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Yearly Prize Winners 2004

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Enid Brazier Runner of the Year For 2nd Year Running!!!

Enid Brazier, 
Runner of the year 2004

This years Presentation Evening was again held at the Park Hall Hotel on the 2nd July when over 140 people turned up and a jolly good time was had by all.  As well as the tee-shirts, medals and certificates that were given out to this years beginners, a number of Achievement Awards were also given to people who have gone that extra mile and achieved that little bit extra.

From the Established Runners:-

The Undisputed Runner of the Year was again Enid Brazier, who at 63 ran her second marathon The London, after taking up running only 3 years ago. There was no way on earth that Enid couldn't win the award. She's a inspiration to everyone in the club and puts people a third of her age to shame. She has proven that no one will ever be able to use their age as an excuse for not doing something ever again.


From the Beginners Course :-

Claire Cohen – This lady is not a natural runner and has had to overcome one or two injuries and problems but she stuck at it and she did it and she did it with a smile on her face.  

Tracey Green – Within the last few months, this lady’s way of life has changed dramatically. She has lost so much weight and changed her shape, appearance and outlook so much that close friends that knew her tell us that they can’t recognise her as the same person.

Tracy Deeley - This lady originally came as a beginner but within a couple of weeks she’d progressed so quickly that we had to put her with the established runners and not content with that she went on to run the Liverpool Women’s 10K. 

Sally Gupta - This lady’s has got a wonderful personality. She’s always has a smile on her face and always leaves you feeling better for being with her. She’s not a natural runner and so for her to run 3 miles is absolutely fantastic. It’s not been easy for her but she was so determined to do it and we’re really pleased for her. She’s a real inspiration to everybody. 

Rosemary Morgan – This lady hardly ever misses and with the support of her family around her has persevered to do something she never thought she’d do and has put girls half her age to shame.  

Lynn Kosteczko – This lady will tell you that running is the hardest thing she’s ever done and there were times during the course that she doubted if she’d finish it but even though she took time out to go on holiday she still came back and finished what she’d started. 

Margaret Quebdani – This lady only joined the course a few weeks ago as an absolute beginner. She had her doubts but was encouraged by daughter Fiona to give it a go and she did in a few weeks what everyone else took 10 weeks to do.

Kylea Norbury - For this lady to run 3 miles was a real personal achievement and in fact she has now run over 4 miles. She was committed and focussed, turned up every week and has proved her husband and everybody else who doubted her wrong. 

Isobel Stavenuiter – This lady was a bit unsure when she first started but as never missed and as the weeks have gone by she’s got better and better and better.

Michelle Pearce – Is another lady who is not a natural runner but inspired by the achievements of Tracey Green, she has stuck at it, overcome a few injury worries, lost weight and done really well. She a real inspiration and example to anyone. 

Liz Woods - This lady has a real bubbly personality and has impressed us by her sheer enthusiasm and the way in which she always put herself out and gave up her own training to look after others and shepherd in anyone in trouble. 

Mya Wallace - This lady doesn’t fit the normally expected runner profile but we were hugely impressed by her sheer determination to do it and the way she conducted herself. She worked out what worked for her and stuck at it with  bags of enthusiasm and commitment. And the look on her face when she ran the 3 miles for the first time was great………Her little face beamed. 


Established Runners Achievement Awards 

Gloria Bell - Gloria's enthusiasm is infectious and rubs off on everybody

Miriam Brettle and Medina Stevens - Are inseparable sisters who spend more time shepherding and helping others.

Alison Camwell - A recent recruit who's started as an absolute beginner who has progressed outstandingly

Mary Lavender - Mary is the comeback queen. After spending weeks off work and in hospital Mary is again pounding the streets and encouraging sister Caroline to stick at it.

Mary Painting - Sixty one year old Mary took up running last year and has already done a couple of races including this years blisteringly hot and infamous Liverpool Women's 10K

Lynn Rushton - There isn't a nicer more enthusiastic runner in the club


Most Improved Runner of the Year

Donna Concannon and Sue Hickman - This year it was impossible to give only one award for the most improved runner. Donna and Sue do everything together and the change in their shape and overall fitness has been nothing short of dramatic.


Club Woman of the Year

Brenda Chapman - What can you say about Brenda, she makes the club by just walking in to the room. Without Brenda's help the club would struggle. She does everything asked, gives up her own running to support the weak and lame and always has a laugh and a smile for everyone.


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Sally Gupta's Achievement Award

Lynn's Achievement Award


Club Woman of the Year Brenda

Tracey's Achievement Award


Runner of the Year Enid

Tracy's Achievement Award

Miriam and Medina's Achievement Award

Margaret's Achievement Award

Isobel's Achievement Award

Kylea's Achievement Award

Sue & Donna Most Improved Runners

Claire's Achievement Award

Mary P's Achievement Award

Mya's Achievement Award

Mary L's Achievement Award

Michelle's Achievement Award

Rosemary's Achievement Award

Lynn's Achievement Award

Alison's Achievement Award

Tracey, Jan and Phillipa

Diane's Group

Sharon's Group

Natasha's Group

Louise & Pat

Donna, Cath & Kylea

Jackie's Group

Isobel's Group

Chris' Group

Sarah & Alice

Julia's Group

Julie's Family

Margaret's Group

Mya's Group

Lyndsey's Group

Lisa's Group

Gemma and Sam

Jessica's Group

Julie and Kerrie

Megans Family Group

Amanda, Tess, Liz

  Sue's Group

  Phil Lou Rita & Pat




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