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Presentation Evening 2010

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Sally Goodman Voted Runner of the Year 2010 as Dudley Ladies Strut their stuff

Friday 9th July saw Dudley Ladies Running Club hold it’s annual presentation evening at Lindon House, Tettenhall Road, Wolverhampton when the beginners and established runners alike were recognised for their effort and commitment.


Scroll down to see who won what and then click on the Thumbnails to see a larger image


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The Role of Honour for Year 2010

Friday 9th July 2010 again saw over a hundred Dudley Ladies put on their best frocks to receive the adulation and recognition for their past efforts at the clubs annual presentation evening that was again held at Linden House in Tettenhall, Wolverhampton.

Proceedings began at 7.30pm when Rita welcomed everyone to the event before starting the evening off with a loud explosion of party poppers before sitting down to a three Course meal of either Minestrone Soup or Iced Melon with Ginger for starters, Chicken Chasseur or Roast Topside of Beef or Feta Cheese & Broccoli Bake for main course, with Profiteroles in Hot Bailey’s Sauce or Strawberries & Cream for dessert

Following the meal, which everyone said was excellent, Rita allowed Phil the rare privilege to speak in public before reining him back in.

The awards ceremony  was begun by Rita and Mary Lavender giving out some goody bags to all the young children that were there before giving the beginners their medals, certificates and tee-shirts for running a minimum of 3 miles during their recent 10 week beginners course.

That done the evening then moved on to the individual award winners and as Phil explained, this year was more difficult than ever, with around 200 beginners plus the established runners in the club and everyone with a good case to put, so just where do you start???

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Beginners Achievement Awards



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Beginners Achievement Award 1 - Julie Edwards - was the first to be recognized for her outstanding achievement this year. This lady had been very committed to the Beginners Course from day one and not once did she admit defeat. She gave 100% and her improvement has been amazing.



Beginners Achievement Award 2 – Emily Russell is more used to swimming than running but she exchanged her flippers for a set of running shoes and set out to prove that she could do it. She doesn’t fit into the usual lycra clad running mould either but she worked hard, stuck at it and did it with a smile on her face.



Beginners Achievement Award 3 – Kerry Harris thoroughly deserves an achievement award. She has been very committed to the Beginners Course from day one. Not once has she admitted defeat. She has given 100% and her improvement has been amazing.



Beginners Achievement Award 4 & 5– Ann Jones and daughter Eve This lady is an inspiration to her daughter and proves that you don’t have to accept them beating you as they get older.



Beginners Achievement Award 6 – Terri Harper doesn’t fit the normally expected runner profile but we were impressed by her sheer determination to do it and the way she conducted herself. She worked out what worked for her and stuck at it with bags of enthusiasm and commitment. And the look on her face when she ran the 3 miles for the first time was great………Her little face beamed


Beginners Achievement Award 7 & 8 – Lorraine Gayle and Judy Moran always run together and have developed a very good friendship with Judy being instrumental in Lorraine's weight loss of nearly haf a stone in the 10 weeks that they have been running.


Beginners Achievement Award 10 – Rachel Blower started with her mother Verena in April and has since gone on to do races. So when you start beating your parents we think that that deserves some kind of recognition.




Beginners Achievement Award 11 – Isobel Harvey has a very stressful teaching job in Special school like Rita and her commitment in trying to juggle a busy life you plus continually fighting various aches and pains in legs made her a nailed on winner.



Beginners Achievement Award 12 & 13 – Teresa Totney & Jo Crook is a joint award, because we couldn’t split them up.They came to the club together and have run together and progressed at the same rate together. They are not natural runners and have had to work very hard to do what they’ve done but they did it with great big smiles on their faces.


Beginners Achievement Award 16 - Usha Ujjal is another lady that joined with her daughter but she has managed to just about stay in front, so that dignity has been preserved. She is now one of the better runners in the  group and has done very very well.




Beginners Achievement Award 17 & 18 – Maggie Bolton and Helen Nuttall is another joint award. This time the ladies didn’t know each other before they came to the club but struck up an immediate friendship and have gone through all the trials and tribulations together, by keeping each other going. They always turn up with a smile and a positive attitude and love helping others. They are not natural runners and it hasn’t come easy to them. In fact they’ve had to work damn hard to do what they’ve done and have achieved a lot since their first day but they will each tell you that they couldn’t have done it without the help of each other and the friends that they have made since joining.


Beginners Achievement Award 19 – Fiona Sharples - Not a natural runner but she stuck it through to the end with great determination




Beginners Achievement Award 20 – Denise Brookes When people join Dudley Ladies, they never really leave, Some people might get pregnant or injured or have some kind of personal problem that upsets their lives and prevents them coming for a while and this particular lady is an absolute classic example of that. She doesn’t fit the usual runners profile that we are led to expect but she’s got her life back on track, she’s come back again and started from scratch and she’s overcome all the obstacles, problems and upsets that were thrown in her way to finally do it.


Beginners Achievement Award 21 – Nimon Bassi is a lady that always has a great big smile on her face even though she couldn’t run for a bus before let alone run around the football field before she came to the club. But what she wasn’t short of was determination and stickability. She started from day one with her daughter and friends and now through sheer guts and determination she’s done it and thoroughly deserves being recognised for what she has achieved.




Beginners Achievement Award 22 – Sabi Sandur, if you’ve ever run with this lady you will know that no matter how tough the hill is or how long the run is, she never complains and just gets on with it and like Nimon she’s always got this great big smile on her face and an infectious positive mental attitude. If ever there was an advert running then this is it.






Beginner of the Year – Sue Lane has progressed from nothing to become one of the better runners in the group. She was one of the first to do her 3 miles and now leads the way whenever we go out. This was one of the easiest decisions to make on the night.





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Marathon Award 1 – Sally Goodman

Marathon Award 2 – Jackie Green




Marathon Award 3 – Kerri Pearson

Marathon Award 4  - Natalie Dellar




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Established Runners Achievement Award 1 – Margaret Wiseman is one of our more mature members who regularly puts much younger members to shame. She always runs with a smile on her face and is an absolute joy to be around. So we are delighted to at last have the opportunity to recognise her achievements.



Established Runners Achievement Award 2 – Tracey Wharton is yet another lady who demonstrates all that is good about Dudley Ladies, as we’ve said before, when people join Dudley Ladies, they never really leave, even if they become pregnant, or injured or ill or for whatever reason they can’t make it down for sometime This lady was another of our very first members but due to various reasons which forced her to take a break she’s come back again, she’s had to start from scratch and she’s done it in style.



Established Runners Achievement Award 3 – Dee Yarnall started last year as a Beginner, she got the bug, lost a lot of weight and now she says that no one wants to run with her because she keeps running off.





Established Runners Achievement Award 4 – Louise Lewis has also had a new lease of life this year. She is running faster and further than she has ever done before. She has found a new set of friends and now has the confidence to enter any race that is presented to her.




Established Runners Achievement Award 5 – Nina White, has a young child, a job, a house to run and a very busy, hectic lifestyle which she has to juggle in order to just find the some time for herself. But she does it, has lost a lot of weight in the process and has gone from strength to strength.





Established Runners Achievement Award 6 & 7 – Heather Davies has had a number of set-backs this year, and she will tell you that it was her running plus the help of her friend Wendy Welch and Jackie Bevan in the club that helped her through it all. Her running has now gone from strength to strength and it was all down to her very positive attitude and strength of character. Wendy has also benefited from Heather and now regularly run races together.



Established Runners Achievement Award 8 – Jane Tibbitts joined the club in 2007 as a beginner with daughter Terri and now after a number of setbacks has made a significant breakthrough. Last year she reappraised her life and set out to do something about it it and boy hasn't she done just that.



Established Runners Achievement Award 27 – Joe Lavender is another gutsy lady who just keeps coming back for more. She has an extremely demanding job with all the pressures and stresses that go with it including physical injury. But no matter what, she always bounces back. 




Established Runners Achievement Award 28 – Gail Edwards is one of Dudley Ladies longest serving members, she comes week in week out in all weathers and has never been recognised  but we are now pleased to put the record straight and say well done Gail. You're a Star!




Comeback Queen – Ann Pedley is a lady who has had a new lease of life after an injury that stopped her running, she is one of those kinds of people who stay in the background, quietly getting on with things. But she’s persevered, didn’t give up and showed that kind of determination that we’d all like to have.




Most Improved Runner – Jill Bayliss has improved the most over the last 12 months. She has stood out the most since joining us as a beginner just a couple of years ago and being the very sociable person that she is, very quickly got herself established with a group albeit only by hanging on to their coattails but now she is more than holding her own and running with real confidence and is a brilliant asset to the club.



Runner of the Year – Sally Goodman has been a member since day one in 2003 when we first moved to Wombourne. She has always stayed in the background, never thrust herself forward and just got on with it but this year she has really blossomed, She ran a Marathon for the first time and ever so gradually has become one of the best and most popular runners in the club. A lot of the trophies that we have given out tonight were very difficult decisions to make but this one is by far the easiest.



Clubwoman of the Year – Mary Lavender Some people in the club do more than run, they do other things as well and without them, none of this would take place. This lady is an inspiration to us all. She has a busy full time job, clubs to run, trips to go organise, and a couple of grandkids to care for. Everyone that meets her is immediately struck by her outgoing personality and the loads of energy and enthusiasm that just hits you in the face. There just isn’t a better Mrs Motivator anywhere. Every week she is at the club, supporting, advising, cajoling and working everyone that runs with her


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