Girls photos are particularly revealing!!!

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Dudley Ladies Party Party Party

Thursday the 16th December saw large numbers Dudley Ladies boogie on down to the Dudley Arms in Himley and start the festive season off with a bang.

The night was a great success and anyone that couldn't make it missed a cracker, it's definitely one for next year's diary.

Stars of the night were Mary Lavender and Caroline Glover, who's professional dance training was there for all to see. The only thing missing was "THAT" red dress and the pole that Caroline normally uses.

Ronnie brought half of the Philippines with her, in the shape of her family and friends and Jan Cook was well into showing off the many different things that she could do with a couple of party poppers and an ample bosom.

Jan's antics led to Ann Harris finding a particularly novel use for two half coconut type spheres down the front of her dress and was more than happy to show off her new found assets to anybody she could find.

Later in the evening Nicola Plant and her family took over the dance floor when her sister-in-law showed what can be done with a chair and a bit of rhythm after a few drinks, although it has to be said that Pam Edmunds, Gail Edwards and Isobel Stavenuiter gave them a good run for their money.

The evening also gave the opportunity to a number of "old" girls who for one reason or another haven't been able come down the club for some time, to renew old friendships. Sally Das Gupta, Yvonne Lovell, Frieda Griffiths and Dawn Keeley, to name just four were particularly prominent and it was really nice to see them all again.

Special thanks and presentations were given to Louise Hipkiss and Brenda Chapman without whom none of the above would have taken place together with a couple of prezzies for Phil and Rita for being old.

A special surprise gift of white fur-trimmed padded handcuffs was presented to 65 year old Len Brazier in order that wife Enid can keep on top of her training throughout the winter.

It was a BRILLIANT night, so thanks again to everybody that made it such a success.

For pictures of the night, click on the picture on the right.




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Dudley Ladies Oh Oh Oh!

On Sunday the 5th December around 70 of Dudley Ladies finest joined 4000 other "runners" in Newtown Powys to take part in the largest Santa Run in Europe.

Everyone had a brilliant time and we even supplied the youngest runner of the day in the form of one year old Callum who was pushed round by Grandmother Brenda Chapman.

A number of pubs were visited during the "race" but these obstacles didn't deter us and we still managed to conger down the High Street carrying our Dudley Ladies banner to finish the "race".

This Santa theme was carried over to Tuesday night the 7th December when everybody dressed up in something festive for our annual Christmas run around the pubs and streets of Wombourne. Our very good friend Jeremy from Sweatshop was on hand to judge the Best Dressed Runner and prizes were awarded to Gail Edwards, Michelle Woodyatt and Debbie Scott, who were outstanding.

It was also Brenda Chapman's birthday and she was surprised to be presented with a bouquet of flowers, a card and a number of bottles of wine as a thank you from everyone at Dudley Ladies

For photos of the day click on the camera on the right


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With thanks to the wit and charm of Tracey Green


Phil said it was easy

Rita said it was fun

To put on our lycra and go on a run

3 miles in 3 months and you’ll be a star

A thrust, a stretch and you’ll go far

We had our prep and hit the pitch

We worked up a sweat, got cramp and stitch

Phil cracked a joke, Rita a smile

This was the start of our very first mile

The established ladies had done this before

They did their stretches and were out through the door

In 12 months time I’d be the same

Watching the beginners join our game

That was then and here we are

Established ladies who’ve come so far

Dudley Ladies have such fun

Come rain come shine or how far we run.


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King's College, LondonLondon Accommodation

Kings College London contacted us with an offer for cheap accommodation for anyone wishing to stay over in the capital for the London Marathon, although in practice, you will see that their room rates apply until September 2005 if you fancy a cheap weekend break


Residence & Location

Close to

Room Type

Rates (nightly, inc VAT

Great Dover Street Apartments, LondonBridge/Borough SE1

Crystal Palace, Battersea Park & Mile End Stadiums

Borough and London Bridge Stations, South Bank, London Eye, Tate Modern

En suite singles

Communal kitchen facilities available

29 June-13 September 2005

£23 room only

Hampstead Campus, Hampstead NW3

Barnet Copthall, Wood Green & Willesden Stadiums

Finchley Road Station Regents Park, Lords Cricket Ground


Standard singles

Standard twins

29 June-13 September 2005

£25 single room Breakfast included

£41 twin room Breakfast included 

Kings College Hall, Denmark Hill SE5

Crystal Palace, Batersea Park, Croydon

Denmark Hill station Dulwich Park, Oval Cricket Ground


Standard singles


29 June-13 September 2005

£20 Breakfast included 

To book a reservation. ring +44 (0)20 7848 1700,  Email stopover@kcl.ac.uk or visit their website at www.kcl.ac.uk/kcvb  Please quote Booking Reference "AAA 2005" to obtain the preferential rates above.


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Dudley Ladies Travel Far and Wide

Sunday 21st November saw large groups of Dudley Ladies taking on the mud, hills and stream crossings of the Suicide Six at Himley, whilst others took their buckets and spades to Llandudno and ran a very cold and windy ten miler.

In the Suicide Six, stars of the day were Jenny Fraser, Anita Zammit and Jo Ashley, pictured left, in their commemorative tee shirts, together with Sue Hickman and Donna Concannon, who took the opportunity to improve her breast stroke technique through the stream crossing.

For more pictures of the girls slugging it out in the mud, click on their picture above.

At Llandudno, 63 year old Enid Brazier was again in evidence showing some of the younger girls how it should be done but had to concede to the likes of Sandra Wollaston, Alison Camwell, Tracy Deeley and race virgin Gloria Bell pictured right, who all did the club proud.


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Dudley Ladies Blow Away the Cobwebs

The 27th December saw some of Dudley Ladies finest attempt to detox and blow away some of the excess Christmas Pud and Sherry Triffle by taking part in this years Wheaton Aston "10K" on a very cold and frozen over Monday morning.

Leading the group home was newcomer Rebecca Carpenter in 49min.13sec, who did the club's beginners induction in record time and is now showing just what she is capable of.

Rebecca was closely followed by Amber Martin who had co-hearsed  her friend Suzanne Bache to enter her first ever race. Suzanne's post race comments probably best remain between her and Amber.

Other brave souls that tested the treacherously icy conditions on the day were Nikki Siddons, Michelle Stanley, Karen Styles, Tracey Green, Michelle Woodyatt and Jessica Stones (using it as part of her London Marathon preparations, to name but a few.

In the children's fun run, Sian James took the opportunity to give her family their yearly airing, as did Jan Brookes who is slowly recovering from a knee injury and it has to be said that a jolly good time was had by all.

If you want to see some photos of the day then click on the camera on the right



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Karen Puts Her Back In To It

Karen Vaughen, one of Dudley Ladies youngest and longest serving members is currently laid up in excruciating pain with a Sciatica type back problem, which she stresses is nothing to do with running.

Karen is normally one of the best runners in the club but at the moment just being able to walk with the aid of a zimmer frame is a real achievement.

Phil popped around and presented Karen with a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates and a card from all of us and she sends her regards to everyone and hopes to be back soon.

She's missing you all, so a call or a note from anyone that knows her would help raise her spirits enormously.

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Good News - A Baby Girl For Lesley

Lesley Bossons, one of our long established runners gave birth to a baby girl on the 12th October. Her name is Lucy Victoria and she weighed in at 6lbs 03oz via the bay window instead of the more conventional front door.

Because of this Lesley will be out of action for a few more weeks yet but hopes to be back running asap.


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Club Tee-Shirts Have Arrived

When you join Dudley Ladies or renew your subs, you receive a free club Tee-Shirt.

Well this year, we thought we'd give everybody a treat and provide them with a long sleeved one instead.

So hurry down to the club ASAP and pick yours up before your size goes.


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Winter Club Clothing Has Arrived

With the dark nights and all this wet weather about, you might be thinking of restocking your winter running wardrobe.

Well if you are, Phil has just gone out and bought a load Running Jackets, Gillets, Helly Hanson Tops, Reflective Bibs and Baseball Caps etc.

The Coats and Gillets cost £10, the Helly Hansons £15 and the Reflective Bibs £8.

All the garments are in the club colours of Royal and Gold and are printed with the new club logo in reflective print on the back and if I say so myself, they do look quite smart.

Quantities and sizes are limited so if you are interested best get in quick.

Samples are available for you to try on down the club or you can go the clothing page via the picture link on the left to see a selection of the items on display.

Remember!!  if you want to run like a runner, then you have to look like a runner.


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Brenda Chapman's mother died very unexpectedly on the 30th October aged 72.

Brenda, who is one of the friendliest, most helpful and popular ladies in the club was very close to her mother, so we're sure that everyone will join us in offering their condolences, support and best wishes to her during what is obviously going to be a very difficult time.

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Record Turnouts by Dudley Ladies







September saw record turnouts by Dudley Ladies in a number of races throughout the month.

Sunday 19th September saw 26 Dudley Ladies finest take on the splendour of the Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon.

First home for the club was newcomer Amie Smith, shown right, in 1hr:57:48, ably supported by the following ladies who all did personal bests, Sue Hickman, Donna Concannon, Debbie Stokes, Jenny Jenks, Claire Powell, Amber Martin, Sue Freeman, Jan Brookes, Karen Styles, Caroline Glover and a whole host of other brave souls too numerous to mention, so apologies to them.

The photographs show some of the girls before the start and others in post race celebrations. Well done to everyone who took part, you did Dudley Ladies proud !!!!!!

To see the race results in full go to http://www.race-results.co.uk/results/2004/vyrnwyh.pdf


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Dudley Ladies Make Headline News

On Friday the 20th August Dudley Ladies were again making the headlines when we were featured in the Express & Star newspaper. Photographs were taken and interviews given and the end result was a very pleasant confirmation of everything that we know already. Dudley Ladies is the best ladies running club in the Midlands.

Following the article we have been inundated with new recruits all wanting to learn to run. So many recruits in fact that Rita has been forced to start another Beginners Course. So if there are any more absolute beginners out there waiting for next April come to Wombourne Leisure Centre now before it's too late.

Click on the link above for a brief summarized transcript of the article which unfortunately does not do justice to the real thing.


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Dudley Ladies Profiled in Sunday Mercury

On Sunday the 1st August 2004, three of Dudley Ladies finest were profiled in the Sunday Mercury newspaper.

The newspaper had heard a lot of good things about the club and wanted to find out more about what we did and how we did it and when they heard  Rita's, Enid Brazier's and Sarah Thomas's inspirational stories they decided to do a double page spread as a way of encouraging other women to take up the sport and maybe do the Flora Light Challenge in Birmingham this September.

Photo shoots were arranged and lengthy statements were given and the end result was pretty good other than a number of minor factual details such as Phil's age which he is thinking of suing over.

For people that haven't seen the article, copies are available at the club.


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Dudley Ladies Show Their Glamorous Side

Dudley Ladies Running Club held it’s annual presentation evening at The Park Hall Hotel Wolverhampton on Friday 2nd July when over 140 people turned up to be presented with medals, certificates and commemorative Tee-shirts to mark the end of our now well established 12-week beginners running course. 

Every year Dudley Ladies Running Club organize a beginners running course for women who have either never run before or else haven’t run for some time and they want lose weight, get fit or start again.

This year’s course attracted nearly 200 ladies. 

A target of running 3 miles by the end of the 12 weeks course was set and everyone was coached, cajoled, supported and monitored to enable them to achieve it. 

Some women got so bitten by the bug this year that they went on and did even further. In fact a group of these years’ beginners have already completed a number of The Run for Life races and are now contemplating the London Marathon. 

As a way of recognizing the effort and commitment given by certain outstanding members of the group, who all overcame various personal obstacles to achieve what was first thought to be an impossible dream, special achievement trophies were awarded to :- 

Claire Cohen,  Tracey Green,  Tracy Deeley,  Sally Gupta,  Rosemary Morgan,  Lynn Kosteczko, Kylea Norbury,  Isobel Stavenuiter,  Michelle Pearce.  Liz Woods,  Mya Wallace  and  Margaret Quebdani  who only joined the course a few weeks ago as an absolute beginner and achieved the standard in double quick time. 

The evening also gave the opportunity to recognize the achievements and contributions of existing club members and further outstanding achievement awards and special honors were presented to :- 

Gloria Bell,  Alison Camwell,  Mary Lavender,  Mary Painting,  Lynn Rushton  and sisters Miriam Brettle and Medina Stevens.

Nick Walton, Dave Bell and Len Brazier were rewarded with special club sweatshirts for their services to women.

The Most Improved Runner of the Year Award was this year shared by Donna Concannon and Sue Hickman, whilst the Clubwoman of the Year Award went to Brenda Chapman. 

The star of the evening and Runner of the Year Award again went to 63 year old Enid Brazier who only started running three years ago and has already completed the London and Blackpool Marathons.

As well as trophies, medals and certificates, provided by the club, Sweatshop and New Balance also contributed Running Jackets and Tee-Shirts to the award winners. So a big thank you to Jeremy at Sweatshop and Sally Ash from New Balance, together with all the other people that donated raffle prizes. If anyone went home without winning a raffle prize then they were really unlucky. Apart from the people that won the booby prizes of Toilet Rolls and Lavatory Brush.

The next formal beginners running course will start in April 2005, but if any woman of any ability wants the safety, security and companionship of running with the largest and friendliest group of women runners in the area then the group meet at Wombourne Leisure Centre on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7.00pm as well as Sunday mornings for anyone that wants to give it a go.

Photographs of the evening can be found by clicking on to Enid's picture on the right and a full list of the prize winners can be found on the Prize Winners page.


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Dudley Ladies Badger and Wiggle

On Sunday the 11th July large numbers of Dudley Ladies took to the trails and either did the Wombourne Wiggle or the Badger Run. There were too many to mention and the numbers were swelled by this Beginners Class taking their first competitive steps. So well done to them.

Click on the above photo for more pictures of the day, again courtesy of our good friend Brian Smith

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Dudley Ladies take on the Himley Layers

A group of Dudley Ladies who hadn't learnt their lesson from last year again took on the hills and bumps around the grounds of Himley House in the Action Heart 5k on the evening of Tuesday 6th July . Grace Midgley, Debbie Stokes and Jenny Jenks were again to the fore ably supported by Brenda Hunt's posse and a number of other runners that had just finished the Beginners Course.

Well done to all.

Click on Grace's photo for more pictures of the night, courtesy of our good friend Brian Smith.


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Wordsley Fun

On Wednesday the 16th June another large contingent of Dudley Ladies took to the streets, this time showing what they could do at The Wordsley Carnival Fun Run. A number of this years influx of "Beginners", including Tracey Green, Clare Cohen, Jessica Stones and Abbie Richards took the opportunity to test themselves on the two mile circuit and did themselves and the club proud. Enid ably assisted by Connie, Sharon Want and Debbie Gough was again on hand to shepherd the girls home.

Click on this link for more pictures of the day


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The Sun Shines On Sandwell As Dudley Ladies Run For Their Lives

Another large contingent of Dudley Ladies did the Sandwell Run For Life on Sunday 6th June and were led home in fine style by Brenda Hunt in blisteringly hot conditions.

A field of around 3000 ladies took part and helped raise money for this very good cause with each finisher receiving a Nivea goodybag and bottle of mineral water for their efforts, which was never more deserved. Everyone did well, had a good run and finished with a smile on their face and it doesn't come any better than that.

Click on Brenda's photo for more pictures from the day


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Amber Jan and Sue Take On The Cobra

On Sunday the 23rd May Amber Martin, Jan Brookes and Sue Freeman took on the worst that the Cobra Classic at Halesown could throw at them and came out on top. Amber who seems strangely addicted to all these masochistic type events was again to the fore and led the way home in blistering heat and an unforgiving terrain of hill after hill, all finished with great credit.....a little warm.....but with credit

(Photos courtesy of Brian Smith.... thanks Bri )


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Drama at Liverpool Women's 10K as Sun takes it's toll

On Sunday the 16th May, we again organized a coachload of eager Dudley Ladies to do this very popular all women's race.

It was one of the largest women only runs held in Europe which this year attracted a record field of over 4000 Runners. All abilities took part with experienced internationals rubbing shoulders with the rest of us who were happy to just complete the course in blistering heat.

First home was again Pat Hackett who is now seeing the benefits of all Phil’s speed sessions pay off. Other stirring and outstanding performances came from Jenny Jenks, Debbie Stokes and Maz Tucker but credit must go to the likes of Mary Painting, Heather Danks, Tina Elcock, Pat Powell, Louise Hipkiss, Joy Whelan, Tracy Leatherland, Lynne Rushton and everyone else that finished the race in near Sahara Desert like conditions.

Conditions were so bad and the heat so intense and over whelming that people were running from one side of the road to the other just to get under some shade and avoid the full glare of the sun. What little water there was ran out very quickly and people were dropping like flies with heat exhaustion and dehydration. In fact the St John's Ambulance people must have run faster and covered more miles than the winner of the race.

One of these casualties was our own Karen Vaughan who collapsed with dehydration / heat stroke just after entering the finishing loop into Sefton Park.

The last thing that Karen remembers before blacking out was running just behind Jenny and Debbie, so she must have been well up the field and not hanging about and the first thing she remembers after coming around was being up on the ceiling looking down at herself in casualty after being taken to The Royal Liverpool Hospital for blood tests and a full MOT by the St John's Ambulance Brigade who never miss an opportunity to grope you all over with Vaseline or try and put their tongues down your throat under the pretext of trying to revive you.

Thankfully Karen made a full recovery and was able to travel back on the coach with the rest of us after we all went to visit her after the race.

What on earth the hospital thought when a coachload of women disembarked and went walkabout around the A&E Department, God only knows.

All in all it was an excellent day out. The support, the atmosphere and the whole occasion was thoroughly enjoyed by everybody who can't wait to do it again next year, depending upon the weather.

Click on the group photo for other pictures of the day


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Dudley Ladies Smiling in the Rain

On Wednesday 5th May, over 30 of Dudley Ladies finest braved the elements to take part in the Dudley Kingswinford 10K Road Race which very quickly turned into the the largest Miss Wet Tee-Shirt competition we've seen this year. Undeterred by the constant cold wind and driving rain, around a 1000 runners turned out for this very popular event and our ladies were again conspicuous by their beaming smiles, cheery faces and undiminished enthusiasm. Dudley Ladies may not have the fastest runners in the world but they certainly have some of the happiest.

First home for the club was Pat Hackett, ably supported by a host of other excellent performances given the conditions on the night.   Click on the picture of the film crew for photos of the race.

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Pat Powell On The Mend

Another of Dudley Ladies best loved characters is making good progress in recovering from a very serious back injury that has prevented her not only from running and working but more seriously, from seeing all her running friends in the pub on Tuesday and Thursday evenings after training.

 Pat injured her back recently and has been in an awful lot of pain but is still puzzled exactly how it happened, although the words, bedroom, wardrobe and batman costume did crop up during our conversation.

Phil & Rita popped around recently and presented Pat with a much needed bottle of red wine and Get Well card from everybody in the club and she sends her regards and hopes to see you all again soon

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New Banner For Dudley Ladies

Dudley Ladies have recently acquired a new banner that will be used either as a rallying point or something for the girls to carry around at all the races that they are now doing. It's first outing will be at Liverpool on the 18th May.

So if you see the Banner, come and say Hello !!


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Thanks Sarah.........but you're not the woman you were!!!

Many thanks to Dudley Ladies own Sarah Thomas for giving such an inspirational talk to the Beginners on Tuesday night 27th April

Twelve months ago, Sarah was 19 stone and through a mixture of will-power, diet and running with Dudley Ladies, Sarah is now a trim 10 stone and is a role model and inspiration for anyone with a weight problem. Sarah has agreed to make yourself available every month for similar seminars to anyone that needs help. In the meantime her advice is first see Phil and get your Body Fat done so that you know where you're starting from and can give herself a realistic target.



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Lucky Shoe and Shoes

On Tuesday the 18th May, Sweatshop in conjunction with New Balance held a special promotions evening for us, here at Wombourne Leisure Centre.

Their running experts were on hand to give out help and advice as well as giving everyone the opportunity to have their feet and running style accurately accessed and measured. Over 200 ladies turned up which overwhelmed the Sweatshop and New Balance people somewhat and they very quickly ran out of goodybags. Names and addresses were taken and they are now in the process of putting together another 60 to 70 bags that will be forwarded on in due course.

Everyone that had their feet measured was entered into a free prize draw with the prize on offer being a free pair of New Balance running shoes.

The lucky winners were Joy Whelan, one of our established ladies, Debbie Tonks, one of the new influx of beginners and a lady called Rachel Winchurch who was down the club for the first time that night, so how lucky can you get????

All the above just for turning up, can't be bad can it???


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Jan Cook On The Mend

One of Dudley Ladies best loved characters is making good progress in recovering from a very serious back injury. Jan injured her back whilst working at Sunfield School in Clent and hasn't been able to work or walk properly for over 3 months, let alone contemplate running. On Wednesday the 9th June, Phil & Rita popped around and presented her with a bouquet of flowers and Get Well card from everybody in the club. Jan sends her regards and hopes to see you all soon


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Mary's First.....

Congratulations to 60 year old Mary Painting for completing The Ice Rink 5 at Telford on Sunday the 25th April.

This was Mary's' first race after taking up running only last year as an absolute beginner in our 12 week beginners course. Mary has had a few medical problems recently as well as taking time out to visit relatives in Australia.

So good on yer Mary.....This year Telford.....next year The London.


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Mary On The Mend

Mary Lavender thanks everyone for the cards and flowers and is on the mend following her recent operation in New Cross Hospital for "Women's Problems". She hopes to be out by the weekend of 24th April and will come down the club as soon as she can. She won't be running for 6 to 8 weeks yet so any support or encouragement you can give her would be gratefully appreciated.


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The Flying Midwife Runs Again

Congratulations to 63 year old Enid Brazier for completing the London Marathon on Sunday the 18th April. This is the second marathon that Enid has completed after taking up running just 3 years ago at the age of 60 putting girls a third of her age to shame



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Amber & Karen Make The Big Time
Amber Martin and Karen Styles were prominently featured on page 102 of Runners World's May issue, battling the elements at The Wyre Forest 8 mile Multi-Terrain race on 6th February. They won't thank me for displaying their painful expressions around the globe for all to see but click on the thumbnail to see the article in full anyway.
WELL DONE TO BOTH, Dudley Ladies are proud of you!!!!!

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Dudley Ladies in Action……….and they’re all Heart!!

A large contingent of Dudley Ladies took part in this year’s Action Heart Six at Dudley on Sunday 29th February.

More than 1000 runners turned out to pound the streets of this very demanding and hilly course in very cold and icy but bright conditions.

Jenny Jenks was the star of the day by coming home in a time of just over 51 minutes and knocking an amazing 8 minutes off last years time. Phil’s speedwork sessions are obviously paying off.

Other runners to catch the eye were Donna Concannon(54.51), Sue Hickman(54.49) and Claire Powell (54.51), who were picked out from all the other runners present to have their photographs taken by the Express & Star and have it published in Monday nights edition.

Solid performances and good times were also posted by first Dudley Lady home, Pat Hackett in 47.55,  followed by Sarah Derbyshire (57.40), Tammy Stevenson (58.31), Amber Martin (59.05), Sue Freeman (59.49), Jan Brookes (59.55), Nickola Smith (60.59), Rachel Gould (65.49) Enid Brazier (68.49) and newcomers Juliann Whitehouse (62.30), Gill Criddle (62.42) and Sandra Wollaston (62.42)

Well done and congratulations to everybody on a brilliant turnout and team effort by all

Click on the camera for pictures of the race


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Santa Run 2003

 On the 7th December 2003, a coach load of Dudley Ladies again descended on Newtown in Powys to take part in the annual Santa Run, which has now become the largest run of its type in Europe. 

Nearly 3000 runners all dressed up in Santa Suits either walked or ran around the 4 mile route in Newtown. The course passed 6 pubs along the way and some of our “ladies” visited every one. 

The girls again attracted much media attention by virtue of the fact that their running theme was Ann Summers underwear, with their photographs subsequently appearing in various newspapers, journals and web-sites. 

Most of the girls wore enormous false plastic boobs beneath their modified Santa Suits (although it has too be said that some didn't need them) and together with their fishnet stockings and suspenders, they certainly raised the profile or should that be lowered the profile of the club. 

The boobs were such a success that some of the girl’s partners still want them to keep wearing them even now!!!!!! 

Who can forget Pat Scott’s brilliant Reindeer costume, Ronny’s ear to ear smile or Ann Harris’s blatant exploitation of her assets in the pub to raise even more money for her charity?. 

Many thanks to Pat Scott, Brenda Chapman, Louise Hipkiss and all the other people too numerous to mention who made the day such a success. 

It was a brilliant day out for everyone and it’s fair to say that Newtown won’t forget Dudley Ladies in a hurry, so here’s looking forward to December 2004



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