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Presentation Evening 2013

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Dudley Ladies Show Their Glamorous Side at 2013 Presentation

Dudley Ladies Running Club again held it’s annual presentation evening at Linden House, in Tettenhall Road, Wolverhampton on Friday 21st July.

This was where beginners and established runners alike were recognised for their achievements over the past year.

Proceedings began at 7.30pm when Rita welcomed everyone to the event before starting the evening off with a loud explosion of party poppers and sitting down to a silver service three course meal of either Minestrone Soup or Iced Melon with Ginger for starters, Chicken Chasseur or Roast Topside of Beef or Feta Cheese & Broccoli Bake for main course, with Profiteroles in Hot Bailey’s Sauce or Strawberries & Cream for dessert

Following the meal, which everyone said was excellent, Rita allowed Phil the rare privilege to speak in public.

The presentations were then begun proper by Rita and Phil awarding the beginners their medals, certificates and tee-shirts for running a minimum of 3 miles during their recent 10 week beginners course.

That done the evening then moved on to the individual award winners and as Rita explained, this year was more difficult than ever, with around 200 runners in the club and everyone with a good case to put, so just where do you start???

Scroll down to see who won what and then click on the Thumbnails to see a larger image

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1.Beginners Achievement Award – Louise Marchant

This lady leads a very busy life and we were very lucky to have her at the presentation because it took a lot of planning and subterfuge on her part in order to get out of the house unnoticed.

But non the less, in spite of all her other commitments, she decided to do the Beginners Course as a release for all the stresses of daily life and she has gone on to be one of the best runners in the group.

She now regularly runs 5 to 6 miles every time she comes, usually tying her shoe laces along the way or getting baby food out of her hair as she leaves her young baby with her husband to have some time to herself.

She has made great improvement and we have been impressed with her determination and drive.

So well done Louise Marchant, this is your time to shine and receive your award.

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2. Beginners Achievement Award – Rachel Cotterill

What can we say about this lady, she makes everything that we do worthwhile.

She typifies everything that is good about Dudley Ladies.

She is not a natural runner, she has to work pretty hard to do what she’s done but she’s done it and makes everyone around her feel good while she's doing it.

She is an absolute pleasure to know, so thank you for joining us Rachel Cotterill.

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3 Beginners Achievement Award – Rachel Smallman

This lady has been wonderful to have on the course. She always turns up with a smile and a positive attitude and has gone on to exceed all expectations.

She thoroughly deserves her achievements being recognised, so we where very pleased to ask Rachel Smallman to come up on the stage to receive her award.


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 4 Beginners Achievement Award – Sam Atkinson

This lady is very popular and everybody in the group knows her.

She is very helpful, supportive and caring.

She is always first to arrive at the club and is always up for a challenge.

She has been determined from day one that she would complete the course and run her three miles, even though she is not a natural runner.

So thank you for all your help Sam Atkinson 

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5 Beginners Achievement Award –  Claire Everton

This lady definitely deserves her achievement award.

She leads a very busy working life nursing and working shifts as well as having a home to run but she has surprised herself in what she has done.

You should be proud of yourself Claire Everton, your improvement has been amazing.


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6 Beginners Achievement Award – Maria Jones

This lady came to the club on her own, not knowing anyone but she soon made loads of new friends. She blossomed, her confidence improved and now she has gone on to run 5 miles and over.

We were so pleased to give this award to Maria Jones.

We hope that your Dad is proud of you because we know that we are.

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7 Beginners Achievement Award – Lyndsey Shaw

It’s highly unlikely that this lady will ever run for England but what she has lacked in speed she more than makes up for with stickability and sheer determination.

Nothing was going to stand in her way, not even the shifts at work.

Well, she’s done more than was asked of her through hard work and sheer guts and we were so pleased to give this achievement award to Lyndsey Shaw

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8 Beginners Achievement Award – Rachel Emery

This lady is so typical of what Dudley Ladies is all about.

Because as they say, once a Dudley Lady then always a Dudley Lady because no one ever really leaves.

This lady first joined us in 2004 and then took time out but has again come back and shown real determination to get back to where she was.

She has shown tremendous improvement over the past 10 weeks and is someone who tends to stay in the background and not make any fuss. She just gets on with it.

Well this is your moment to shine Rachel Emery.

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9 Beginners Achievement Award – Sue Davis

This lady has done extremely well and thoroughly deserves her achievement award..

She has progressed from nothing to being one of the better runners in the group.

She now helps to lead the way whenever we go out and her running has gone from strength to strength due to her positive mental attitude, strength of character, sports bra and go faster shoes.

Well done Sue Davis

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10 Beginners Achievement Award - Louise Kimpton

This lady is another returner who first joined us in 2004 and after taking time out for medical reasons, she has thoroughly surprised herself by doing and completing the 10 week course.

 She has gone on to run more than 5 miles and gets better every time she runs.

She has impressed us with her determination and we hope that she will now be able to keep it up.

Well done Louise Kimpton

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11 Beginners Achievement Award – Nikki Stokes 

This is a lady who thoroughly deserves an achievement award not only for running but for life in general.

We were very impressed with her determination to do the 3 miles and not once has she admitted defeat.

She gives it 100% every time she runs and her improvement has been nothing short of amazing.

So well done Nikki Stokes

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12 Established Achievement Award – Sue Sidaway

This lady has only been running with us for a few months but she has already integrated with a large friendly group who have encouraged her to run farther and faster.

She leads a busy life getting up at 5.30am in the morning and running 6 miles before going to work as well as running with the club whenever she can.

She encourages other runners and motivates everyone around her with her positive attitude. So this was her moment to shine Sue Sidaway

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13 Established Achievement Award – Gloria Bell

This lady demonstrates everything that is good about Dudley Ladies. She is an absolute Superstar a joy to be around and one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

She was one of our very first members in 2003 but due to various health reasons over the years, she was forced to take a number of breaks

But she keeps coming back again and again and no matter what we do, we can’t seem to be able to put her off or quell her enthusiasm.

So we were really pleased to give this well deserved and long time coming achievement award to our very good friend Gloria Bell.

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14 & 15 Established Achievement Award – Penny Ladd and Dolores Nellany

This was a joint award for two ladies who have both been coming to the club since 2005.

They have always encouraged others but they have never wanted any recognition for it.

They prefer to stay in the background, helping, motivating and supporting.

They both have busy working lives and one of them also has the added pressure of caring for her husband at home.

The both thoroughly deserved this long over due recognition as unsung hero's, Penny Ladd and Dolores Nellany.

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16 Established Achievement Award – Bennice Dodd

This lady is another unsung hero who tends to stay in the background to help others without any fuss, any bother and up until now, any recognition.

She has been a regular runner at the club since 2011, usually with her daughters and is the backbone of what Dudley Ladies is all about.

So can we thank Bennice Dodd and give her the recognition that she thoroughly deserves.

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17 Established Runners Achievement Award – Wendi Killman

This lady joined us last September and ran with us through the dark, wet, hilly and wintery streets of Wombourne.

She hadn’t done that much running when she came and was desperately trying to pack up smoking, so she had a real baptism into how hard running can be.

But she’s stuck at it and we are now absolutely delighted to recognise the achievements of Wendi Killman for being a winner on both scores.

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18 Established Runners Achievement Award - Helena Turner

This lady started as a beginner last year and is not what you would call a natural runner.

She has to work really hard to achieve what she does but has now progressed up to being one of the leading runners in her group.

She comes to the club no matter what the weather is like, determined to do her run and is one of those quiet sort of people who just keep their heads down and just get on with it.

We have been very impressed by her dedication and quiet determination and we are so pleased that she was able to come tonight as she is usually tied up with cricket, so please be proud of yourself Helena Turner.

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19 and 20 Established Runners Achievement Award - Pam Sehemby and Isobel Stavenuiter

This is another joint award to two ladies that have both had to face similar setbacks and health issues in their lives this year.

Although the problems have been very real and frightening for them, with the help of all their friends, family and people around them, they have both shown real determination and strength of character in confronting and overcoming everything that life has thrown at them to carry on with their running and come out the other side stronger and better.

They are true Dudley Ladies and we are both honoured and humbled to be able to call Pam Sehemby and Isobel Stavenuiter our friends.

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We’ve lost count of the number of marathons that this lady has done and it would take just too long to list them all here, so lets just say that the highlight of the year was the four marathons in four days that clinched it.

After this we understand that she will be doing a 100Km run in Sweden se well done Natalie Dellar


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New Comers of Year – Kirsti Malpass & Karen Moreton

This is a joint award because we couldn’t split them or give one without the other.

They are always together and came to the club during the dark, cold wet nights of winter but that didn’t deter them and even though they hadn’t done much running to speak of, they fitted in really well. They have progressed beyond their wildest dreams and have surprised themselves with their running. Believe it or not, they are now doing 10 mile runs. They just don’t know just how good they are.

So we were pleased to reward Kirsti Malpass and Karen Moreton

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Most Improved Runner of Year – Sam Sambrooks

This is an award that we give to the runner that we think has improved the most over the last 12 months and this year, the lady who stood out the most joined us in 2009.

From day one she has shown a real determination to hang in with runners better than her and push herself but this year, she has shown incredible will power and determination to improve. She has a very strong positive mental attitude, she pushes herself to the limit every time she runs and never gives up.

She has made excellent progress with her running this year and we’re sure that there is still more to come from this year’s Most Improved Runner, Samantha Sambrooks

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Star of Year – Sue Hutton

This lady has overcome lots of problems lately but she still found the time to come to the Beginners course yet again.

She has a young family to look after as well as the usual daily chores and worries. She has encourages everyone around her and each time she comes back, she makes even more new friends.

She is an inspiration to us all and thoroughly deserves to be a Star of the Year. Sue Hutton.

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Beginner of the Year – Ru Hazariki

This lady has progressed through the beginners course beyond her wildest dreams. She has made loads of new friends and the club is a warmer place whenever she is around.

As soon as you meet this lady you are immediately struck by her great big smile, her caring personality, the positive mental attitude and the warmth that just shines through.

From week one, she was determined that she would complete the 3 mile course and not only did she do it in record time but she exceeded it and has now gone on to do over 6 miles.

She never complains, no matter how she is feeling or how tough the run may be, she just gets on with it and had an awful lot of of love and support on the night.

The award for Runner of the Course for 2013 to Ru Hazariki was one of the easiest decisions that we have ever had to make.

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Runner of the Year – Natalie Dellar

This year, Runner of the Year was never in any doubt. It could only go to one person.

We emailed everyone in the club and asked for their nominations for runner of the year and 99% of all the replies we received nominated this lady.

Various reasons were sighted for her nomination but they all boiled down to her commitment, focus and the fact that she offers support and encouragement to everyone she runs with and thoroughly deserves to have her achievements recognised.

She has progressed up from being an absolute Beginner in 2005 to running any kind of race, anywhere, any time even up to Ultra Distance Marathons. She even ran the four marathons in four days challenge this year and is an amazing “Super Star” and we are all so very proud of you – Natalie Dellar Runner of the Year 2013.


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Clubwoman of the Year – Dee Yarnall

This award is for a very special person.

She is an inspiration to us all. She has a very busy full time job and a little girl to look after. The last year has seen many changes for this lady but she has continued to carry on and give her support to Dudley Ladies.

Everyone that meets her is immediately truck by her out going personality, her kindness and her caring nature.

She is a true Dudley Lady and we thank her for all that she does for the club, so thank you Dee Yarnall Club Woman of the Year 2013.

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Two Special Ladies – Helen Nuttall and Maggie Bolton

Without these two very special people, Dudley Ladies would just not be the same.

They are there, week in week out doing all the things that no one else wants to do, sitting behind the desk, taking subs, giving receipts and always being available for anyone needing any help or guidance.

So thank you Helen Nuttall and Maggie Bolton, two very special ladies indeed.


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