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Presentation 2011

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Dudley Ladies To Show Their Glamorous Side at Presentation 2011

Dudley Ladies Running Club again held it’s annual presentation evening at Linden House, in Tettenhall Road, Wolverhampton on Friday 8th July.

This was where beginners and established runners alike were recognised for their achievements over the past year.



Scroll down to see who won what and then click on the Thumbnails to see a larger image


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The Role of Honour for Year 2011

Proceedings began at 7.30pm when Rita welcomed everyone to the event before starting the evening off with a loud explosion of party poppers and sitting down to a silver service three course meal of either Minestrone Soup or Iced Melon with Ginger for starters, Chicken Chasseur or Roast Topside of Beef or Feta Cheese & Broccoli Bake for main course, with Profiteroles in Hot Bailey’s Sauce or Strawberries & Cream for dessert

Following the meal, which everyone said was excellent, Rita allowed Phil the rare privilege to speak in public but a throat infection prompting an unwelcome impersonation of Mickey Mouse's voice quickly put paid to that.

The awards ceremony  was begun by Rita, with Dee and Nina giving out some tiara's, chocolates and balloons to all the young children present before awarding the beginners their medals, certificates and tee-shirts for running a minimum of 3 miles during their recent 10 week beginners course.

That done the evening then moved on to the individual award winners and as Rita explained, this year was more difficult than ever, with around 200 beginners plus the established runners in the club and everyone with a good case to put, so just where do you start???

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Beginners Achievement Award  – Marg Jones.

Marg leads a particularly busy life as a full time teacher but she was determined to run the 3 miles and has shown pure guts in doing it and nothing was going to stop her


Beginners Achievement Award – Sam Sambrooks.

Sam is one of those ladies that demonstrates all that is good about Dudley Ladies, as we’ve said before, when people join Dudley Ladies, they never really leave, even if they become pregnant, injured, ill or have to give it a miss for whatever reason and Sam falls into that category. She was one of our very first members but due to various health and fitness problems, she was forced to take a break. She keeps coming back again and again and we just don’t seem to be able to put her off or quell her enthusiasm. She’s had to start right from scratch and she’s done it in style.



Beginners Achievement Award - Prabhjit Matharu.

This lady is an inspiration to her children and family who were all there to see her. Like most people at the club Prabhjit has to juggle her time between working full time and looking after the house as well as bringing up the kids. She is not a natural runner and it hasn’t come easy to her but she’s here every week and always giving it her all with a smile on her face and Amritpal by her side.


Beginners Achievement Award – Clare Stevens.

Clare is one of those unsung heroines that keep their heads down and just get on with it. We were most impressed by her  dedication and sheer quiet determination.





Beginners Achievement Award –  Wendy Clement.

Wendy is not one of the fastest ladies in the club nor is she one of the youngest. In fact we hope she doesn’t mind us telling you this but she is the oldest member in the club but if we told you her age, you wouldn’t believe us anyway. She first came to the club a couple of years ago but had a bit of an accident while she was on holiday. She fell off a narrow boat head first into the canal but after a bit of a fight with a whale, (bicycle whale) she eventually surfaced and after the bruises and knocks had healed she built up the courage to come back and give it another go, which she has done with style.


 Beginners Achievement Award – Emma Newbrook.

Emma took time out and has now come back with a determination to beat her Triathlon training husband. She has attacked each training session with relish and has progressed enormously from when she started.



Established Achievement Award – Sue Al-Mousili.

Sue has been a member of the club off and on since 2003 but last year she had a health problem that really set her back and incapacitated her for quite some time. However, once she got the all clear she came back and had to start from scratch again. She joined in with the beginners group and like everybody else she found it hard work. But she did it and we are all delighted to welcome her back. 




Established Runner Achievement Award – Wendy Welch.

Wendy has been a member of the club since 2006. She comes, week in week out and over the years she has progressed from beginner to seasoned runner. She takes out groups, helps other by encouraging them and advising them. Wendy Welch is a real credit to the club.



Beginners Achievement Award – Natalie Neale

Natalie is another one of our earliest members who took time out. This time it was to start a family. Now coming back after a layoff is hard enough but throw in the birth of a couple of kids and all the other stuff that goes with then you will realise why we are so pleased to recognise the achievements of this lady.




 Beginners Achievement Award – Isa Davies.

Isa thoroughly deserves this achievement award. She has been very committed to the Beginners Course from day one. Not once has she admitted defeat or complained even when her shoes were killing her and she had to take even her new ones back to the shop. She's not the fastest in the group by any means but she has given 100% and her improvement has been amazing.



Established Runners Achievement Award – Jackie Green & Jo Green

Jackie and Jo are mother and daughter. It was mom Jackie that encouraged Jo back in to running after the birth of her first child and she has continued to do so ever since. Jo is now a well established member of the group. Jackie has also moved on to a new level. She leads out some of the more able members of the group as well as undertaking additional physical training. Jackie is a mainstay of the group.



Beginners Achievement Award – Della Burgess.

What can we say about Della. This lady is yet another that typifies everything that is good about Dudley Ladies and she makes everything that we do feel worthwhile. People like Della is what it’s all about because she makes every Tuesday and Thursday fun. She is not a natural runner, she has had to work pretty hard to do what she’s done but she’s done it. Not only with a smile on her face but with a massive grin and laughing her head off. She makes everyone around her feel good. Della it is an absolute pleasure and joy to know you. Thank you.


Established Runners Achievement Award – Sharon Saunders

Sharon is another lady that joined us during the cold dark wet nights of winter as a beginner and basically did in one night what everybody else normally takes six weeks to do. She got the bug and has now progressed up to running with the established ladies, making some very good friends along the way.





Beginners Achievement Award – Beth Lomas & Veronica Taylor.

This is a joint award, because we couldn’t split them up. Beth and Veronica came to the club together and have run together and progressed at the same rate together ever since. They progressed up to running over the 3 mile distance one quiet Sunday morning. Although we have to say that they didn’t know they were going to do it at the time. They had to work very hard to do what they’ve done but they did it with great big smiles on their faces and we’re sure that their kids will be proud of the as well


Established Runners Achievement Award -  Mary Soloman

 Mary is perennial. She has set back after setback yet comes back year after year to prove to everyone that if you have a positive outlook you can do anything.





Beginners Achievement Award – Helen Shepherd.

Helen is another one of our earliest members who took time out. This time it was for about 5 years. So she was back at square one. She has progressed from nothing again to become one of the better runners in the group, dragging her friends behind her. She was one of the first to do her 3 miles and now leads the way whenever we go out.



Established Runners Achievement Award - Lesley Cox &  Joy Cox.

Lesley and Joy are mother and daughter. Both are a real inspiration to anyone wanting to take up running. Lesley because of her caring supportive personality and daughter Joy who this year broke the 5 mile barrier for the first time and has made everyone in the club extremely proud of her.




Beginners Achievement Award – Julie Hampton.

Julie is another lady that took time out for about 5 years. But the inactivity led to her putting on a bit of weight which she hated, so she decided to do something about it and has bust a gut to get back to where she was. It hasn’t been easy and there have been a couple of injuries along the way because of her impatience get back. But get back she did and now she runs with some of the better established ladies to the point of running up Showell Lane which if you don’t know is “Super Woman” stuff.


Established Runners Achievement Award – Helen Winter

 Helen is one of Dudley Ladies unsung heroines. She turns up more often than the office cat and is always here come rain or shine. What a Star!





Beginners Achievement Award – Julie Lewis and Perminder Sehemby.

Julie and Pam who did not know each other before they came down the club are not natural runners and running didn’t come easy to them. They are not speed merchants and will never run for England. But what they have got is a very positive mental attitude and a determination to just do it. We’ve been alongside these ladies on a number of occasions during the runs and they always have smiles on their faces and a “Come On We Can Do This” attitude. Which motivates the people around them and impressed us no end.





Jill Bayliss – Lisa Thompson – Jane Tibbetts

Natalie Dellar – Rachel Chapman – Jo Jones

All of these marathon runners started out as beginners who couldn't run around the football pitch but after a few foolish drinks and a lot of hard work  they have now gone on to do the ultimate challenge and be an inspiration to everyone.


Newcomer of Year – Massi Aita.

Coming from Japan to a strange country with a completely different culture and speaking very little English, Massi joined us a little while ago. She found it very difficult to integrate at the start but with her politeness, warm personality and smile she soon won people over and has made many new friends. She is now a well established member of the group. 




Most Improved Runner of Year – Nina White.

So many people have improved this year that there was quite a lot to choose from. So we used the old adage of what was the value added. Where did you start from last year and where are you now. And on that basis Nina won hands down.





Beginner of the Year – Sue Hutton.

Sue has just beaten Breast Cancer, so nobody deserves an award more than Sue. She first joined us nearly 10 years ago when we were at DK and everything was going to plan. Unfortunately a series of obstacles were put in her way that she has had to overcome. Not least the Breast Cancer. There have been a lot of worries and a lot of illness as well as bringing up a young family and everything else that goes with it. But the chemo's worked, her hair has come back better than ever, her strength has come back and she is a true inspiration for anyone. We cannot speak too highly of this lady and we feel very privileged to be in her company. Thank you for allowing us to help you.


Runner of the Year – Jane Tibbetts.

Jane is one of our more mature members who regularly puts much younger members to shame. Her progress over the last couple of years has been tremendous. She made some good friends and with their encouragement she has gone on to do races and things that she never dreamed possible. Not least The London Marathon.




Clubwoman of the Year – Dee Yarnall.

Some people in the club do more than run. They do other things as well and without them, none of this would take place. Dee is one such lady and is an inspiration to us all. She has a busy full time job, sometimes having to get up at 3.30 in the morning. Because she needs the dough.(ed. she works at Warbuttons Bakery)

Anyway, she had major surgery last year to sort out a little woman's problem but has overcome that in record time and everyone that meets her is immediately struck by her outgoing personality, enthusiasm and the loads of energy that she brings to the club.

Take it from us that you just cannot ignore this lady. There just isn’t a better Mrs Motivator anywhere. She is at the club every week, supporting and advising, everyone that runs with her. The club just wouldn't be the same without Dee Yarnall.


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At the end of the evening thanks and presents were given out to all the people that had help make things happen.

People like Maggie Bolton, Helen Nuttall, Eileen Bolton, Ann Kelly, Terri Harper, Kirsty McGarvey and all the other ladies too numerous to mention.

Following that a giant raffle was held which raised nearly £255 and that was donated to Sue Hutton's Race for Life sponsorship appeal. The following Sunday, Sue ran the race and wrote:


I DID IT!! I RAN ALL THE WAY!!!!! It took me 38 mins and it was a hot day!! lots of hills all over Baggeridge country park, but the thought of everyone who had supported me kept me going! This is a very poignant moment and marks the end of on era (an awful year of cancer treatment!) and the start of new beginnings!!! I have enjoyed the build up to the race but I am now relieved it's all over! My total funds are in excess of £555, I really couldn't have done it without you all!!!

Lots of love and thank you xxxxx Sue "

So all in all it was a BRILLIANT night enjoyed by all. Here's to next year.

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