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Presentation Evening 2012

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Dudley Ladies To Show Their Glamorous Side at Presentation 2012

Dudley Ladies Running Club again held it’s annual presentation evening at Linden House, in Tettenhall Road, Wolverhampton on Friday 6th July.

This was where beginners and established runners alike were recognised for their achievements over the past year.


Scroll down to see who won what and then click on the Thumbnails to see a larger image



The Role of Honour for Year 2012

Proceedings began at 7.30pm when Rita welcomed everyone to the event before starting the evening off with a loud explosion of party poppers and sitting down to a silver service three course meal of either Minestrone Soup or Iced Melon with Ginger for starters, Chicken Chasseur or Roast Topside of Beef or Feta Cheese & Broccoli Bake for main course, with Profiteroles in Hot Bailey’s Sauce or Strawberries & Cream for dessert

Following the meal, which everyone said was excellent, Rita allowed Phil the rare privilege to speak in public.

The ceremony  was begun by Rita and Dee awarding the beginners their medals, certificates and tee-shirts for running a minimum of 3 miles during their recent 10 week beginners course.

That done the evening then moved on to the individual award winners and as Rita explained, this year was more difficult than ever, with around 200 beginners plus the established runners in the club and everyone with a good case to put, so just where do you start???

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1.  Beginners Achievement Award – Judy Moran 

This is a lady that reflects everything that is good about Dudley Ladies. When people join they never really leave, even if they become pregnant or injured or ill or can’t make it for whatever reason. This lady has returned with her daughter to start from scratch again and go on to completer her 3 miles whilst offering help and encouragement to others along the way.



2. Beginners Achievement Award – Anne Morgan

This lady is not a natural runner and it doesn’t come easy to her. But she comes whenever  she can and was determined to finish the course and run her 3 miles. She is not a speed merchant and she’ll never run for England but her positive attitude helped by the encouragement of her friend and the desire to get away from Phil’s constant stream of jokes and me shouting things like “Come on we can do this” helped her achieve her goal.


3 Beginners Achievement Award – Louise Webster

This lady thoroughly deserves an achievement award. Not once during the whole course has she admitted defeat and she always has an enormous smile on her face. In fact before coming to the club she even trained for the course by walking 26 miles wearing just a pair of trousers and a bra decorated with red white and blue sequins. There’s dedication for you.



4 Beginners Achievement Award – Win Bartlett

This lady probably won’t ever run for England but what she has lacked in speed she more than made up for it with stickability and sheer determination. Nothing was going to stand in her way, especially the heat on the run. We all watched as each week went by, she took off different layers of clothing to enable her to achieve her goal of 3 miles. Well she’s done it through sheer hard work and guts and she thoroughly deserves being recognised for what she has achieved.


5 Beginners Achievement Award – Sue Martin

This lady is an inspiration to everyone. She leads a busy life and still manages to get to the club even though she lives miles away. Nothing gets in her way. She encourages everyone around her and supports them. She thoroughly deserves an achievement award. She has been committed to the beginners course from day one. Not once has she admitted defeat or let anything beat her. Well not that I know of anyway. She has given 100% and her improvement has been amazing.


6 Beginners Achievement Award – Kim Foxall

This lady has done extremely well. She has progressed from nothing to becoming one of the better runners in the group. She now leads the way whenever we go out. Her running has gone from strength to strength due to her positive mental attitude, strength of character, sports bra and go faster shoes,


7 Beginners Achievement Award – Kulvinder Gill

This lady was a bit nervous when she joined the beginner’s course late on but she very quickly found her level within the group and soon made a host of new friends. She completed her 3 miles, encouraging other people along the way. This lady thoroughly deserves an achievement award. Even though she has had a bit of a set back recently, she has given 100% with a smile on her face.


8 & 9 Beginners Achievement Award – Jane Wherton & Ann Green

This is a joint award because we couldn’t split them. These ladies turned up at the club feeling a little bit apprehensive, not knowing what to expect. They are not natural runners and it hasn’t come easy to them. In fact they’ve had to work damn hard to do what they’ve done and they have achieved a lot since their first day. But they will tell you that all their hard word has paid off, they have completed their 3 miles.



10 Established Achievement Award – Maggie Bolton & Helen Nuttall

This is a joint award because we couldn’t split them up. They are a double act. They each came to the club on their own and soon found a lasting friendship. Since running at the club they both help and encourage all those around them. They are are joy to be with and they epitomise everything that is good about Dudley Ladies.



11 Established Achievement Award – Natalie Dellar

This lady is an inspiration to everyone in the club. You know how some people tend to stay in the background and just get on with things without making a fuss, well this lady is one of those people. She would rather put up anyone for an award rather than accept one for herself. She came to the club as a beginner over seven years ago now in 2005 and has progressed through sheer determination and weight loss to do every kind of race you can think of including marathons and even ultra-marathons.


12 Established Achievement Award – Susan Ward

If you have ever run with this lady you will know that no matter how tough the hill is or how long the run is, she never complains and just gets on with it. She definitely likes a challenge. She has already run two marathons this year within a few weeks of each other. This lady likes to stay in the background, quietly getting on with things.



13 Established Achievement Award – Mary Soloman

This lady just keeps on coming back to Dudley Ladies, we just can’t keep her away. Both Phil and I have been impressed with her ability to bounce back into running. She has had to stop running on many occasions because of her family or work commitments but she has come back each time and persevered and didn’t give up and showed that kind of determination that we’d all like to have.


14 Established Achievement Award – June Pinches

This lady is a wonderful member of Dudley Ladies. She always turns up with a smile and a positive attitude and loves helping others. She has achieved a lot since first coming to the club in 2009 but she will tell you that she couldn’t have done it without the help of her two very good friends.



15 Established Achievement Award – – Sam Sambrooks

This lady thoroughly deserves an achievement award. She had one last year for returning to running and starting from scratch. This year both Phil and I have been impressed with her determination to improve. She has shown an excellent positive mental attitude in her running. She has made lots of new friends and has encouraged others with their running.


16 Established Achievement Award – Rachel Jones

This lady is one of those people who prefer to stay in the background. She just gets on with it without any fuss. She joined a group that encouraged her to run further and faster and since then she has improved to such an extent that she has surprised herself. She turns up every week to run with her new friends and with their encouragement she has gone on to do races and things that she never dreamed possible.


17 Established Achievement Award – Selina Holmes

This lady leads a very busy life and this year in particular has been very stressful but but she has still managed to get to the club to run with her friends. She always turns up with a smile and a positive attitude and she loves helping others. She runs with a very sociable group of ladies but always tends to stay in the background without any fuss, just getting on with things. Well tonight was her your moment to shine.


Beginner of the Year – Samantha Grainger

This lady impressed us with her determination to achieve her goal of 3 miles and the sheer joy that she gets from running. She has embraced it and she loves it. She has a wonderful personality and always has a smile on her face and always leaves you feeling better for being with her. She can now run up to 5 miles and is getting better every day. So well done to Sam Grainger Runner of the Course for 2012.


New Comer of Year – Melissa Rai

This lady is our best new comer of the year. She was brought to the club by an existing member who obviously saw her potential. She began to run with the group around the cold, dark and wet streets of Wombourne as well as the lanes and tracks and canals. She found she liked it and her running improved tremendously. She got into a friendly supportive group and has just got better and better.


Star of Year – Heather Davies

This lady has had a number of setbacks during her running time at Dudley Ladies. In fact, she is going through one at the moment. She will tell you that it has been her running and the help of her friends at the club that have helped her through. She runs in a very friendly sociable group who all support each other. Since 2006 when she first joined, this lady has always supported the club and it’s members, never thinking of herself, only others. She is a true Star who thoroughly deserves this award tonight. 


Most Improved Runner of Year – Lisa Thompson

This is an award that we give to the runner that we think has improved the most over the last 12 months. This year, the lady who stood out the most joined us in 2009 and from day one she has shown determination to improve but this year, she has shown incredible will power and guts and has took a massive slice off her marathon finishing time.


Runner of the Year – Wendy Welch

This is a lady who has always stayed in the background, providing you can ignore her Union Jack running vest and animal feet running shoes. She never thrusts herself forward and just gets on with it. This year she has really blossomed. She ran a marathon for the first time and ever so gradually she became one of the best runners in the club. She trains hard and is running with real confidence and is a brilliant asset to the club. Some of the trophies that we have given out tonight were very difficult decisions to make but this one was by far the easiest.


Clubwoman of the Year – Dee Yarnall

One lady in the club does more than run; she encourages, befriends, organises and inspires others to achieve their goals. Nothing is too much trouble for her to deal with. She leads a very busy life, working, being a mum and running. Everyone that meets her is immediately impressed by her outgoing personality and the loads of energy and enthusiasm that just hits you in the face. She has not been too well recently and is soon to have an important operation. We will miss her while she’s off but we know that she will be back motivating everyone again. Phil and I are so lucky to have such a wonderful person as a member of our club.



Lisa Thompson - Brighton


Natalie Dellar - Manchester etc (too many to mention)



Wendy Welch & Heather Davies - Brighton


Susan Ward - London & Edinburgh



Dee Yarnall - London



Beginners and others on the night



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