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Ten Golden Tips For Beginners

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1.  Seek good advice before you start. Dudley Ladies welcomes total beginners and is an excellent source of advice and motivation. If you have any queries or need any help or advice on a running related problem then please feel free to contact Rita via the email link on the Home Page.

Every April, Dudley Ladies run a formal 10 week course for absolute beginners and teach them everything they need to know about running safely. Throughout the rest of the year new beginners are joining the club all the time and the way the group is organised guarantees that they are easily catered for, coached, advised and looked after. There is no better place to go!!


2.  Start slowly and build up. Spring comes, the weatherís warm, the evenings are light, the London Marathon is on the tele and lots of new runners just get carried away and try to do too much too soon, which ultimately ends in tears and disappointment. If you want to be able to enjoy running in the long term, then ask for advice before you start, begin by mixing walking and jogging and then slowly drop off the walking and build up gradually. Remember, if you canít talk and run at the same time, then youíre going too fast.


3.  You may need to check with your doctor before you start running. If you are over 60, have a weight problem, are unused to a lot of exercise, or if you or your immediate family have a history of having a heart condition then see your GP and have a check up before you start. Use your common sense. Running will not give you a heart attack or make you ill but if youíve got something wrong with you to start with or any underlying problems, then running may well flag them up


4.  Keep a running diary. A running diary or log is a place where you record each run that you do.  It is excellent for motivation and provides useful historical information which you can use to look back on as you improve and see what works for you.


5.  Set yourself a goal. It helps to have something specific to aim for. Dudley Ladies sets everyone the target of running 3 miles before they get their coveted DL Tee-Shirt but whatever YOUR target is, make sure that it is something specific, measurable, attainable and realistic. Whatever your level, it is always exciting and motivating to see how you are improving and reaching your goals.


6.  Stretch. Stretching of the calf muscles and lower limbs, especially for women beginners is absolutely vital. As we get older, our muscles shorten naturally. If we donít exercise for some time, our muscles shorten even further and when people wear heels at work or socially, then they are going to shorten even further still. People then put on a pair of trainers i.e. Flats, start taking bigger strides than they are used to and Bang, they've pulled a muscle. Most runners would benefit from running half an hour a week less, and stretching for half an hour a week more instead. Stretching makes muscles more flexible and reduces the chance of injury. Ignore it at your peril!


7.  Get a pair of decent running shoes and a good sports bra. One of the benefits of running is that you do not need to spend a fortune on kit.  The two essential items are a pair of running shoes, and you should not scrimp on getting the right pair for you and a decent sports bra.  Go to a specialist running shop such as Sweatshop and not a general sports store for good advice.


8.  Run safely. Research has shown that most accidents involving vehicles and runners are the fault of the runner and not the driver. Take responsibility for your own safety and always run towards the oncoming traffic. When crossing at junctions when cars are present, always go behind them, because the drivers always say, that they never saw you.


9.  Drink lots of water and eat properly. If you want to change your life and well-being dramatically by doing just one simply thing, then simply drink at least one litre of water per day. Keep a bottle of water on your desk and have small sips regularly throughout the day. With regards eating, runners burn up more energy than non-runners, both while they are running (at about 100 calories a mile) and for some time afterwards. So you need to consume more of your calories as readily burnable carbohydrate.


10. Keep on enjoying running. Make as many friends as possible and don't let running become just another stress in your life of something youíve got to do.  Don't set yourself such a rigid or time-consuming timetable that you struggle to achieve it.  If itís not fun then itís not worth doing is it? Give yourself complete breaks from running, at least a day a week and month each year when you don't run at all. In that way youíll stay keen and refreshed for all the challenges as they arise.


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