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Yearly Prize Winners 2008

Rita Vanes
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Carrie Creamer Voted Runner of the Year 2008

Friday 4th July 2008 again saw around 130 Dudley Ladies put on their glad rags to receive the adulation and recognition for their past efforts at the clubs annual presentation evening that was again held at Linden House in Tettenhall, Wolverhampton.

Proceedings began at 7.30pm when Rita welcomed everyone to the event and got them to do their now customary hip gyrations before starting the evening off with a loud explosion of 130 party poppers before sitting down to a three Course meal of either Minestrone Soup or Iced Melon with Ginger for starters, Chicken Chasseur or Roast Topside of Beef or Feta Cheese & Broccoli Bake for main course, with Profiteroles in Hot Bailey’s Sauce or Strawberries & Cream for dessert

Following the meal, which everyone said was excellent, Rita allowed Phil the rare privilege to speak in public and he grabbed the opportunity with both hands before again being reined in by Rita.

The awards ceremony  was begun by Rita and Mary Lavender, with around 100 beginners each receiving their medal, certificate and tee-shirt for running a minimum of 3 miles during their recent 10 week beginners course and having their photograph taken by Jo Lavender and her partner Steve.

That done the evening then moved on to the individual award winners and as Phil explained, this year was more difficult than ever, with around 200 beginners plus the established runners in the club and everyone with a good case to put, so just where do you start???

Loraine Deeming was the first to be recognized for her outstanding achievement this year. This lady persevered through all the setbacks of breaking her wrist early on in the beginners course but was so determined to do it that she continued running with a very fetching pink plastercast on. Not only did she do her 3 miles but even went on to do the Race for Life at Sandwell as well and we are all absolutely delighted for her.




Next up was 9 year old Maiya Bahra. This young lady impressed us with her infectious smile and stickability and although she is only 9 years old she was always around to encourage her mother to keep going and is undoubtedly a star of the future.





Ruth Burton hadn’t done any running at all before joining the Beginners group quite late on in the course, so she missed all of the initial acclimatisation phase etc but in only her third week of running with the group she entered and completed the Sandwell Race for life and did it in some style




Hannah Birch aged 13 is another young lady who has bucked the trend by actually going out there and doing something and she has set an example to other people of her own age, even though there were times when she felt unwell, she was still determined to do it and showed her mother the way it should be done.





Debbie Willetts is one of those people who reinforced the often said quote that when people join Dudley Ladies, they never really leave, even if they become pregnant, or injured or ill or for whatever reason they can’t make it down the club for sometime. This lady was one of Dudley Ladies very first members but due to various problems, not to mention the little matter of a baby coming along which forced her to take a break she’s come back again, she’s had to start from scratch and she’s overcome all the obstacles and problems in her way to finally do it and do it well to such an extent she finished the Race for Life at Sandwell with Rita in what was a very emotional day for everyone.


Jo Hayes, is a lady that doesn’t fit the normal runner’s profile. She started from day one and couldn’t run for a bus, let alone run around the football pitch but now through sheer guts and determination she’s done it and thoroughly deserves being recognised for what she has achieved.





Angie Barnes was one of the first beginners to try running with the Sunday morning group and came along expecting to do her normal jog around the field but instead she met Phil. None the less, the experience didn’t daunt her and she has gone on to exceed all expectations. So she thoroughly deserves her achievement being recognised.




Marie Weaver is another star of the future who whilst only 12 years of age impressed us with her enthusiasm and determination to show her elders how it should be done.






Pippa Phelps is another young lady who is only 10 years of age but has impressed us by the way in which she supported her mother and got her to do her 3 miles.






Janice Stanton is another lady that reflects all that is good about Dudley Ladies, because as was said before, when people join Dudley Ladies, they never really leave, even if they become pregnant, or injured or ill or can’t make it for whatever reason. This lady was another of our founding members and recently returned from having time at to start from scratch again and go on to complete her 3 miles whilst offering help and encouragement to others along the way.



Kellie Slater, like Angie, this lady was another of the first beginners to try running with the Sunday morning group and the experience didn’t daunt her either. She is not a natural distance runner and she has definitely exceeded all expectations. So she thoroughly deserves her achievement being recognised.




Jeanette Alcock who is one of our more senior members, started the Beginner’s course totally unfit but she surprised herself. Now she is over the moon with running the 3 miles and wants to go on and do more.




Kiran Nagra is another 10 year old young lady impressed us by always having a smile on her face, turning up regularly and never complaining when the going got tough.





Sam Scarrott, when this lady first came to the Beginners course she was not all that confident that she’d do it but she surprised herself and thoroughly enjoyed it. She now feels more confident in herself and never dreamed that she’d run 3 miles.





Alexandra Taylor aged 11, Olivia Churchill aged 13 and Megan Broome aged 11 not only did their 3 miles with the Beginners but they then went on to complete the Race for Life in 33 minutes at Wolverhampton on the 18th June. They ran all the way without stopping and put some of their more experienced colleagues to shame.









London Marathon Awards were given out to all the Dudley Ladies who competed in this years event, who included:-

Jo Jones who has suddenly blossomed into becoming one of the best runners in the club despite not fitting the normal runners profile to such an extent that not even her husband Wally Wombat would catch her.





Amanda Dingley who has achieved such a lot in such a short space of time. She has lost Body Fat, toned up and now looks fantastic. She has gone from nothing to doing 10 mile training runs every week despite having a very full and stressful working life.





It was Lucy Cox's second attempt at the London Marathon, so you’d have thought that she would have known better. None the less, she was undeterred and went on to better her previous time by quite some distance.





Isobel Stavenuiter has made enormous improvements over the past year. She leads a very busy life as a working mom with three children but still manages to find the time to run. She will tell you that running with Dudley Ladies has changed her life. She has toned up and is now looking absolutely fantastic and the London Marathon was something that she could only dream about a couple of years ago. She is now so keen that she has even got her husband and all the family running. We hope she can manage to keep it up and deserves this award for all the hard work that she’s put in.



And finally there was Jackie Fellows, well what can we say about this lady that everyone doesn’t know already. Since she came to the club a couple of years ago, she has joined in with all the activities, she has made loads and loads of new friends and she always has a big happy smile on her face. She keeps everyone amused with her kind heartedness and humour. She is always bubbly and enjoys a laugh and is always ready to have a go at anything whilst giving encouragement and support to all those around her. She’s done loads of cross country races, loves the mud and has even completed The Tough Guy race so for her The London Marathon should have been a doddle but it wasn’t and she had to work jolly hard do it but she did and we’re both very proud of her.


Established Runners Achievement Awards :-

As well as the Beginners, some of the established runners were also recognised for there achievements this year and they included:-

Rachel Chapman who has has also had a new lease of life this year. She is running faster and further than she has ever done before and now has the confidence to enter any race that is presented to her.





Hannah Wells, is one of those ladies that doesn’t fit the normally expected runner profile but we were impressed by her sheer determination to run, even though she joined the club at the worst possible time in the cold dark nights of winter last year. We liked the way she conducted herself. She worked out what worked for her and stuck at it with bags of enthusiasm, commitment and a big smile on her face. She is always there to help not only us but anyone new that come to the club.



Mary Soloman. This lady is an inspiration to everyone in the club, her running has improved greatly this year, she encourages everyone around her, supports them and is an absolute joy to run with.





With her German roots, Petra Grigat-Bradley has brought an international flavour to the club and has come through the ranks to become one of our better runners. She has made a lot of friendships within the club and we are very proud and delighted at her achievements.




Wendy Welch's running has also greatly improved this year. She comes regularly to run with the group and is very motivated to continue to improve.






Fiona Braiden is yet another example of one of those people who take time out but never really leave the club. She came back this year just before Christmas in the cold wet winter nights after taking time out and was determined to give it a real good go and she did. She has had a new lease of life. She is running faster and further than she has ever done before, she has lost what looks like a couple of stone in weight, and entered her first ever half marathon last month acquitting herself very well and doing the club proud. She now has the confidence to enter any race that is presented to her and is not the same person who first came down the club all those years ago.


Eileen Bolton is another one of the more senior members of the club supports and inspires all those around her, proving that age is no excuse or barrier. Since coming to the club as a beginner last year she has improved to such an extent that she has surprised even herself, regularly running faster or farther then ladies half her age. She turns up every week; she is a joy to be with and has become not only a real asset to the club but a very good friend to many of us at the club.



Karen Bryan has had a number of set-backs this year, and she will tell you that it was only her running plus the help of her friends in the club that helped her through it all. Her running has now gone from strength to strength and it was all down to her very positive attitude and strength of character.




Ann Pedley is one of those people who prefer to stay in the background. She just gets on with it without any fuss and has now worked her way up to being in the top half of the clubs ability level and her hard work fully deserves being recognised.





Zoe Ratten is another lady that has had a new lease of life this year. When she first came to the club she was telling Phil that she didn’t think she could do it. She had various problems and was within a whisker of packing it in. But now, we’re not looking at the same woman. She has lost what looks like a couple of stone in weight; she has created and built up support group around her and she now has the confidence to enter any race that is presented to her. So we are delighted recognise her achievement.



Kath Morgan joined the club early last year. She came on her own, not knowing anybody but very quickly settled in and began to progress up to the level she is today which is normally somewhere near the front





Karen Perry is one of Dudley Ladies longest serving founder members. She joined the club in 2004 and has supported us ever since. She’s had a few set-backs over the years but has continued to run and progress. She has made a good circle of friends and the club wouldn’t be the same without her.




Juliet Plant lady joined the club last year as an absolute beginner and never thought that she would run three miles let alone still be here today. She comes every week including Sunday mornings and now thinks nothing of running the longer distances. So well done Juliet.




Melanie Hodges who unfortunately had to leave early on the night, is another long serving member who’s achievements have never been recognised. This lady looks nothing like the girl who first joined the club all those years ago. She has lost weight, toned up, got fitter and stronger and looks fabulous and thoroughly deserves having all these achievements recognised.

Best Newcomer was Jackie Green who just slipped seamlessly in to the club and very quickly established herself. She very quickly found her level within the group and soon made a host of new friends. She has now progressed on to be one of the faster members of the club





Comeback Queen, Ann Kelly This is a special award which goes to another of our more senior lady runners and one that we have dubbed the Comeback Queen. Ann broke her wrist during the cold and dark and wet nights of last winter. She said that she slipped whilst out running but we suspect that it was the old problem again, you know, The Drink!  It wasn’t a straight forward break and it just dragged on and on. But like Loraine a little earlier, she wasn’t going to let a little thing like a lump of plaster on her arm stop her. So she persevered and stuck at it and now she is back running races and trying to get a word in edgeways against Eileen.



Most Improved Runner, Natalie Dellar and Denise Anslow, This is the first time in the club's history that we couldn't separate the two most worthy candidates  for an award, so we’ve decided to award it jointly. These two runners both joined the club as beginners in 2005 and again don’t fit the perceived runners profile. They have never stood out in the crowd but have just got on with it, slowly loosing body fat, toning up getting more stamina and running faster to the point where they now feel confident in taking on any race that is presented to them. This award is thoroughly deserved for all their hard work over the last 3 years.


Beginner of the Year, Again for the first time in the clubs history that ever we’ve had to give a joint award for the Beginner of the Year and this year it has gone to Satty Bahra and Liz Tilt. There are two ladies that we couldn’t split, they always run together and whilst coming to the club as beginners 10 weeks ago, they have improved to such an extent that they have surprised even themselves. They don’t fit the normally accepted runners profile and both of them have had to work jolly hard to do what they have done. They never complain or make any fuss they just get on with it with great big smiles on their faces. They are a joy to be with and will be a real asset to the club. And the look on their little faces when she ran the 3 miles for the first time was a sight to see………Their little faces beamed.


Clubwoman of Year could again only go to one person, Mary Lavender. This lady is an inspiration to us all. She has a busy full time job, she has clubs to run, trips to organise and a new addition to the family to care for. She has loads of energy and never ceases to amaze us with her never ending enthusiasm. There isn’t a better Mrs Motivator anywhere. Every week she is at the club, supporting, advising, cajoling and working everyone that runs with her. Everybody loves her and she is a true Dudley Lady.


Runner of the Year, where we had difficulty in splitting or choosing some of the awards this year, the Runner of the Year was never in any doubt. It could only go to one person, namely Carrie Creamer.

When this lady joined the club a little while ago, she made an immediate impact in becoming one of the best runners in the club. She has a very busy and stressful lifestyle and has found that the running has been a real source of relaxation for her.

She has made a load of new friends, is very committed and focussed and is a real asset to the club in the way that she supports everything that the club does and offers support and encouragement to everyone she runs with and thoroughly deserves to have her achievements recognised.

And finally Helper of Year went to Brenda Chapman who is one of the mainstays of the club. Even though there is a lot of other things currently going on in her life at the moment, Brenda is always there to do the behind the scenes work that nobody either wants or knows about. So thank you Brenda.



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