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Presentation Evening 2015

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This year’s Presentation Evening was again held at Linden House, Tettenhall on Friday 3rd July.

Proceedings began at 7.30pm when Rita welcomed everyone to the event before starting the evening off with a loud explosion of party poppers

There then followed a silver service three course meal of either Minestrone Soup or Iced Melon with Ginger for starters, Chicken Chasseur or Roast Topside of Beef or Feta Cheese & Broccoli Bake for main course, with Profiteroles in Hot Bailey’s Sauce or Strawberries & Cream for dessert

Following the meal, which everyone said was excellent, other than the strawberries lacking a bit of drama, Rita graciously allowed Phil his yearly treat by allowing him to speak in public.

The presentation then began proper with Rita presenting Marathon Awards to Nina White, Ruth Wild and Sheila Dwerryhouse who ran the Lake Windermere Marathon in May this year and Dawn Homer who did the Moon Walk in London.

Aided and abetted by guest of Honour Ru Hazariki, Rita and Phil then awarded the beginners with their medals, certificates and tee-shirts for running at least 3 miles during their recent 10 week course.

That done the evening then moved on to the individual award winners and as Rita explained, this year was more difficult than ever, with around 250 runners in the club and everyone with a good case to put, just where do you start???

Runner of the Year was Jodie Franklin, Beginner of the Year was Nicki Marsh, Most Improved Runner was Anne Bradley and Star of the Year was Dawn Homer.

When Nicki's name was called out for Beginner of the Year, it brought the house down, with everyone in the room spontaneously standing up and cheering loudly.

Never before has there been a more popular and deserving winner.


And to top it all, the evening raised Ł105 which was shared between Lisa Davies and Sue Davis for their designated Prostrate Cancer and Macmillan charities with special thanks to Nicky Stokes and Kelly Dunn for selling the tickets and helping on the night.

Scroll down to see who won what and then click on the Thumbnails to see a larger image




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Runner of the Year – Jodie Franklin

This is the award we give to the person who we think has been a true inspiration to others in the club and we didn’t have to look far this year.

This lady is a true inspiration and motivator, she started as a Beginner last year and since then, she has gone on to run 10K’s and a Half Marathon.

Once she sets her mind on something, she shows true guts and determination to complete it. She has become a very popular member of the club, always encouraging others with their running and everyone wanted to sit on her table tonight.

She leads a very busy life as a mother of two girls and a full time job as a hairdresser and even though she has an injury to her foot at the moment, that hasn’t stopped her from coming to the club and encouraging others.

Jodie Franklin Runner of the Year, you are an inspiration to us all and we are so very proud of you.


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Beginner of the Year – Nicki Marsh

The award for the Beginner of the Year is given to the person we think has added the most value to themselves since joining the course.

This person doesn’t have to be the fittest or the fastest in the group, we judge it by the standard they were when they first came and what they can do now.

When this lady first came to the club, she couldn't run one side of the football pitch but since then she has come on in leaps and bounds, not even letting the little matter of an allergic reaction giving her an insect bite from hell stop her coming.

 She is such a popular and bubbly lady to have on the course, always turning up with a smile and a positive can do attitude which has helped her achieve more than the 3 miles that we set her.

Throughout the whole of the course, she has never said “I can’t do this”, always very positive, she has said instead “I’ll try”

Well she has tried and she has succeeded.She thoroughly deserves her achievement to be recognised tonight.

And I’m sure no one will be surprised that Nicki Marsh is Beginner of the Year 2015

n.b. When Nicki's name was called out, every single person in the room stood up and gave her a standing ovation which very nearly brought the house down, making her without a doubt the star of the evening.


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Star of Year – Dawn Homer

Every year we look for one special person who is everything that we think Dudley Ladies is about. (ie Caring, helpful, motivational, supportive and a good friend to others) and this lady is all of those things and more. 

This lady only joined us last year but had no problem with fitting in straight away. She soon got involved and took on the responsibility of taking new members to the club under her wing.

She welcomes everyone with her warm personality and never says No to anyone who wants to join the group which grows bigger and bigger as the weeks go on. 

She decided to do the 26 mile Moonwalk in London and never having done anywhere near that distance before, Dawn had to train really hard and as Nina, Sheila and Ruth will testify, doing a marathon is tough enough but doing it whilst wearing just bottoms, a brightly decorated bra and all your bits on show in the middle of the night is something else.

We are all so proud of what you have achieved and you are a true Star of the Year – Dawn Homer


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Most Improved Runner of Year - Anne Bradley

This is an award we give to the runner that we think has improved the most over the last 12 months.

This year one lady in particular has stood out, every run she does, she pushes herself to the limit and more. 

She has shown incredible willpower, guts and determination and is steadily getting faster and running further. 

We are extremely proud of her achievements. 

So well done and keep it up Anne Bradley, your family should be very proud of you


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Marathon Awards - Ruth Wild - Sheila Dwerryhouse - Nina White








Nina, Ruth and Sheila did the Lake Windermere Marathon together earlier this year and are role models for everyone in the club.

They started as beginners on the beginners course, just like everybody else, not being able to run around the football pitch on their first night but with a bit of dedication and a good support group, it shows just what can be achieved.

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Achievement Award - Deborah Kelsey & Nicki Marsh

This is a joint award because we couldn’t split them up. 

Both these ladies turned up at the club on that first night, not knowing each other, feeling a little bit apprehensive and not knowing what to expect but they soon found a friendship and kept each other going when the going got tough.

They are not natural runners, it hasn’t come easy to them and they have had to work really hard to do what they’ve done but they have done it and achieved their 3 miles and more since that first night.


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Achievement Award – Pauline Hale

This lady has been wonderful to have on the course.

She always turns up with a smile and a positive attitude and has done really well.

She used to run some time ago and has used the course to return to it saying to me one evening “Thank you Rita for giving me back my love of running”.

She thoroughly deserves her achievements being recognised, so we were very pleased to ask Pauline Hale to come up on the stage to receive her award and say “Glad you got back to running”


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Achievement Award – Julie McGregor & Jemma Morris

This is another joint award to a mother and daughter.

They started the Beginners together, encouraging each other every week.

If there was an award for punctuality they would get it because they are always first there, ready for whatever is expected of them. They never complain, they just get on with it without any fuss.

Both have progressed with their running and they should be proud of their achievements.


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Achievement Award – Janet Whalley

This lady definitely deserves an achievement award. She was determined to finish the course right from the word go, even though she leads a very busy life.

Nothing was going to stand in her way, not even the shifts at work.

She fitted her runs in whenever she could and we have been impressed with her quiet determination and guts to just do it. She never complains, she just gets on with it.

And thank you for Janet for making our run last Sunday so enjoyable and I hope that there are many more to come.


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Achievement Award – Nicky Pinchers

This lady has been a pleasure to have on the course.

She came on her own but soon found some friends.

She works and leads a busy life but she found time to fit in her running and was very determined from the start that she was going to finish her 3 miles.

Well she did finish and even went on to do 4 and a half.

We have been impressed with her determination and positive thinking.

So well done Nicky Pinchers, this is your turn to shine.



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Achievement Award – Gem Sharif & Sandra Bhella

Another joint award for two ladies who came to the beginners together.

We have been impressed with their commitment to complete the course and do their 3 miles. Well they have done that and more.

They said that they wanted to finish the 10 weeks with a bang and they have certainly done that as well, both of them completing over 5 miles.

Throughout the course they have never complained, they have done everything that was asked of them and they thoroughly deserve these awards.


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Achievement Award - Kimberley Wood

This lady should be very proud of herself, she has achieved her target of running 3 miles within 10 weeks even though she leads a very busy life looking after her young family but she still managed some time for herself to run.

She has had a few blisters along the way but she sorted those out and has even managed time to go back to work. She has been very determined from day one that she would complete the course.

We are proud of you and we hope that your family will be too.



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Achievement Award - Lucy Pritchard

This young lady came to the beginner’s course with her friend for a specific reason.

Although only 14 years of age and still at school the reason she came was for The Duke of Edinburgh Award.

She needed a challenge which she met head on and has done really well.

Her running just got better and better and she now leads the way wherever we go and last Sunday she did The Compton 5K Colour Run with her mentor- in-chief Edwina Fereday who has been an inspiration to Lucy and a constant support.

We are very impressed with this young lady, she has got a great future in front of her and we think that she thoroughly deserves her award


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Achievement Award - Selina Ralph

It is highly unlikely that this lady will ever run for England but what she has lacked in speed, she more than makes up for with stickability and determination.

One other thing that has helped her finish this course and run over 3 miles is desire, a desire to run and to be a runner.

Well she’s done it and although life has thrown obstacles in her path, working shifts, illness and busy home life, she has still achieved her goal through hard work and sheer guts.

We are so pleased to give this award to Selina Ralph


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Achievement Award -  Angela Hind

This is another lady who is so typical of what Dudley Ladies is all about.

Because as we've said before, once a Dudley Lady always a Dudley Lady.

This lady first joined us in 2012 and then took time out but has now come back and shown real determination to get back to where she was.

She has shown tremendous improvement over the past few months as well as encouraging others and taking new people to the club under her wing.

She is someone who prefers to stay in the background and not make any fuss, she just gets on with it and as you will see from the picture, Angela was totally surprised and overcome by the recognition that she thoroughly deserves.


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Achievement Award – Kim Platt & Katie Garratt

This is a joint award and we were so glad that these two people were able to come to the Presentation because they both lead very busy life styles, time is at a premium for them and we just couldn’t split them up.

These two ladies came to the club together and they never even dreamt of what they would ultimately achieve. They have tried various things in the past but never been able to keep them up until now.

As I said, they both lead very busy lives and have had to fit in their runs wherever and whenever they could.

They have had to work really hard to do their 3 miles but they have stuck at it, fitting their runs in when they could never giving up or admitting defeat and both thoroughly deserve their achievement awards.


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Achievement Award - Karen & Natalie Collins

This lady is so typical of what Dudley Ladies is all about.

Because as they say, once a Dudley Lady, then always a Dudley Lady because on one ever really leaves.

Well this lady came back this year after having to take some time out but she’s not come back alone, she brought her daughter with her this time.

Both run really well and encourage people around them. They now have quite a large group who regularly run with them.

They both deserve their outstanding achievement awards because they demonstrate everything that is good about Dudley Ladies. So well done Karen and Natalie Collins


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